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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Do You Think Of This ?

Whilst bloghopping today,I saw this and I gelak cam nak mampos until my office mate heran.(Nampak sangat la makan blind salary sebab blogging masa bekerja)

Well, I need that, the laughing nak mampos bit.Sebabnya, I was involved in a telling off session today.The 'telling off'er' was moir and the 'telling off'ee' was my asistant.Habis setengah jam I mem politely maki hamun dia. In the end. I just told him 'hey, no hard feelings, yeah...' I pon terpikir, kalaulah I kat KL, habis lepas ni aku dimandrem nya....matilaaa mulut berbuih.But, I have to keep reminding myself it is all for his personal development.

I really hope that supervision will do us both good.Why? My boss was 'harassing' me because apparently this gentleman is taking me for a ride.Bad punctuality,work backlog...not up to expectation bla..bla..bla..

We started our session with me listing out all the slack of which he vehemently denied.I asked him about the work that I asked him to manage,wahaiii..he said..ohh..I've done it here, there, everywhere...and I asked him to show it.Habuk pun tarak. I told him about the complaints made against him by his other colleagues, how his under performance affect them.Masa ni lah dia terdiam.Ye lah, bukti dah depan mata, nak kata apa lagi?

Okaylah..give him the benefit of the doubt,I asked him 'what's the problem here?' and he comes up with usual stuff, banyak kerja, always on the floor..ting tong ting tong..excuses excuses...kaya betul dengan excuses.I pulak, macam Amelie Mauresmo, bagi dia back hand serve over..Well, your time management is bad.You're the only one with 10 times smoking break in this project and if you can't finish your job on time, you only have yourself to blame...

At one point,as I can feel the despondency vibes from him, I guess I should stop before he reach that critical point.Well,some people does not take critisism well, even the constructive one.To those ego maniac, enough to make them homicidal.

On the positive note, I gave him the goals that he suppose to achieved in the next one month.Tengoklah camana.

Well, thank god tomorrow's Friday.


:: samasam :: said...

selamat berpuasa uols =)

husz said...

selamat berpuasa lol ahahha cian dia kena marah lol .. for me every time i make a list of things to improve... hahaha biasanya, by the time, time limit tu dah sampai, kite dah suker budak tu jadi x kesah sangat lol tak pon budak tu dah calosss.. lol sebab hati i nie teramat baik hati.. biasanyer.. yg pertama tu