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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And now is 'Cheaters'....and what next?

Kantoi Face

I can only say this, doing my kind of job, working from home or at home, is useless.For me it is.Because....

a) Kerja tak jalan. Why? Tengok TV.Tak tengok TV, tengok DVD.Tak tengok apa-apa kat peti talibesen tu,dengar musik lah pulak.In the end, tengok jantan lalu lalang depan rumah.

b) Makan tak henti-henti.Masak Maggie,makan Walkers Crisp (3 packet lak tu)Ada aje yang nak dibaham...

c) Main telephone.Guess who I called? Si benci tapi rindu lah!!

In the end, semuanya tak jalan.Kerja pun tak habis.The only thing that I finished is doing Lou's and Wendy's signing presentation.Oh ya, my flatmate and her colleague nak masuk sekolah balik,buat further education sign language diorang.So,kena hantar video presentation.So,macam pandai..I pon buatlah those presentation in DVD format.Dapat upah you.Nak tau apa them 2 bagi I? I dapat Nelly Furtado & Missy Elliot punya latest CD. Syok nya.

After watching Princess Nikki, I pon browse all the television channel and continue my sojourn-marathon tengok TV.Something that I can never do in Frankie's house.

Suddenly,after Sex & The City,in this channel called 'Zone Reality', punyalah banyaknya channel dalam Sky Channel, tak tahu pulak this channel wujud,came this program called 'Cheaters'.

Read along.In the distant future, should you one day decide to 'two time' your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, never, I repeat never, do it in the same area where you reside. Because believe me, after watching 'Cheaters' there'll be plenty tears before bedtime or worst, blue black natural eye shadow.I tell you!!!

Tah hapa motive the producer making such program.It's about spouse/partner catching their other half cheating on them red handed.Producer's motive aside, yang bangang nak mampos buat project dekat-dekat area rumah buat apa? nak main kayu 3, gilah main jauh-jauh.Like, kalau your gf/bf/hubby/wifey dok kat Twickenham, carilah mangsa affair kat Cambridge.Jauh berjalan,luas lah pengalaman and besarlah chance tak kena tangkap, ye tak?

Aduhaiiii...can you imagine the feeling of catching your hubby in your bed naked with another woman? You're obviously not at all impressed with your findings and what about the party yang ditangkap basah tu? First, dimalukan dikhalayak cameraman-cameraman,your own spouse for that matter and in the end, your illicit indiscretion will shown on the telly.Major kantoi.

Forget that.What about the fact that there's a people making a living doing this job.Looking out for all source of potentially illicit affair,contact the wife/hubby or the lover,make them aware of such affair had taken place and if they tak percaya,they're welcome to 'skodeng' their affair.Hah, hambik kau.

If words of pengaduan wasn't enough, ada pulak preview shots to convince the spouse/lover yang the other half they all tu main dengan orang lain. Yang tertipu ni apa lagi lah,hikut,jangan tak hikut pergi skodeng.

Bila yang di'skodeng' di tangkap red handed,mana yang Ratu Airmata will nangis lah.Why are you doing this to me..bla..bla..bla...Mana yang Ratu Kickboxing tu (you see, Sam?) apa lagi, bagilah se das, 2 das, 3 das..dusyummmm!!! The one that I'm watching now, main tumbuk you.Tak cukup husband dia ditumbuk, the woman he is having sexual intercourse with, dalam telanj-telanj bulat tu pun kena 'wachaaaaa'.

Bila in this situation, the program host will cut in, kononnya nak menenangkan yang tengah naik hantu ni. Tapi,to me,they're so insensitive.Perlukerr nak menangguk di air keruh tu lagi? Masa ni lah pulak nak start interview, 'Oh..Mr So and so, we have a proof that you've been cheating on your wife....'.Keep on firing questions demi question..and worse, needs feedback and thinks he's haloscan. The biggest Batu Api of all time.

But one thing, I salute the jantan that got kantoi on the spot. How they can maintain the toya face. Kalaulah I, tak tau lah cemana.Letupkan diri kot.

I've seen Tricia Goddard in the day,poking relentlessly on people's business as if it was hers and now, I'm watching 'Cheaters', watching all those poor man/woman being cuckolded by their partners.

What next? Entah lah. I've got to do something with my life. I hate to enjoy watching people's misery.But sometimes, things that is good and things that you certainly enjoy (gossips and this cheap thrills stuff) is something that literally, in reality not good at all.

But, people say don't take life too seriously. Asalkan tak kacau orang or kambing,buatlah apa-apa yang patut.

Selamat malam.(at at 11.39pm)

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