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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some People,Eh...

I achieved quite a few things on my list that are now ready to be crossed out. Supervision session with my boss proved a success eventhough she made no promises about me getting an increement.However,the point is, I have asked and even one day if I decided to heret them into Employment Tribunal, there's evident that I have asked.

I decided to work from home today (ye lahhh...working from home) Sepagi 9.00 am, I ordered Liza to drive me to the nearest MAPLINS to get a proper fire-wire cable to transfer some video shots from my camcorder.Those was supposed to be done yesterday tapi memandangkan diriku yang samdol tersalah membeli cable last Monday,mahu tak mahu, terpaksalah keluar cari the right cable.

Well, I got it and I have been trying to copy the video into the DVD-R.Tak mahu-mahu jugak.Hati bertambah sakit dah ni.In between, I tengoklah daytime TV and masa nilah, all the channel, baik BBC,ITV,Channel 4 or 5 akan broadcast all those talk shaw where majority will 'menyibuk' masalah orang-orang yang 'gila publicity' kau UK ni.

So,while working from home lah kununnya,I took the opportunity to watch Trisha Goddard.For those that live out of UK, Trisha Goddard ni is ala-ala rancangan talk show Kak Nita gittew, but instead of mainly discussing what should be discussed i.e. matters that is allowable to be publicly discussed, Trisha Goddard cover all aspect of humanoids 'hal ehwal dalam kain,boxer shorts and everything yang sewaktu dengannya'.

There's this 3 siblings, 2 sisters and their brother,well,obviously their problem is already 'out-of-hand' and can't be internally resolve and that's why they have to get Trisha Goddard to poke her nose in, in the presence of others who was clearly, I guess, got nothing better to do and can spare all that time to become Trisha's studio audience.

Here are their problem. Apparently have something to do with where they're actually 'originated' from.Biologically speaking.Two sisters seems to think that the brother are not really theirs and likewise.The DNA issue between them proven to caused them losing sleep and in the end,with extra publicity,like dah takde cara lain lagi, contact lah si Trisha Goddard ni.All 3 of them seated in that big sofa,wallowing their self pity (ohhh..siapalah bapak ku yang sebenar...that kind of thing)

Tricia being Trisha, like any of us will suggest (alah, tak yah tanya Trisha pun,tanya Lee Novotny pon dia tahu nak buat apa) to have all their DNA tested.I assumed, they have agreed beforehand and todays show was about revealing what seems to be a million pounds question.

One by one the result read out to them.Poor mother sitting there watching shamelessly her children action that to me, blatantly unveiling her 'promiscuous' past.Perempuan tua you, adalah dalam 70's gittew.

In the end, all 3 came from the same source.Buang duit producer, paying for that meaningless DNA test,dragging the poor mom old past (macam lah si tua tu sleep around masa dia muda-muda dulu)and most stupidly, allow themselves to be discussed in the national TV, quite obviously suggesting that their mother is some kind of a 'manizer',if there's such word!!!

Pueh hati dah? Come next was this lady, apparently with a troubled teenage daughter with drinking problem.Habislah dibongkar kisah-kisah anak dia mabuk cam nak rak,persistent truancy,bla..bla..bla...By the way, Trisha Goddard punya format of problems presenting is like, her talking to the 'pembawa problem' and later make the 'pembawa problem' face their problem,so in this case, after that lady puas slagging off her daughther, Trisha Goddard will then go 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I present so..and so...' and the so call anak will do her walk of shame and will seat next to her mother.

Quite often,those who have to do the walk of shame a.k.a. The Problem Maker, will keluar dari bilik persembunyian sambil memaki hamun the 'Pembawa Problem'.That time, keluarlah the bit where the sound 'toot'..'toot' (carut lah tu) Mana boleh menyumpah before 9pm kat sini.

Dramatic sungguh.Yang mak kata anak ni, yang anak kata mak macam tu, and all that shown live on TV.Dasat ooo, anak omputih ni bercakap dengan mak bapak diorang.F this, F that...

Sometimes (most of the time really) Mak Bapak is 2 kali 5 dengan anak.In this case, Mak tak suka her daughter wayward ways but she herself heroin addict,tidur bersepah..

In the end,because banyak sangat 'toooooot', I switched the telly off.Kalau nak menyalak aje sampai habis program,baik takyah tengok.

That's what I did.I switched the whole damn program off.Baik baca blog Lee and his Brokeback Cambridge.Lagi best.


:: samasam :: said...

harlow uols... lama x bersiaran =( busy uols ... mrasa baca task bi tuh...tp mek mcm kurang seswatuhla kat task tuh... mcm..x kick skit...=(

Lee Novotny said...

hey Sam..ur task is good!!!

Han, mak terharu u ols pilih mak daripada cik Goddrad ittew. Mmg cerits program kat TV UK pepagi ni can make u mentally ill and disturbed.Mak pernah banyak kali took days off and pepagi bukak TV; ada Trisha, ada memacam lagi talk show yg dinch perlu.

Diorang ni mak rasa dari kalangan org yg tak tahu malu dan sengaja nak cari glamer. Mmg seram tengok diorang ni berada kat bumi UK yang kununnya serba canggih dan moden dan teknologi ni..ada lagi org cenggini!

Mmg eloklah tutup terus TV pepagi tu..melemahkan jiwa aje,kan?


p/s how's Frankie? *teringat lagu Sister Sledge: Frankie..do u remember me?*

Han said...

Kan? Tapi yang I ni plak, dalam taknak tengok tu,sibuk-sibuk pulak nak tahu kesudahannya.BTW, Frankie's okay.Nak tahu sapa yg surrender? I lerrr..tu lah, kalau yang bawah tu dah menggeletis sangat ketahap maksimum.Ni tengah sort out our problems lah ni..

Lee Novotny said...

HOH!!! Tu diaa statement berani mati u ols:
"yang bawah tu dah menggeletis sangat ketahap maksimum"

Mak sujudsssssssssssssssss!!!! :P

p/s "Belakang" mak dan "depan" mak pun menggeletis dah ni...tak sabar nak "kena" kat "tempat" itew..:P Orang Melayu kuat menggeletis kot??? Muhahahahah