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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Many Happy Returns...


Ahh…my flatmate is celebrating her 32nd birthday today. Good for her. Live another day to see the beauty of this world and the see the worst of it. Either way, I’m sure she’ll find way to enjoy her day with her rakan-rakan seperkatilan, sepekerjaan, sepengumpatan, sepenyundalan dan berbagai-bagai lagi.

I come across a new scandal when reading Berita Harian yesterday. Apparently, there’s a ‘Sharifah’ that have succeeded in making fortune by mengkelabu asap orang kaya-kaya in Malaysia. Big time con and she allegedly earned 4 million on one target. And today, she was arrested by a special team and is waiting to be charged, see if the authorities have enough evidence to charge her. Tup tup, the reporter managed to interviewed one of her relative and he said, she is apparently ‘spooky as hell’. Ni type yang menuntut ilmu hitam kat Indonesia pastu bantai pukau orang. Macam case Mona Fendey gittew.

In addition to that scandal, after Datuk K, now appear Datuk J out of nowhere (jamban kott) From what I read, Datuk J involved in an illicit affair with one of Malaysian actress and when his Datin found out, Datin went on and take matters in her own hand. Literally, by pulling that actress hair in a shopping mall. Tak cukup dengan aksi tarik menarik rambut serta exchanging kind words, Datin pakat panggil reporter from the telly to broadcast her angst. Now, another 2 women emerged from thin air (both happened to be Datuk J ex wives) and starts telling tale about Datuk J who they reckoned is a big time con man.

On top of all this silly, petty and ridiculous scandal, Malaysian still has time to

1. Crtisised Pussycat Dolls punya pakaian.
2. Fell the absolute need and urged to prey on people’s private business, like who they choose to have sex with or if they religiously sembahyang ke tidak ?

Sharifah Penipu Besar Al-Kulubi & Datuk J, orang macam ni immune pulak dari kata-kata nista masyarakat yang so prejudice.

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Lee Novotny said...

Haiii jantan..nak nak yang ada pangkat ni..kalo dah ada duit bebanyak tuh, mulalaaa mata asik melilau sajork..pantang tengok yg dahi licin!! yang artis menggeletis ni pun satu, pantang tengok org kaya skett dah nak bukak apart her legs....bohsia yaamatz!! :P

Entahlah..... heheheee