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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Insecurity Kills


What is blog? Blog is short for web log. A web log is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site he or she authored. Some quite happy to treat it like a digital diary.

Very honestly, my own rationale of blog is a free session of therapy. This is where I can write about anything that crossed my mind and not get cruelly judged. It can be a healthy polemic.If I’m lucky, I might get a positive feedback or otherwise. But the main thing is, I don’t usually know who are this commentators and I know that whatever the feedbacks are, we will not be judged on how we (me or the reader) understood it.

I have had busy days of late. My private and professional life clashed terribly as I’m finding myself halved into two and that ultimately made me exhausted. I’m trying so hard to be contained as much as I could and I knew that this container can crack if I’m not careful.

It has. Last night to be precise. Nothing to do with work or personal. I got randomly told off because of what I wrote in my blog. Something like ‘Be very careful what you write as it involves other people’. And my lid flipped.

Okay. Hear this...yeah. First, if you happen to stumbled upon my blog and unfortunately happened not to like it, I’m sorry to say that, it is your problem. It is about time now that you start admitting that you’re unconsciously problematic as you have started to get very anal about very little thing.

We crossed path with so many people and things in our everyday life. If the people or things that we come across are vividly interesting, they might linger longer in your mind and you will feel the need to offload it. This is what I do. I come across many interesting things regularly. Gossips, people, animal, busses and shits. I talked about them and talking seems to be the only way to make peace with things that got stacked in your head.

If I come across you, the very interesting you, yes, I’ll write about you. I’ll write about my own account of you and how I feel about it. Not that I’m coward not to blurt it off your face, it is just because the stuff that I personally found interesting about you it’s probably not worth talking about, heart to hearty. This is just a thought and they are like winds. You need to let them out or you’ll be sick with bloats.

So many professional writers wrote about people they come across. The fact that the people are so interesting to them writers inspired their beautiful piece.

My blog page for me is like a therapy session. I can talk about anything that crossed my thick scalp and don’t get judged. Most importantly, is free. I don’t have to fork out a bloody £40 per 40 minutes session.

My life, your life is so uncertain. If you want your life to be about you, it is probably a good idea not to involve others in your life. Everyone is entitled to their own freedom. Yes, you may have to think about yourself first before others but to have your own insecurity clouding your judgement can be silly and tricky.If you want your crazy insecurities to kill you slowly, you better start digging your own grave now. Stop telling people what they can, can’t do/feel/write/behave.

You’re very sad. Fancy a valium? Okay, you are free to leave my page now.Don't ever return because you're stupid.


Lee Novotny said...

You go gurl! That's the spirit! Semoga u ols sentiasa tabah menghadapi lalatz yang suka menyibuk :)

Kita akan teruskan diary blog kita! :)

Han said...

yeah..yeah...mari kita menyanyi lagu 'Dimana dia anak kambing saya' bersama-sama.Satu..dua..mula..