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Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Abah

Yes, is his birthday today,and he is 69.A virgo.I wish I am around so that all of us can 'makan Besar'.Poor Abah.But I bet his birthday must be filled with all free entertainment that he will get from his monsterous grandchildren.

I'm feeling very down today with loads happening at work and some domestic issue.Ni yang emotional sikit ni.Rasa nak nangis.My life was so easy around Abah as he will gets things done for me in a hearbeat.Now,I'm left to fend for myself alone.

When I was home recently,it was a heartbreaking sight to see Abah's condition.I never see him so weak.To me, he is always this strong man, mental and physical that can talk about his Army training for hours.

I sent him a card from Poland last Monday.I made a point explaining to him what it means as it was all in Polish words.I signed it off with 'sayang selalu'.Words that I haven't utter in ages to anyone.I guess that now is a good time to be vocal with him about how I feel and for him to know that I always thinking about him.All the time.

I wish I can rush back into his arms and tell him to sort my mess out, like he always did many years ago.But I have got to learn to sort myself/life out.

And it will start now.Happy Birthday,Abah.Semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu.


Lee Novotny said...

I would like to wish happy Birthday to your Abah as well.. :) semoga heppi heppi selalu

Sandra White said...

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