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Monday, August 06, 2007

No Scrub

No!!! I dont want your number, No!!! I don't want to give you mine...

Is this the season where 'blast from the past' start looking for the opportunity to blast back to the future? Ermm...one too many now. Less than fortnight ago, past blast from school reappear, only 'vast' in size!!!. Saturday...I actually got more than I bargained for, my ECA (ex-chenta-agung) pstt Kiah, I love your abbreviations....isk..isk..isk..sedap je guna word 'Agung'. Tak kan kena saman ke? Kang dikata dek orang I disrespect the Agung. Oh, ampun Tuanku beribu-ribu hampun. But, since I am now basically under protection of ER government, so tak takutlah kan? Okay, my ECA emailed me last Saturday with more blast news, that he is coming to town.

His email was short but sharp, enough to make me sakit hati and made Kiah Kidman become the brunt of it for more than 20 minutes.

***Hey, I'm coming for a meeting at F***k***t, then to T*e H***e and finally in London. Suppose we can meet up for coffee?*** I'm leaving on ***, maybe email back your number? Kisses.

First, is it me or memang common orang nak ajak keluar will use the 'let's have coffee' line? I know him, he likes coffee and I suppose, if it comes from him,that is not a monkey line.

Second,what is it with man and the need to open the can of worms? Okay, my ECA likes fishing, so to open a can of worm for him is necessary, but sekarang ni, ikan-ikan kan ke dah pandai memilih tak nak makan cacing? Semua ikan kan dah pakat-pakat ikut Jennifer Aniston low-carb diet, so instead of cacing, they might fall for another kind of bait.

My ECA, although once upon a time is a top student at UMIST but seriously, if I may say, being in position that I am now, maybe probably dia ada undiagnosed learning difficulties. Bodoh!Bongok! Will you, any man even with a average score point in their IQ test, would you reconsider

a) Attempt to ask the girl out when you, 12 years ago, dumped this girl mercilessly? Oh yeah..the same girl that you promise to marry only to tell her 4 weeks before your wedding to someone else that your whirldwind romance with her was a mistake?

b) Attempt to ask the same girl out and this is the same girl that you dumped mercilessly but only to tell her 2 months after you got married to a woman that you claimed 'different and understanding' that you had made a mistake marrying the 'different and understanding' wife and now, beg the girl to give him another chance.

c) Attempt to ask the same girl out, the same girl that stupidly agree to forgive you and spent the whole year going out with you again, only to discover by accident that your wife is pregnant, despite you claiming 'ohhh..tak cinta'. Tak cinta? Harkk tuih!!!! This is another thing with men, dengan wife 'tak cinta' but if really 'tak cinta', camna pulak air boleh terlepas masuk? Nak kata artificial insemination, takdelah pulak kan, more like natural insemination...wholeheartedly, of course.

Okay...honestly, there was never a moment that I don't think about him (adalah jugak..especially bila main pc game) but, 12 years is long enough time to realised that ships,boats even kayaks has sailed. You can still waive at them when they sailed passed you but to jump on it again, there's a big chance that you might drown.Well, here I am, keep telling myself that.So, who is the real 'Bangang' ? Why can't I just do the Johnny Hates Jazz to him...tell him off, you know you're giving me, nothing but shattered dream. Cisss...

At the moment, my suitable reply to his email will be the wordings from TLC's, No Scrub...or for him, shall I change it to 'No Getah Sekerap'? But, wouldn't it be good and better if I just ignore it? Lagipun, I kan ada Jantan Tembam to keep me busy? Hehehe...wouldn't you like to know, Kiah?


Goddess Selene said...

Haiyooo, ECA datang semula dlm hidop? Ape dah jadi ngan wife dia? Anak dia mesti dah nak ambik UPSR?? Hiks.. Kann? Pastu I tak sker email yg dia hanta tu, short & sharp means his ego! Menyampah org mcm tu. Hipocrite tak? So nie nk meeting you behind his wife la nie??

Yg penting mak dah tau dah ape tu F***k***t & T*e H***e... hehehe.. Pandai tak mak teka?

P/s: Erkkk JT pon nak jumpa uols bila dia dah ada prob ngan wife dia kan?? Ironic sgt!

Manal said...

Makji, r u like the honey to them problematic/badboy bees?

One tembam dude on the cerai finalising process and the other jetsetter dude seemed to have struck or buat2 kena amnesia?

I say be the kind jezebel. Keep urself pretty and clean and at the same time can't be arsed whether they'd ever turn up again or not. It's like being professional but not promising any connections wotsoeva except maybe coffee and 1 or 2 muffins or maybe can do a piece of cake too. Better still, toksah layan la mangkuk ayun like that ECA. He's one lonely tosser with huge ego.

Sorry but i dont think i'd be that nice to a guy who dumped a girl 4 weeks before the wedding day. Thats a brutally selfish prick and a screw-loose too.

I got few more "evil" ideas but better do it ur way la, pastu boleh share gossip ;-)

Lee Novotny said...

F***K??? Ingatkan one word yang sama bunyik macam DUCK! hampir hampir mak pitam

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Makji Eton..kitak mmg pandeiiii..pandai menggintil..pandai main pop kuiz..heheh, mcm celaka kan? Semua jantan ni...dah ada problem dgn bini, baru dicari nya kita, cessss.

Manal..sucker for punishment kot aku ni...but alas, like to know yr evil thoughts.

Hjh Leemah..tak habis-habis..fark, fark fark..frak...pastu pitam...

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Kalu galakkan you pergi nanti nampak cam sucker pulak, kalu tak pergi nanti takde gossip. Apa2 pun pi la jumpa JT, ko dah balas sms dia? Itupun susah ke?

What? Low self esteem bcos melantak karipap tak hengat donia? Berapa berat naik? 500gram? Ptuihhh!

Lee Novotny said...

Ho lah pitam...maxima orgasmo kaedahnya, voley?? hahahhahahah **matilah lagi kelucahan maksima

elviza said...

Hjh Esah Jolie...

Tsk tsk tsk ... ada ECA rupanya kamu yer. Parah tuh... Oh, I know so...

Cinta biar biasa2 jer lah ... sebab kalau cinta agung, memang payah nak handle.

Sabar je lah Esah, sudah lumrah kehidupan begitu.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Hmm...Kiah, ternyata nafsu utk bergossip mengatasi segala nya kan?

Maximum orgasmo? Tu kira more than mind blowing sex ke Hjh Leemah?

Elviza...Tale Of The First Love...kalau nak cerita, sampai tua pun tak habis kan? My ECA mmg set-set setan, but Setan type are so infectious. Adakah aku kurang antibiotics?

famil said...

ECA - instead of agung can change to ex-chenta-Abadi?

elviza said...

Macam ni lah Esah, pada pendapat akak (I assume I am a lot older than you) lah kan, set2 setan ni memang addictive.

Tu yang membuat kan relationship tu challenging.

Tapi kalau challenging sangat, macam puting beliung lah pulak.

Eh, akak rasa akak nak kumpul bahan buat cerita Tales of the first love yang macam Esah cakap tu lah... Hmmm apa pendapat kamu?

Sudi kah kamu memberi tale of your first love for my non-existence book? Of course, names and places wil be changed for privacy purposes.


Jaga diri kamu di perantaun elok2 Esah...

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Gossip je, i tak makan karipap..hehe

Belladonna said...

Esah, dilema ko ngan ECA ni mengingatkan aku pada lagu ni:

Do you really want to hurt me
Do you really want to make me cry?

-Culture Club-