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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why We Should Not Go To COMET Anymore

*It took me 4 days to finish this post.I was so busy,travelling around and only managed few hours to attend to me*

Avoid,at any cost.

Please do not think that I am a brilliant astrologer because I'm discussing COMET.In fact, I am not talking about the usual comet that shoots from the stars.Not that kind of COMET.That COMET we know in Bahasa is relatively means 'Tahi Bintang'.The COMET that I'm referring,does not mean that although there is a slight similarity,that is the COMET that I'm referring to is literally by my standard is 'Tahi' or just pure shit.In the UK (god knows if they have branches overseas) one of the biggest electrical supermarket is called COMET.Well,they sell all sorts of stuff,from the smallest nuts (those yang ada kena mengena with electrical appliances lah) to that huge American fridge.Semua ada.I too,got most of my electrical and battery operated stuff through COMET pasalnya all the goods are reasonably priced and COMET store, in my case, selalu ada depan mata.So that is murah add to my own kemalasan and equals to shopping at COMET.

I was so taken by COMET offer one day (in 2004) for a HP laptop.Okay,I bought it and plus the insurance cover which is £300 on top of the laptop price.Well you see,I hate uncertainties.The promises was so promising that if anything goes wrong,they will fix or replace it, be it accidental.Knowing that you are dealing with machine that can quite possibly playing dead as and when,having assurance from an insurance policy like that is like too good to be true.How wrong I was.

Okay,let start with this.I have a diva habit of soaking myself in a warm bath every now and again.Berfeeling buih-buih lah katakan.I sometimes spent an hour or two (matilah badan mengecut) in the bath sambil dibuai oleh saxophone Kenny G itu.What I tend to do to get all this is to carry my laptop in the bathroom and either play the music or the CD and membadak airlah sampai berjam-jam.Suatu hari yang malang (biasalah,dalam bathroom tak pakai glasses and I'm not sort of person who gila pakai contact lens nak cover kekaburan mata) tah cemana, dek nak rush jawab telephone,I terlanggar that laptop yang beautifully placed on my toilet and it went diving straight in the bath.Haduhhhhhhh....nasib baik battery operated kan? Kalau tak, Alahyarhamah Hjh Esah lah jawabnya.So,habis basah lencunlah laptop not forgetting that it is now completely damaged.

I taklah pulak menangisi pemergian laptop tu kealam baqa pasalnya at the back of my head I knew that I bought an insurance that would cover almost everything under the sun (unless dicuri dek orang bunian) So,I went to COMET, explain my circumstances and wait.As I dah ada desktop prior to that laptop,I wasn't fussing much about my access to computer.They would usually offer a loan laptop,but at that time tak berkenan pulak kat laptop yang macam rupa briefcase zaman dedolu tu and so I refused it and leave it at that.That COMET man said I may have to wait 6 to 8 weeks, procedure mocedure bagai.Okaylah.Before I knew it,my mind keep picturing the hassle without a laptop.I was travelling in and out the country a lot at that time and I can't live without Internet connection.This COMET man talked me into buying a new laptop and convinced me that when I get my replacement brand new laptop,I can just flog it.I stupidly agreed.In fact in the end I did not regret that as the new laptop only being replaced 6 months after,that is after I COMPLAINT big time to so many people.

After 2 weeks from the day I handed the laptop to COMET,I was called by some woman saying that I have to come to pick up my damaged laptop and send it to another COMET branch that is in charge of dealing with all item that is in need of repairing.Surprised jugak.I was told before (masa I was talked into buying the 2nd laptop tu) that my laptop is beyond repair and I will get a new one as my insurance covers accidental damaged.I went.I made it very clear to the Manager that I am not at all happy,the fact that I was called after 2 weeks only to be told that I have to do all the work that supposed to be their.Hey,I paid £300 to get the service and now you ask me to make arrangement myself?! I was adamant that I do not want anything to do with ferrying the laptop around across London for it to be fixed/replaced.Takut betul si Paria tu kena hamun dengan I.After a month,tak jugak dengar berita from COMET.I call and check.Fashionably, I was passed on from one to another,from customer service to repairs to claims and to some Paria who is so bangang.The Paria asked me to write a letter to the claims department,of which I did.I waited.After a month and no phone call from them,I call again.They have a cheek to ask if I use a recorded delivery on the letter I sent,pasalnya letters can go missing.Bodohnya pergi promote ketidak efficientnan COMET company.Malas nak berpanjang-panjangan,I wrote another letter and this time hantar pakai recorded delivery,and this time no one can say suratku dimakan oleh Lochness monster.Nothing.No communications whatsoever from COMET for a month.I call again.I was passed on to this seemingly hard nosed bitch that dengan tidak berperasaannya terus cakap,yang my laptop can't be replaced because the damaged is caused by neglect.What?! After 3 months baru nak bagi verdict yang the damage is caused by act of neglect?! I tried reason out.She repeated what she said berulang kali.Robot kot dia.Knowing that I will not get anywhere with COMET that is now want to lepas tangan,I hanged up the phone.Dalam hati, there goes my £900 worth of laptop (masa tu laptop mahal you..) I was so angry with myself,at that time don't know for what.After a week,I baca balik the insurance policy.Then I terbaca the clause that if I'm not happy with the service, I can make a complaint to so and so and this party are a neutral to both me and that shit COMET.Tanpa membuang masa,I contacted this Financial Ombudsman company and speak to one of their legal adviser...making my point non-stop.Something like...how can COMET determine what is accidental and what is neglect.When they feel like it? Something like,if you're using your laptop and need to attend to some nature call and your baby come crawling and unload his/her muntah susu,is that a neglect? Some babies are like Matrix....the moment you pandang kat lain,tiba-tiba your baby got something in his/her mouth...is it fair to say that you neglect your baby? And wherever you decide to use your laptop is up to you kan? Ada tak clause belakang kotak laptop tu cakap, Do Not Use Your Laptop Around Your Babies,Only Use Your Laptop In A Very Secure Unit Where Accident In Preventable....cam jahanam aje.

On top of having to report my misery about COMET verbally, I wrote this company a letter as well. Obviously after what happened with COMET,I attached a recorded delivery note so that no one can say that they mishandled my letter.To me that time,apa nak jadi jadilah kan...and will learn from my mistake...shopping things in COMET that is.

After 4 weeks,I got a letter from COMET,without an apology, they gave me a store credit that means I can walk in any COMET store anytime to pick up a brand new laptop at the same price range.I went to COMET on the same day.The same COMET that failed me.I deliberately gave the Manager a smirk look so that he knows that I have won.

In the end,I now have 2 laptop and 1 desktop in a household.My flatmates are not into computer that much but after dah terlebih-lebih ni,computers are everywhere in the house.I refrain from going to COMET after that incident.Rasa nak bomb aje COMET tu.In fact many people face similar problems.They were talked into buying the insurance policy that will replace the product no matter what. The fact is,NO.They will try to dispute at every opportunity.Macam Jose Maurinho.Semua salah,referee salah,orang ni diving,orang tu foul.

Quite recently,like 2 days ago,I went browsing for wireless router.I come across a very good deal from COMET.A Belkin router for £19.99 when the usual price is £49.99,tak pikir panjang,I terus beli.At the back of my head,not wanting to give COMET the benefit of a doubt,this is just a product happen to be on sale in that bloody COMET.This time I will not be talking into buying any insurance policy.Cukuplah dengan 1 year manufacture warranty.Lepas tu kalau dia nak rosak,rosaklah.Machine is like human (or human are like machine?) Life is full of uncertainty kan? Tawakkal ajelah.

I tried painstaking to set up the router.Tak jalan-jalan pun.I called the manufacturer,they briefed me through.Masih tak jalan.In the end,they decided that router is faulty and advise me to take it back to COMET.I did.I walked into COMET and told the cashier girl that I'm returning this thing because it is faulty.She went, 'Oh, let me check our return policy...now that this item is faulty'.Well,sekejap aje hati I naik temperature and asked her back what does she mean by that.She gave me the usual COMET bullshit speech of return policy.Aikk..bangangkah aku?

Excuse me,no offence yeah.I bought this thing yesterday and now the manufacturer told me to take it to the shop where I bough it and that is why I am here. (Ohh,you have to make your claim through BELKIN) What? I bought this thing of you.You sold a faulty stuff.That is between you and BELKIN.Don't tell me that I have to go all the way to the factory and claim a new router just because you refuse to take responsibility as a seller.You are the one who sell faulty stuff.I suggest you do your work with your vendor.Not me.(No answer,perhaps now seeing sense that they are being fucking ridiculous)

I got my money back and extra confident and confirmation that COMET is just shit.


hjh miss coco chanel said...

ehh han...dapat tak brg yg i post???

Belladonna said...

Aiseh, ittew macam punya kedai pun adakah? Aku rasa aku adalah antara consumer yang mati akal kalau nak gaduh (aku jenis yang lambat nak rumus hujah balas). Kalau aku suruh kobau gaduh untuk aku, dia amik jalan mudah.. amik baru, bayar and balik (habis cerita dia kata). Emm.. aku selalu verangan nak Vaio, ko rasa kalau aku rendam laptop lama ni kat sinki.. kobau aku tu nak tak 'amik baru, bayar and balik'? Hihihihihi

Goddess Selene said...

Uolls, ha kalau nak tau bukan Comet jer perangai mcm hantu! Nie lagi satu PC World pun very der lap kaki!

Kitorg ada beli spare laptop yg maha hanjingnye sekali.. Dah la laki mak nie beli laptop unknown brand pastu skrg nie dah buat hal. tetiba jer back light kat screen dia selalu off..

bayangkan dia 2kali hanta repair still problem yg sama jer berulang kali. Mak dah malas nak cakap nie.. at the end mak jugak yg terpaksa guna laptop lap kaki nie.. haiyoo ape la punya service mcm nie kan!!!

Han said...

Betul uols...COMET very the lap kaki.

Bella, VAIO? Cam laptop aku aje.Kau nak rendam dalam air? Berdoalah pada tuhan lakikau yg kedokut akan replace, nak nak kalau dah deliberately 'act of neglect' or more precise 'act of criminal' tu.Jgn yang..kang ekau di cokek eh..

husz said...

hahhaha yg best tu..hang beli pergi balik tu .. shopping lol.. kalau aku memang aku xde tenaga nak berjuang 2 kali .. lol

diva sangat guna laptop dlm bilik air.. lol