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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Working From Home

Equals to malas nak pergi office sebenarnya.The gift I ordered from some website arrived today and I should really start wrapping that and the stuff I bought for Frankie.Habis duitku beli Xmas present.Tak cukup dengan beli Xmas present untuk my officemate,kena pulak beli untuk seisi keluarga si Penyapu Gandum tu.But I must not complaint and moan.Because they bought me stuff too.Pokok Xmas je yang belum beli lagi ni.

I told you the other day that I dread Xmas.Not only that I have to translate bad message into a good hearable message, I also have to be on work stanby (in case someone decided that they have had enough) and attend Xmas Dinner.When your age escalates higher it enervates your metabolism level.I hardly have enough time to go to my local gym nowadays as by the time I reached home,I slumped into a massive potato in front of the telly.And Xmas dinner are usually massive in portion.Bad for people like me who are overly concern about my waist.

Apart from the weight pileing,I also have a enormous alcohol worries.Attending Xmas dinner is like attending a wine tasting party.I really cannot appeciate red wine and very picky about the whites.If I attend a dinner at someone I know, I will insist on them serving me the Lambrusco.Me and Lambrusco get on well as it takes 2 whole bottle to really make me 'high'.

I have issues with my own inhibitions.Alcohol has alway been a culprit in breaking them.There's plenty of embarrassment over the years due to alcohol intake that outtake my inhibitions.The last party I went to, I avoid alcohol at all cost but let slip with the low volume Bucks Fizz...that put me to sleep straight away.Lagi malu.Tertidur kat rumah orang masa birthday party.

Alcohol can also make me harbouring my real feelings too, something that I think is best to keep hidden.I met someone interesting when I was working in Melbourne.I shall name this person SD.Si SD ni sungguhlah syoknya kat I but I never melayan rasa chenta nya ittew.But after all the woos and attention, bunga-bunga, chocolate-chocolate and Hungry Jack...I started to take a fancy at SD.I wish I was braver back then in self exploration.I did not act on my feeling.After a night fuelled with a little alcohol, enough for my inhibitions to escaped, some romantic things happened.I kept telling SD is was a drunken mistake but really, no one knows now but you, it was my real feelings.

I developed some strange liking towards certain people of late.My emotional rollercoaster in my current relationship is making me vulnerable, and there's a nice people that I could risk mistaken as a potential muse.I might get into trouble for saying this as Frankie has now started reading my blog and making queries of who and who.

But I write something that I can't tell people in real life.This are the things in my head.They need to come out some how.My work made me a container.This container filled up by 6pm and they need to be emptied before tomorrow.You just happen to read it.

Take care all.


Anonymous said...

SD??? Mujur bukan VD..kalau tak, sapa nak jawab?? :P

Hey u ols, bagi alamat u ols kat emel mak pls..rasa macam your address yg u ols bagi tu incomplete lah..macam takde no. apartment piula....


p/s janganlaa Frankie baca...certain things best to be kept secret... habis mak dia balunnya nanti hiks...

Belladonna said...

Nok, ko x pi opis napa tak singgah tengahari chatting ngan mak uols? Lee pun ni hari absent. Mak malas nak tengok muka kobau ittew (cebik mulut arah kobau). Oooh.. uols bz urus x'mas stuff ropanya, lups laks.

Aku rasa aku kalau dok sana,dah lama aku jadi shape bola. My only vice is food and drinks. I loooove them both.

Nok, apa kata tulis in BM semus supaya si Frankie terpaksa bersusah payah merujuk online dictionary nak membacanya..hihihihihi