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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Very, Very Bad Behaviour

Some people achieved their self-gratification by watching other people suffer.It really pleases their cruel vein.It is very,very sad.

When I was in that boarding school, I remembered vividly how the entire Aspuri (Asrama Puteri) was fussing about same 'strange' behaviour exhibited by this particular young woman who is also my classmate.This young woman closely befriended another woman and was practically inseperable.Both of them made no attempt to hide their affection towards each other.They hold hands together everywhere...to school, to prep room, to surau,to dewan makan and even to shower room.Their rather 'strange' behaviour has provoked some 'Tok Siak' in her dormitory and like smelly fart, words of gossips regarding their 'strangeness' spread.It was a heavy talk about them everywhere.

Funny enough, apart from their public display of affection namely gelak sama-sama, belajar sama-sama, mandi kemban sama-sama,sembahyang sebelah menyebelah, tidur (of course in the presence of the whole dorm) sama, no one has ever caught them both doing really 'provocative' stuff like you know what lah...In fact, I remember clearly that the whole Aspuri was planning into watching their footage together closely just to get enough evidence to support their stupid curiosity.

I did not have many friends in school,partly because I tak cakap banyak and apparently, according to them, I wasn't Malay enough to be like them.My parents, father especially, insist that I speak English eversince I can remember.My mother don't speak the common Bahasa Malaysia, because she's Indonesian.My close friends at school can be count only with fingers in one hand.This young woman in question and her close companion was not really 'friends' with me.We just acknowledge each others presence by a quick eye contact.

When the unpleasant words about them spreads,they both become isolated in each other company more than usual.Not entirely their faults as everyone was practically 'watching' them as if they were somekind of freak.They both isolate themselves from me as well.I guessed that it must be because of everyone was giving them the gravel,they both must assumed that I disliked them as well.

At one point, things become more heated as I witnessed them being cornered in the madrasah after prayers and the Aspuri Captain together with her kaki ampu bitches started giving both unsuspecting best friends an earful.I was there as well and was very annoyed as the Captain and her bitches started saying that all of us (them bitches really) was disturbed by their behaviour.How very dare they speak on my behalf.They both were told to 'Ingat Pada Tuhan' and so on so on...The unsettling part of all that, is that the way they both were spoken too is as if they both was just kena tangkap basah.So intimidating and disrespectful.The two so called 'lovers' menangis-nangis diperlakukan begitu rupa.I was with Mulut Tayar Bas who at that time desperate nak kencing.Obviously,this uncalled 'ambushed' has halted her pundi-pundi.When all the others kaki ampu nodding in agreement with the Captain and her bitches,I suddenly speak up.My maximum thirst must have induced my way of thinking because usually I couldn't be bothered.I asked the Captain and her konco-konco,why are the two girls being persecuted? What did they both actually do? One of the bitches replied in anger 'Demo melakuke pekaro yang dilaknak tuhe' in a very thick Kelantanese accent.All of a sudden she look evil, just to add up the seramness of that atmosphere.Mulut Tayar Bas added 'like what?'.What did they really do? The Bitches then said 'faham-faham lah' and refused to elaborated further and continue with her khutbah-khutbah.Long story short, I did said some unexpected things to that congregations and the consequences is that all of the bitches hated me and Mulut Tayar Bas and the two 'lovers' become my new friends.Macam ada gay right activist pulak kat MRSM masa tu.

The truth is at that time, nobody is gay.I have no knowledge if there is any closeted case but no one is brave enough to display their affection like the two 'lovers' in question.I said what I thought was right.We cannot persecute others just because they are not 'normal'.What is normal anyway? If it's really bad,why can't we just pray in stealth to god to give them more strength to fight the battle of the abnormalities? Nobody say that we can take law into our own hands.The Captain and her Bitches obviously thinking that they are doing right by god by 'prosecuting' the abnormalities.And they feel very,very good about themselves after that after 'acting' on behalf of god.

The god created us.However abnormal.We are supposed to care about one and another and most importantly respect one and another.While some of us quite happy to stay in the closet or less exposed,some of us are quite happy to flaunt and share.It is up to us if we can stand the humour.We come across many type of explicitness and openess of a human nature over the internet.I wonder if anybody ever leave a comment in a gay nude page the moment they stumbled upon a bare penis.What would the comment be? Ohh you sleazy model,get a grip..where's your faith in religion? Is that it?

Why do we go there in the first place if we can't stand the nakedness?
Why must we think that they (the model) is sleazy, is it just because he is naked?
Why must you think that he is godless and faithless? How would you know? Because he is naked?

We really have to stop doing this to ourselves, let alone other people who is obviously externally happy than us.That is their way of coping with whatever their trouble is.We don't know them and we don't know ourselves that well.We can't judge people and made this snap desicion of god's behalf to prosecuted their way of life.We don't know anything.We have to learn.We learn from each other.The knowledge we acquire and the more mistake we made, the more we learn and have to keep learning.

The man made law in the court only punish when all evident is proven and acquiesced.We can't make judgement on something we don't know about or based on something we thought we knew.We cannot act of behalf of god.

Good friends give good words, even a painful truth but with no intention to punish.We are not perfect.If we are friends, comfort our friends and support them through the difficult period of their lives.If we are enemies,find a way to make peace with each other.There is no point to keep on hurting each other,we don't have much time to live.Agree?

To Lee,Bella and those who are close and known to me that have been hurt,stay strong.Besides enemies, we still have each other.



spanker said...

You have a flair in writing. I love reading your thoughts. Will come back for more.

Keep on writing :)

Belladonna said...

Han, man nak nanges dan terharu dengan entry uols. Yelah, kita ni kan golongan yang glamer dan fofuler (kunun) haruslah banyak dicaci maki dan dilempar petenah gitew. Nasib kitaorang ni ada kawan cam uols yang boleh tolong 'lawan' mulut-mulut laser yang sungguh jahat ittew.

Mak dah tak sabar ikut ajaran uols untuk curik duit laki mak hari-hari buat belanja & tambang ke UK. Mak dah tak koser dok sini nok, kalau boleh mak nak seret laki mak migrate ikut uols.. bawalah daku pergiiiiii dari deriiiita iniiiiii..sob..sob..sob

Anonymous said...

Though your post has nothing to do with what's going on in my life at the moment, i can relate to the 1st paragraph of ur entry. As what my sister would always tell me, insecure people who is afraid of what the future has in store for them, needs to feel strong by condemning others.

Han said...

Spanker & Strawberry Shortcakes...thanks.

Bella,selamat menabung hasil curian mu ittew ya...Aku tak sabar nak amik ko kat Heathrow airport dan berpoya-poya.

:: samasam :: said...

nak ikut jugakkkkkkkkkkk.. badan aku kecik. so aku leh muat dlm bagasi bella tuh.........