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Thursday, December 21, 2006

3 Things In A Day

A View From A Bus Stop Near My Office. Goalpost Pun Blurry.

I was on a 267 bus today (motif berjalan-jalan dalam keadaan burit sengsara?) with baby Sam.Well,I agreed to help to collect him from his nursery today as his mummy cannot get out from work at all.Lagipun,I bought his mummy a Xmas present so macam cantiklah if I have access to their house today to letak that present under their Xmas tree.Bila dah ada baby dalam dukungan,I seem to get a better reception on the bus.People are especially nicer to those with babies.Mine (ciss..mine lah kunun) was in that baby harness thingy where the baby was attached to me.So,adalah makcik-pakcik that was already seated on their priority seats,stand up and gave me their seat.How nice.My heart whispers 'Alahai Atuk...I lagi kuat berdiri dari Atuk'...but I really admire his courtesy. So,duduklah I sebelah bini Atuk yang berdiri tu tadi.Baby Sam is naturally a smiley baby and he smiles at everyone who smiles at him.Pity I can't publish his photos.Sam is a special baby to his parents.Dia ada abang yang ada genetic condition and he was designed to help his abang.The process of 'making' baby Sam was so expensive that his parents kena travel ke Europe to scan their 'benih'.Designer baby lah ni so his identity is strictly protected.

This makcik told me that Sam got lovely blue eyes (which is so true) and got blonde hair.She went and ask 'So, he follow his Daddy then?' and I dengan bongoknya jawab 'I should think so'...tanpa menyedari yang Makcik ni thought that Sam is mine.Makcik went again and asked 'So you married an Englishman?' and that put me into the core and I suddenly realised what I just realised.Well, at this point,it is way too late to tell her the whole story (of which really unnecessary unless this Makcik is a massive penyibuk in West London) and I decided to go along with her thought.I was so lucky that I have approached my stop and that my little white lies does not have to travel far.But before I get up,Makcik made a point to tell me that she is a foreigner too.Motif Makcik tu bagitau I that piece of information? Tuhan ajelah yang tahu.But it was fun.But Sam is far orang putih's look than being a mixed race baby.Glamour sungguh I hari ni.


As Ketot & Lou nak berambus gi berkrismas kat Aberdeen tomorrow,we thought that it will be fun if we open our Xmas present malam ni.I told them yesterday I nak belanja them Pizza and while makan-makan Pizza,we all bolehlah membukak prezzies-prezzies tu.So,at 5.00pm just now,I hopped on the 267 bus again to Twickenham High Street to beli Pizza.I called the house to check if they were both in, manalah tau kalau-kalau depa tu keluar.Ketot told me that Lou baru blah to send her car over to her mum's and Ketot need to pick her up later.So I suggested that Ketot pick me up from the High Street and then we travel to Bedfont (adalah 2 miles from Twickenham) with the Pizza so that we can makan-makan with her mum.So I walked into this shop called 'Village Pizza' yang direcommend dek my boss.I tried the Pizza at the children's party and I just loved it.Mind you,I not a pizza person unless kalau dah desperate gila and that pizza seems to be last meal in that shop maka I kenalah makan pizza itu.I thought the pizza was delicious and it would be nice if all 3 of us makan bersama.I pun orderlah 3 kotak large pizza, since nak bawak kerumah mak Lou tu.I pun fikir that orang putih ni suka makan pizza so kalau beli banyak pun nanti akan habis juga.The man that took the order cakap omputih berterabur that I feel so insecure about my pizza.I keep telling him no pork,no salami no pepperoni bagai...dia macam faham at first but asked me the exact question again and again.The ordering bit took a good 10 minutes pasal dia tak paham-paham apa I cakap.In the end, I speak his terms and finally got it right...yeah..yeah..chickinnn....no pig...vegetarian..spicy...no pig again and again.Tak pitam kau? I decided to hang around in that shop as it was so foggy outside sampai nak lintas jalan pun takut dilanggar bas.It was so cold that I suspect salji nak turun malam ni.If Twickenham can be this cold,how is it in the north tu? Tak beku taik hidung orang-orang kat sana? Unfortunately there was this obnoxious Jamaican man yang sama pulak mengorder pizza dengan I.It's either he is drunk or truly perangai buruk.He was so loud talking on his mobile...siap dengan aksi-aksi ganas lak tu.Tu baru argue over the phone tu,kalau gaduh in person, main tembak-tembak kot.Ghetto habis lah tu...yeah mannn...fuckin' this that..you madafaka this that...chill man...kissing his teeth...He kept making so much noise complaining that the pizza took such a long time to bake...(eh bang,nak cepat makan Mc D lah)

I think after 1/2 hour, Pizza I pun ready lah for collection.Terperanjat beruk I ada 6 kotak besar.I pun cakaplah, I ordered 3 and that Mamat said 'Ohh..buy 1 get 1 free'.Tapi apasal tak cakap? Mamat Ghetto Obnoxious ni nak buat joke bangang pulak dengan I cakap..Ohh mann..are eating that lot?'.I was so annoyed earlier with his vulgar language and replied calmly to him 'Oh..I hope you're not going to have a problem with that'.Hah..diam dia.I asked the Pizza man if they have a bag for me to put in that pizza boxes and that guy flashed me a small carrier bag enough to put a Diet Coke can in.Sahlah bangang.I pon cakap 'It's okay' and blah.Merasalah aku macam pompuan buruk lantak bawak 6 kotak Pizza size large across Twickenham.Nasib baik hari berkabus tebal.Tu pun ada jugak suara-suara sumbang yang mengusik 'Wow..can I have one?' I bantai senyum aje.Kalau kat KL siaplak org.Melayu perli..amboi kak, kuat makan nampak...kenduri ke kak oi..like that. Adalah 5 minutes I tunggu Liza datang. Kesudahannya, ada 6 kotak pizza and 5 people.At this time of post,ada 2 kotak lagi yang akan dibuat breakfast,lunch and dinner besok.

Liza & Lou still tak tau if they will be permitted to fly tomorrow as British Airways dah cancelled flight for the last 2 days with 20,000 people stranded.They have to continually check on the internet and call.Nasib baik Heathrow sebelah rumah.


Trouble sleeping? Well, when you think to much and your anxiety can't rest that will cause insomnia. I'm not sure what to suggest because we can't stop worrying.It is hard to not to worry.Nak pergi dating or pergi pre planned shopping pun boleh merisaukan. I have had cases where people suffering from insomnia because there were too traumatised by day. This kind of people that seems to think that night is so peaceful that they want to enjoy rather than a hot busy daylights.Another case is night time is where your mind is less busy and that seems to allow more space for impending worries. Kalau siang sibuk kerja or more distraction (you seems to get more distraction in the day compare to the dark) and when dark arrives,your distraction disperse and psychologically emptied your mind.This automatically invites unwanted worries...especially family and money.

How I deal with it? Well, create an ad hoc solution for the problems. When my passport was at the home office, I was sicked with wories. Ye lah, being a foreigner kan? It is always either 'dapat' or 'tak approve' or 'kena panggil interview'. It is easy for people to say..ahhh..don't think about it...nothing bad will happen..so on..so forth..but, try telling that to yourself lah. Dalam tak nak worry, worry lah jugak. What I did after penat merisaukan diri is to end it with 'Ah..lantaklah...if I don't get it I will.........(whatever my decision will be)....I think, by creating a quick solution for time being, you will be doing your anxiety a favour. It will go down and then you will be able to rest.

Try lah. If this is your case.


Belladonna said...

Hola lahlink! Cemanalah agaknya rupa baby Sam ni.. Mata biru, rambut blonde..yang aku bleh bayangkan cuma bapa baby, Si Jude Law yang yummy ittew (aaa..tiada kaitan dengan baby Sam).

Pizza? Aku memang hantu pizza, aku rasa kalau aku dapat 6 large boxes, aku akan nanges gumbira. I dont mind having pizza for breakfast/lunch/dinner.. ko tak caya tanya kobau (tapi mesti ada satu botol tabasco sos..kalau tak, tak meriah).

Emm, aku sekarang dah bleh tido malam walaupun kejap. Rahsianya ialah memenatkan diri dengan buat house chores or exercise di sebelah petang. Kang tidolah tu around 10pm onwards :) Kalau tak tido jugak..lantaklah layan YM ngan Lee & Heaven..hihihi. By the way, ko takde YM account ke nyah?

syamsul said...

i pernah experienced 7 hari straight x tido, time tuh udergraduate kat MMU, imagine nak siapkan projeck potography punya pasal buat sungguh2 nih sbb sblm tuh ada assignment 1 kena kutuk kaw2 dgn lecturer sbb kotor la, apa la bagai, then assgn 2 terus i buat meletop , masa nak nta tuh ternga nga lecturer i tgk sbb dia x percaya i buat begituh detail punya kajian.. muahaha.. but sumtime its worth it kalau kita imsomnia and ada kerja yg kita hasilkan ... hmmm

syamsul said...

eh jap, anyway uols.. mek suka la baby english.. mak teringin sgt nak kawen dgn mek saleh pastuh dpt anak mix.. tp kawen kontrak la, bole tak? dpt anak, break up.. hehehehhee

Lee Novotny said...

ehh u ols minah dua ekor ittew jadi ke idak gi Aberdeen??? Mrasa noh nok jumpa Frankie sakan tiap tiap hari huh?

Hopefully ur piles occay now...

Ehhh kann??? anak hang tuh..sah sahlah suka makan asam gak kan???

Selamatkan Asam dan Sadin ku!!!!!!!!!!

Han said...

Bella, baby Sam tu mmg hensem...anak yahudi,kecik-kecik dah sunat.Aku that day ternampak keganjilan bila aku tukar nappy nya.YM? aku ada,tapi lupa password.Sialan kan? Alhamdullillah kau dah boley tidur.Aku masih tergelak sampai la ni mengonangkan lakikau yg goma bona kek hero tunjuk-tunjuk langit tu...mcm British Sign Language lah pulak.

Sam,ada ke nak kawin kontrakan gitto? Budak2 pompuan ala-ala Vicky Pollard mmg berlambak lah kalau nak di pregnate..tapi sanggupkan uols..nak berbabykan omputih sangat...terpaksa memcocok maknya yang cokiah ittew? Tgk lah kalau ada org nak beranak (yg baka baik-baik)..mebbe u boley jadik sperm donor

Lee...takleh gi memana nyah..fog tebell gittew...bertambah tak selamat lah asam uols..ramai benar yg bad mood kat rumah ni..