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Monday, May 25, 2009


Makcik Pakiam was laid to rest 2 days ago. Somewhere in Northampton. Apparently, that is where is is originally from (apart from being a Pakistani)

I was asked to contact her family. I was told that they are not very pleasant and in fact one senior colleague had already contacted them. When I was told about the funeral, I asked if any of her next of kin is coming. Nobody knows. I went to Ladbroke Grove and requested her file. I called the senior officer. She told me about her encounter with the family but she think we ought to try some more. Maybe by now they may have softened. She asked me, would you like to try Makji? Okaylah..I give it a go.

Alhamdulillah, I got a better treatment. The magic of 'assalamulaikum' I supposed. Of course bila dia tahu I siapa, maka ber petir-petir lah jugak kan? Surprisingly, it was her father who is the kindest.

The things that I never tell anyone apart from you who read is that how I was 100 carat hypocrite. Yes, I am the Social Worker, the person allocated to manage her care, to protect her from her manipulator.

The family was hurt by her. She got herself pregnant at 16, unmarried. She lived like a British people, she smoked, she don't pray, she truanted, she was disrespectful to her parents. The pregnancy is the last nail and what they thought was best for her is to take her back to her roots. Teach her a lesson. They thought that was right.

I hated the fact that I had to agree with the family. I keep saying that I understand and I understand.What I actually don't understand is why, why on earth you have to punish her like that? Why can't you see that all this wasn't her fault to begin with? I'm sure if she lived in Pakistan, she would have turned up the same.

But I wanted them to come to her funeral. She needs her family to see her off. What I said to her father is that, yes she have sinned and she is most likely to be punish but she has already been punished. Allah has taken her. I told the whole family that this is the last they will see of her. I told them that Makcik Pakiam always talked about them, lovingly and that she is sorry. Of course...this is a lie.

Makcik Pakiam actually wanted her family to go to hell.

Yes, I have softened them. With a lie.

The family didn't turned up. It si too hurtful for them. But her parents asked me to send her their prayer, their love and their forgiveness.

I know Makcik Pakiam by now must have heard that. That is better than nothing. I hope she is thankful to me.


Anonymous said...

adoooii kesian betul dgn makcik pakiam tu kan...dah lah masa hidup keluarga tak pedulik, masa dah mati pun tak dak org nak tengok dia..but then makji, u have done your best eventhough dgn penipuan2 besar heheheee....syabas makji...


rad said...

Ohh...you did right i guess!! Worth that 100 carat lies hehehehe

maman said...

but her behaviour is not much different than the other pakis i knew when i was studying there. i remember bumping into one paki on a mlm jumaat in the student pub, and he had what looked like a bottle of beer at hand.... im not too sure, the next day i saw him at the mosque ...

somehow it reminds me of anuar in skins season 1, during the opening episode.

Iron Butterfly said...

eh bukan dah lama meninggal ke, apsal baru simpan? ish.

Anonymous said...

"I told them that Makcik Pakiam always talked about them, lovingly and that she is sorry. Of course...this is a lie.

Makcik Pakiam actually wanted her family to go to hell."

khelass! gittew, u ni penoh keperihatinan dan kemanusiaan

Anonymous said...

hajah, macamana awak boleh cakap kalau makcik pakiam hidup kat pakistan she would turn out the same way? pakcik kurang paham. cuba huraikan secara lebih terperinci...

in a way, i am not surprised none of the family members had turned up at the funeral. they have been hurt by her, time and time again. maaf ya, they probably saw through you when you claimed that makcik pakiam had expressed affection for the family... he.. he..

Manal said...

Makji, mereka tu pon pandai hypocrite kan kan kan? By sounding so diplomatic upon hearing that salam greeting at least they would get all the info necessary so later on kalau sapa2 tanya among their family, they know la what to ngumpat, eh silap, what to convey.

Org paki ni kan sometimes kalau rasa tableh nak survive their own way, might as well pack their luggage n fly back home. They shudve realized so so much earlier that their kids, the 1st/2nd/3rd generations are leading a different life in a different environment and they shud be the ones who need to be smarter so that their kids wont end up astray or a total shame (in their sense la and the paki society sense plus how they wud interprete islam la). Kita can say whatever kan makji but dah belambak kes yg siap bunuh their own daughter in the name of honour killing, ala2 jaman2 malaya 100 thn dulu kot, biar mati anak, jgn mati adat gitewwww.

U did it professionally and its good to know they didnt tell u off even if they were prolly trying hard to sound nice and dry (like many english wud do if they were sober).

My Spirit Finger said...

saya terasa sedikit simpati pada makcik pakiam bila baca citer mak aji nih.

Anonymous said...

Makji... you mentioned Makcik Pakiam dah mati on your posting dated 28th April, and ditanam pada 23hb May...?? iyer ker? mmg kena simpan lama tu? citelah sket tentang procedure nyer.. nak gak tau..
-tun jin