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Friday, May 29, 2009

Karipap....and Facebook

I received a special parcel recently...ada karipap (walaupun dah short satu bungkus) kepuk lekor and few other stuff and telah sepantas kilat dicopet oleh sorang pompuan yang jealous, dengan alas an..alah kau tak pakai pun menda ni, kasik I aje lah.

Of course, it goes without saying how thankful I am with all that (dalam hati yearning for more dengan muka tatau malu nya) and impressed. I ni jarang dapat hadiah and I pun tak pandai nak mintak hadiah, tapi I suka,suka, suka dapat hadiah.

Because I melayu tak sedar diri and jumud (Ni mana/siapa ajar kau ni Bella?) I tak makan kepok lekor tu. Rest assured menda tu tak terbuang, Cuma terbuang dalam perut orang lain. Omputih kat rumah I kata, that karipap was the best she ever tasted (cam lain aje bunyik nya kan? Make me wonder if she is talking about something else, but omputih manalah tau massive Malay faux pas tu), and the risk of mengeciwakan Ratu Karipap Hull ittew.

Yesterday, I had a private meeting with my 2nd boss. First thing she said, Makji, I really like your Facebook status. Terkujat gak I since I’m not friend with my 2nd boss ni. Aishehh..terbongkar ke rahsia ku ber FB kat opis? I don’t think the meeting is about my FB status, and I know for a fact that ramai lagi orang kat HQ tu, jangan kata FB, siap ada Twitty laa..MySepes laa...Friendgangster laa...all that blarrrdy social networking.

Social networking is a misnomer if ever there was one. Sitting on your arse is a lot more accurate. My colleague told me that MySepes was a gift from God when she first found it, not having to phone your friends and men who were actually interested in the same things as you (even if they were only 16, haha). What a rarity. Once you turned off the band requests and realised that you were too old to talk to teenagers no matter how good their music taste, it was perfect. You can't knock that. She too enjoyed writing a blog on there, until she realised it was demented ramblings. Then, like everything else, the shine wears off.

I resisted Facebook for a LONG time, mainly because of the name, and it seemed more mainstream and 'townie' than MySepes. But then of course, curiosity strikes, and you have a look. I hated the fact you had to befriend someone to see their page at first (I just want to look at people from my past, not actually speak to them) but then I realised it was quite good that people couldn't spy on ME. I already had to make my FB profile private due to a friend going postal on me.

So now, after many months of thinking, soft persuasion and recommendation, I'm on Facebook. But something strange is happening. My past is being re-written. All those things you put in a box and sink, are suddenly floating to the surface. Nothing major at all (yet!): just ex-boyfriends that still look like teenage boys in your head now turning up bald, or worse, married. Your mates from school that you couldn't be arsed to stay in touch with now have wrinkles, or children. (Actually that's not true, I've only been in touch with one girl from school and she still looks like the teenager she was- bitch!) People you used to go to university with suddenly turn up having better jobs than you. It's outrageous. It's like a school reunion, except it doesn't stop at school, and it infiltrates your history, the very events that defined you become blurred. You wonder why you even fell out with that person, or if time can really heal everything. And it feels like it can, because everyone is just a square on a page, a face in a box and you can keep them there, you don't have to touch them, or let them see the reality of you.

I also made friends with strangers, and it took work to find actual people you knew, but on Facebook you go via your real name. Now people I work with (including my boss!) are there on the same page as the boy I went out with when I was 9, and someone who's heart I broke (well, probably not) and old friends and new friends who may not like each other, and family and it's just a big tayangan gambar.

What worse are the comments other people made you get to see and it is annoying. The laugh is annoying...the terminology is nauseating. I have this girl who is anti-government went on and on ranting about how Melayu kena tipu..pok pek pok pek. And suddenly FB is no fun. Yes..I have had her hidden. I have hide few others as well, including the Big Mommas and kumpulan budak-budak pandai.

It's good to keep these parts of your life separate. It's good to keep the past in the past. Yet it's morbidly fascinating not to. I want to know everything about everyone. And to pretend that I'm doing well, of course.The strangest bit is looking through the friends of that boy or girl you went to school with, and recognising loads of their friends. What do you do if they request to be your friend? You were never friends with them. But you feel a strange affection for them because they are from your home town and you remember playing rounders with them or going to the same birthday party as them once when you were 10. Suddenly you are looking at your home town through rose-tinted sunglasses when actually, it's just a dump full of tossers, all that not so nice people.(Ohh..tidak..orang Paroi Jaya orang baik-baik...)
Yes. Facebook is confusing. But it does have Fram Town. So I have to keep going back, and trying to remember how the past really was, not this sanitised version of it. It's a struggle to keep everything in boxes. Except Farm Town.


Lee Novotny said...

I can't be arsed with farm Town...mak nak soh orang mengusahakan farm lain mak, leyy?? **chabot!!!!

Ina said...

Dear Makji,
I still don't have an FB account coz I'm afraid that I'll get addicted. But most of my friends ask me to join, senang nak networking kononnya. But I actually couldn't be bothered...hehehe. I agree that some things in the past should remain in the past.

arep said...

Ina.. jgn join.. nanti addicted.. asek ber fesbuk jer. kerja x buat.. huhuhuhuu...

As said...

ini la kot org dok kata the past will always come back to haunt you..take care mak aji noh..

Belladonna said...

Aku belajar that word dari kamus dewan bahasa *sengih*

I have the same feeling towards FB too. Love-hate situation sangat. Maybe I should create another account exclusively untuk rakan-rakan seperjuangan.

Manal said...

lest it becomes pestbook kan makji kan?

captlukman said...

Wehhhhhhhhhh buang-buangggg je lah kalau dah tak berkenan tuh, buek apo laei simpan**sambil pose jaw line**. Kalau tak, no more karipap!!!~ok tak ugutan i ahak ahak ahak

famil said...

tolong hantar pokok kelapa.. i need it, but cant buy it.. mengharap ihsan neigbor yg boleh bilang dengan sebelah tangan.. hi hi