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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Should men be present at the birth of their babies?

I was at Hammersmith today. This particular coffee shop, frequented by P.Diddy’s student...yeah, same people like last time, which my comment about them apparently caused some uproar. After that, I decided not to write what I hear, hence defeat the purpose of this blog kan? I like to write about day to day life...kutuk orang pun all in a days work jugak. But the more I thought about it, eleh..biaq lah apa orang nak kata. Empty vessels like that is everywhere, always lonelier cow moo louder than the friendlier one.

So back to this P.Diddy’s guy (PDG) A,C and P.Diddy’s girl B. Having a double whammy of sexist debate. Thank god tak cerita benda-benda boring but apparently PDG. C pi cakap kat kengkawannya yang after witnessing the birth of his first child decided not to be present at the second. Buntang mata ku mendengar nya. I was like...really thought that his first experience humbles him...kesian kat orang pompuan ke, hapa. But from what I gathered, he wasn’t present on the 2nd birth. He only assumed the role as a sperm donor. Charming. She has to be there still, though, right? You know, for twelve, or twenty hours or so. Bad luck, love.

Firstly, I have no intention of having children. Secondly, if I did, I certainly would not let the man look at that side of the action. I've heard horror stories of people never having sex again as a result, so best not to tempt fate. But can't the man even be in the same room? You know, holding your hand, giving you moral support? Well? My brother in law passed out dengan video cam nya sekali...tu baru my sister mengerang...baby pun tak keluar lagi. I doubt my Appa was in the labour with Amma. I can imagine dia tidur or baca suratkhabar.

This PDG.C said 'oh it's squishy and gory'. PDG.A (look like dah beranak pinak jua..or just developed parda willi disease since datang belajar ni?) pun tersongeh-songeh, tergeli-gelaman with a facial expression yang sikit lagi nak mengundang penampar free tu. Oh, poor thing...poor you lah Cik Abang oi. Women have to have their thing RIPPED OPEN. Tu tak termasuk yang kena mengusung perut sana sini for 9 months. There he was, sesedap rasa nya kata ‘squishy and gory’. No shit it's gory. Nak aje I sampuk, you only looked, you weren't on the receiving end, mate! The idea that then man was there for the fun bit so should be there for the screamy bit was met with ridicule. PDG. B actually said a few words of sense then took them back. This guy was like, 'you want him to share the pain'. I tell you, if I am part of that kononnya world debate, I will be screaming ‘Too fucking right I do! I'd want him to hurt like hell. Why not?

My sister told me that her hubby pi bisik kat dia after her 22 hours labour and how she incline to tumbuk her laki , it is now up to you lah kalau you nak beranak lagi ke tidak. Baik laki nya. You always dream to marry jantan considerate cam tu, bangun tengah malam buat susu, put the kids to sleep and what not. Sembahyang aje lah mintak jumpa jantan yang baik camtu. I remember some years ago, when Sheila Majid was still married to that beruang and when they were having their first baby together. How the beruang was in labour and his interview said he was so insaf and love Sheila even more. Poooodah! Gi kongkek orang gaji gak kan?

I think you better off having your Mum with you (sorry lah ye...you all) Husband should volunteer rather than be asked. If you have to ask, most likely your husband adalah set-set PDG.C. The poor men are traumatised! Poor things.

Honestly. It's bloody sickening. Thank God I never have to even contemplate this. People literally deserve all they get.


Ina said...

Dear Makji,
I made sure my husband was there through the kids deliveries! Apehal lak I nak merana sorang2... Walaupun dia tak rasa sakit but mulutku dan tangan ku masih boleh give a little damage...hehehe

Anonymous said...

i am more than grateful to have a husband who is volunteered himself to be in the labor room without being told. Seb baik masa sakit2 tu dia tak tanya "sakit ke yang?" , harus kena terajang tidak semena-mena jugak di tempat kejadian :D..jantan macam si PDG tu memang ramai, nasib2 la dapat laki ni cam beli lotery jugak.

-cik silent reader yang comel meletop-

Lee Novotny said...

dah..beranak dalam air habih cerita!! LOL

Manal said...

Imagine himself being born...now let his momma tell the stories, how ugly he was as a baby and all. Tu la kan, takde peringatan hari2 dari ibu kat these fellas how hard it was for the whole 40weeks++ carrying the little sods around only to brag and propah stories on the birth of a child? sungguh la nak kena belasah cukup2 by me if ever la i am given superpower/telekinetics/wizardry.

On another note: patut la ramai gynae laki jadi matkepit?

captlukman said...

cam ada org CAMBAG je kasi komen kali ni**terbukti**