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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perjodohan Sucheeee.....Episod: Berpoya-Poya

Respon No.1 - Encik KM, I'm not that keen on the idea of marriage should be treated like an experiment. Unlike berdating sana sini, marriage is a legal commitment, so banyaklah benda is at stake. Unless for those who is rich and tak kesah nak ber experiment berhabis duit. Pergi pinang, duit. Pergi beli hantaran, duit. Majlis tunang, nikah & kahwin duit. Honeymoon, duit. Naik turun mahkamah, hire lawyer tuptap tuptap pun duit. I'm sure Sultan Johor pun akan berkira juga, kalau duit banyak habis buat experiment. Furthermore, if money is not the object, it is rather unfair to ber experiment dengan hati orang. But siapalah saya...maybe I misunderstood about the intention of the intended experiment...kahwin after kahwin and after a while, you can become better at managing marriage ke like that? Entah lah..but nevertheless, I wish you luck in your search for a new wife.

Respon No.2 - Cik SukaTidoKatOpisTapiTakNgaku, apa you kata? Kalau orang nak match make tu, gi aje lah..kalau suka, suka.Tak suka tak apa, ke gitu maksud kau? If I am 26 and kalau yang me match make tu kengkawan, boleh lah buat camtu. Keluar lah suka-suka cam bohsia, suka hambik, tak suka babai. I'm already pushing 40.Although I may look 20 (hehehehe) it is a bit too late to nak buat matrix analysis bertemu jodoh ni. Yang tukang MM tu, amma, appa and someone close enough to be an aunty. Of course la ada maksud tersembunyi...ni bukan kena suruh pilih dan gores tawww? Ni macam perkahwinan kaplam yang sekali apa kata yes, anak pun kena kata 'sarre appa' tau tak? I doubt they are expecting kami berdua berdating kosong camtu..hi hi and bye bye.

Yes, I pergi jumpa Abg R tu. If I'm honest, kalau lah aku ni gatal sangat nak kahwin...there is no question of nak or tak nak. He is just like I always remember him, always considerate and make me feel at ease. Bukan ke orang laki macam tu yang kita semua nak (tak termasuk berjawatan tetap and ada status lagi)

There is many things to talk about from Yasmin Ahmad to MB Perak. It was a bank holiday weekend and semasa tino-tino gariks UK ni pergi Brussels makan sambal sotong and karipap, I gi dating minum kopi dengan Abg.R, berjalan kesana kemari...with him so berlenggang kangkung.I pun jalan berlenggan lah jugak, but without the kangkung laa...

It is so obvious he is not into me...or Angelina Jolie. But he is the anak mithali. I wasted no time telling him that I knew about the perjodohan, and how I think it is ridiculous given the fact that we have grown up to know each other as a potential siblings. We laughed about it. He told me if it is not me, his Mum would have made him marry another unsuspecting girl anyway. The fact that he was so open about how he feel about the MM thing, just cemented my suspicion (and what is already very obvious)

So, please don't tell me you came all the way to chat me up?

Takde laa...nak jugak jumpa. My mother takde cakap apa, but the way dia promote you and that I should think about settling down kinda give me the gist what she is up to.

Abg R did not asked any personal question, and kalau tak susah juga. I did not asked why he is still single either (or shall I not assume he is?)

As a tour guide, I took him around. He is a keen shopper (lagiiiiii suspect) and spent most time look see, look see and beli. We spent two whole day together before he board on Eurostar to Paris and I saw him again before he balik KL.

Yes, he is the type that I will agree to marry. But I'm sure all women would prefer that type to marry, if only they ever reciprocate similarly.

What are we going to tell our mother, and my father? Tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuu

p/s Cik DH Negara Gagak....bebawak lah bersabar ye. Biasalah orang tu kan suka menumpang glamer.


nbns said...


If it's meant to be, it's meant to be...if not, que sera sera...kengkadang org yg kita hand pick pun tak menjamin kebahagiaan yg berkekalan..

He's not into Angelina Jolie??? Ke esah jolie ni makji?? Ishh...i'm reading between the lines and i dont get 4 when i put 2 and 2 tugeder-geder...or am i over-analysing things..again?

Tiap kali masuk rumah makji ni, sel2 kelabu otak wa terasa berdenyut2 je.. aisey...spastik tol wa ni.


Mrs Ana said...

kak ajah, how u tell he's not that into you? ke he just playing the 'yes, im not interested too' game, dont want to appear so desperate in your face, maybe?

amris said...

berlenggang kangkaung and suka shopping???...are you implying that you suspect he's gay..??

rad said...

Ohhh...mmg suspected la why he's still single!
There's hope yet makji - other than him! Hahahaha

Cik Kiah said...

Abang R baik hati, suka budak, considerate dan takde langsung ciri2 jantan bertopengkan siamang...adakah bermana dia itu....(what type of bottle do you prefer? kahkah)

Marhainis said...

makji, memang suspect kan kalau org lelaki ni shop macam2, but then, kalau dah ur mom and his mom tu yg matchmake kan, takkan la dia boleh senang2 nak tipu about his status kan? but then again, we just never know people...
and I do agree with u, kalau kita ni masih muda belia, nak matchmake tu tak kisah sgt *although personally I memang resist masa my mom cuba, without fail, and without fail jugak I mentah2 reject dia punya MM schemes!!*
and I think sometimes we can tell if that guy is into you or not *but then again, u just don't know kan*
but anyway, I will wait with abated breath on your next post on what your parents are going to say..I got an idea already since I've gone through similar situations before but hehehe your parents may invent a whole new wheel altogether
keep the faith!

Iron Butterfly said...

OMG!!! this sounds so familiar to what recently happened to my bff. her mom asked her to go home to KB and meet this guy who "works in Shell London for years, good looking, good career, yada yada yada".

my BFF is a gorgeous pan-asian and i havent seen any man turned away from her. but she told me the guy didnt give her a second look and from what little conversation they had she figured he chose to stay because he has a partner (ehem. lelaki ok).

mamat ni slalu bagi alasan macam2 kalau parents dier tunjuk gambar perempuan (tak lawa, tak putih, rambut tak cantik, etc) tapi my bff nih kire sempurnalah, so i wonder ape alasan dier bagi kat his parents. hihi.

even my bff's mom said she could feel the gay vibe when the guy was nearby. hahahaha.

selalu camtu kan kak aji, the good guys are either taken, or gay.


Manal said...

OO-oo....the happy radar doing our head innit?

Anak mithali tu pon tak RETI nak kabo ke mak dia yg dia mmg takdak napsoo nak kawen ka? Harosss la kasi mak dia stumped and hoping for something "magical" to happen. Prolly the mak pon in denial spt RAMAI mak2 melayu yg i tau yg langsung tableh terima anak jantan dia batting for the other side or whatever la. Think Azwana Ali.

I pon byk kawan2 mcm itu and its better to come clean rather than continue living a life a closet dude.

Anyways, u 2 got along fine and thats what matters more. Lagi2 sbb dia medical doc kan? Ape2 hal boleh carik.

amris said...

Esah, walaupon aku dh komen tp aku nk komen lagik..Klu betul ler dia tuh gay n taknak kawin ngn ko, aku rase bagus ler for you and him...byk sgt gay yg kahwin sbb nk tutup mulut org..and for what..??..

...dia akn menderita n pompuan tuh jugak akn menderita..biar ler pompuan itu berkahwin dgn lelaki sejati..yg bole menibainya setiap malam tanpa ragu2...itu shj...

lagi satu , biar pon menda nie dh lama berlalu..tp aku masih tk pueh ati dgn mama dan mummy tuh..menyampah taw..**matila tak abis2..

Anonymous said...

Mak aji esah...

Adakah ini bermakna I tak dapat makan daging rendang kenduri kek paroi jaya? Apakah rambutnya juga cantik tersisir macam si angkasawan dan kulit halus tulus mulus...???? -sighs-

p/s demi menghormati blogmu, akan ku butakan mataku membaca komen org yang suka menumpang glamer itu ( dan dia masih tak sedar diri kaaaaannnn...???)

DH negara gagak.

captlukmann said...

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa kannnnnnnn??? Dah agak dahhhhhhh!!!! Patut dik non observed dari jauh, tgk radar camana kuat ke tak. Anyway you've been surrounded by us, so you know better...

Harap2 jgn lah aku kene cam ni one day, kalau tak? Mampusssssssss