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Friday, March 02, 2007

Tag and Tagged

I have been tagged by Bro Lee kita tu (hehehe..Bro?!) last week.Up until today,I tak paham langsung apa yang kena dibuat.Well,I got tagged but what should I write? Weird things or things about me that people don't know about? Memandangkan I am still blurr with the tagging system, I am willing to offer 12 things, 6 being weird and another 6 being just a plain info about me.Takde nya interesting pun.I have to apologise for the delay memandangkan Makji Esah lately ni banyak kerja and terlibat dalam kerja-kerja pengubahsuaian perangai manusia disekitar London ni.But,I must do it today, takut-takut tak diberinya I makan birthday cake besok.

6 Things About Me That You Must Know (Really...You Don't Have To)

1. I seriously think that I am addicted to Diet Coke.I can shift a big giant bottle of 1.5 litre in a day, everyday for the last 9 years.I tried giving it up and successfully do so for 3 days and also made many enemies along the way.Huarrgggggggghhhhhh!!!! Nowadays, if I see a big bottle of Diet Coke on my desk, that will signify my work mate have done something wrong and want to avoid getting an ear full from me.

2. I can eat the same food everyday without getting sick or bored.I'm the sort of person that can never get pleasure from having entwine with good food or drink.My only oral gratification is Whole Nut Cadbury Bar.That is it,seriously...and maybe, a small plastic bag of karipap.

3.By reading the number 2, I must have give out the info of me being a cheap date.That is also true.My vice is CD's and PC games.You can keep away the flowers.I don't eat expensive Italian food that taste like leftovers.An ideal dating scene for me can be at Tony's, Damansara Uptown, fried kway teow and Iced Neslo.Less than 5 Ringgit.This was many years ago.

4. I have been using the same perfume since I first started using perfume.Because of this, it saves me from being a advertistment victim.I will only stick to 4 brand.Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren,CK and Lancome.

5.I am not at all a friendly person eventhough I work in a public service.I only talk to people that give me a good vibes.If I speak to you, that mean I like you.I'm not suggesting a snobbery.This is something to do with being excessively introvert.

6.I got my driver's licence at 16 years of age...for a very wrong reason.Not because I like driving, but because my father think that I should start taking responsibility fetching my younger siblings to and from their school.Celaka kan?

The 6 Weird Things...

1. As some of you noticed, I wear my wrist watch anti clockwise...but that is not weird.I like to call it 'unique'.I'm sure there's people out there that is like me.

2. I keep a bar of soap in my clothes drawer.Don't ask why.

3. I cannot travel 'behind'.On a tube,bus or train, I have to sit facing onward direction.I have a massive problem once in the Eurostar where my seat back travelling to Waterloo was facing behind.I ended up sitting facing my seat for the whole journey.

4. I can't wear jewelleries or any kind of self-decorative accessories.It itches my skin although I'm not the type who can easily rash.This is so beneficial for a prospective partner as they don't have to do 'diamonds are forever' things to me.I even struggle to keep my ring on for substantial amount of time.

5. I carry my toiletries bag to work everyday.I just have to, even without a reason.I guess I just need to feel secure as toiletries bag gives me some kind of weird security.

6. I have had 2 difficult years of my life.That is between 1996 and 1997.My work that time requires me to apply on contact lenses and wear that evil 'celak' and mascara.I bear and bear.2 years, that is it.Nothing foreign ever come in close contact with eyes again after that.I am happy with my glasses.

That is all.Have a nice day.


lekiu said...

What kind of work requires you to wear celak ? Arqam ?

You dont like jewelleries and you like cheap food, you like PC games, food court dating scene .... men will adore you..

When I was on holiday, i pergi kedai Ralph Lauren, ternampaklah perfume Lauren, I have alwas liked it, wangi sangat. They dont sell it in KL anymore, sebab it was launched about 15-20 years ago. In UK, masih ada jual lagi ke ?

Han said...

What work that requires excessive layer of make up you mean? Aren't you just plenty of them for 14 hours non-stop?

Ralph Lauren? Which one? Budak-budak buat main aje kat sini...ishh..tipu lah tu...but seriously, which one? Plenty of them here...

lekiu said...

Got it, Bella explained. Wonder how you got thru 14 hours ? I had to take a sleeping pill.

The name of the perfume is Lauren. It has a rare combination of spices and flowers which makes it a bit of an oddity when it comes to perfume for ladies. A bit sharp but not to the point of annoyance. Still di jual di London ?

Han said...

Is that the one with the maroon bottle? Pour Femme? Why Femme? Women are now using Ralph...even if you're the type that using Femme perfume.I used to like Lauren, in fact I still do but it is not as fresh as 'Ralph'.I'm sure they still sell it either at the boutique itself or their counter in that big big stores.

You should really consider 'Ms Jaguar'.That is aphrodisiac.

lekiu said...

Ha'ah, yang botol warna maroon. I don't lah use female punya perfume, just like the smell saja.

Perfume ni very personal kan, sometimes it smells nice bau dari bottle tapi bila kena chemicals kan badan, langsung bau lain yang tak sedap sangat.

Does "fresh" means bubble gum smell ? Bella likes perfume bubble gum smell and she says that i like perfume bau seladang.

Lee Novotny said...

Nok, mak mintak maap mak dinch komen ruangan entry u osl kali nih. we ols are soo tired..dos lah tido lewat..this evening pun kitorang dos pergi ke Centrak Station ittew..**oopsss

p/s Celak Arqam?? hahah Lekiu...funny!!!

ajami said...

tuu diaaa! habis pecah lobang & segala rahsia!.. haruslah bila u balik kl, then i cuba tegur, then u tak jawab!.. maknanya?.. lareeekkkkkk!

Belladonna said...

Hah, ko tengoklah tu orang yang hanya pakai perfume bau seladang memang takkan tau the difference between fresh & bubble gum. Hahahahaha... Ni boleh jadi topik untuk tulis kat blog aku nih :)