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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stupid Is a Stupid Does

Let's just observe a few things (observe???!!!!) Why do people do,react, behave,act,say,exhibit and express many,many things so stupidly ? As we may now know that stupidity is a hard habit to break but many of us seems to get pleasure by giving in more to it. In the end, we got punished and judged, and this is when we think that the world (they should really stop saying the world but people) is not fair to them.
I really feel sorry for those who was a choosen victim. Ye lah, mangsa,mangsa keadaan ni but not half as sorry as to those who menjadi mangsa kebodohan diri sendiri and orang lain. But it is a high time that we all must learn to rise above our own stupidity.I'm am still trying.
I recently read the misfortune of Rosnah Mat Aris (the kelakar woman from a Malaysian TV...info 10 tahun dulu, don't know if she still kelakar or not..but still tak leh lawan Catherine Tate lah kan...) how she was being made a victim of this chat show,and now being slapped with a ban from the National TV. Reading the news yang kita belum boleh tahu lagi betul ke tidak (well, think about it, the news was written and reported by someone who seen/heard the scoop from the surface, it is like, you nampak orang jatuh tergolek tepi jalan and then report kat orang ke 3, sipolan jatuh and speculate things that he/she yakni the reported feels right at that point of time) kononnya Rosnah Mat Aris ni telah menghina Nabi Muhammad and the wife.How was she really 'menghina' or whatever things she said that was defined as 'hina',tak tahulah, because I pun tak tengok that TV program.I like to think that Rosnah Mat Aris is not that stupid to do such thing...sebabnya, dia pun dah banyak makan garam and ajinomoto bagai, so, by par, she is load wiser dari kita-kita yang muda belia ni (chewwwahhhh)
If I may say that Rosnah Mat Aris is a victim of the show host stupidity and to make thing worst that its already are, she give in to the stupidity by answering the stupid question.And now, to add salt and dettol to her wound, the Menteri Penerangan bagi her lagi with a quote, mulut takde insurance? (That menteri also bodoh laa) For a malay and Malaysian who is non-stop self acclaiming mempunyai nilai-nilai murni dalam budi bahasa (tak macam I yang cakap pun lepas-lepas ni...my excuse, I'm not all Malay, okay?) the host thought that it was okay to fire a hummiliating question.This is like a reporter asking a rape victim..apa perasaan anda dirog oleh orang-orang yang berperangai binatang ni?. See my point? Yang bertanya tu, sahihlah bodohnya...yang nak tolong dia mengapprovekan kebodohannya by answering his question tu kenapa? If I were the authority of the Broadcasting Station, I would ban the producer.Who ever the producer was, he/she should take responsibility for that, for allowing the question and the answer. But again, Malaysian, how sensitive must we allow ourself to get?
Sensitivity is the beauty of life however was abused badly by the mankind. I get many questions sometimes, tercalar jugak hati but once in a while you have to allow ignorance to be the first in the line of any sensibilities.
Some of us sometimes got attack in here (the blogsphere) and some of us use this to do the same.Yes, this is your page, you do what you like.You write whatever that feels right in your heart and by writing it, you also take responsibility of its content.It is a human nature to like and dislike and the worst habit is to make this cowardice attack.We may disagree and agree and sit on the fence.That is a choice.We certainly can't stop the bad habit a.k.a. lalat coming in and making kacau-kacau...they like, the came and they gone.It would not bother them if they dislike, because when we dislike something, in a non stupid manner, we stop liking it.Kalau tak suka karipap, kita berhenti makan karipap, but yang bodoh nya pergi serang makcik yang buat/jual karipap itu. My life is not as interesting as many of you.In out same old thing, orang sakit,Arsenal and Frankie, apa lagi? But in all honesty, I do feel for those who were invaded by the lalat.The psychology of the real lalat (macam lah aku ni lalat biologist pulak) is the more you halau,tegur,spray or anything to fumigate, lagi banyak dia datang.They will stop coming or annoying if you don't give in. Your life are not affected by their misgivings, so why bother?
To MontyMelly, I think, seluruh wanita, baik bercareer mahupun tak, all may have the same aspiration as you.Siapa yang tak nak disimpan? Even the careerwoman pun merintih-rintih nak disimpan jugak.But the differ is, you can still be kept as in all maintenance paid and ideally, you can keep all yoor neccessities like own job,own money and freedom (and remote control) It is like, duit ku duit ku, duit mu duit ku jua..voley???
P/s...Hjh Eton, ada orang curik copyright nama kita tawwww....


Lee Novotny said...

Nok, tahu tak, mak selalu dok fikir org kita mmg terlalu sensitif lah..cakap sikit je, salah..cakap salah sikit je, menguris perasaan orang lain. la ni pun kat Uk ni pun sama noh?? We can't say anything these days without being bombarded from every side accused of being racist, terrorist mahupun stupid!

Fasal lalat tuh, aiyyooo termakan cilikah mak??? hahahahah mak layan tuh bukan hapa... mak rasa macam terpanggil pulak nak jawab since diorang ni ada masalah jiwa. kalau tak layan kang, bunuh diri pulak. mak tak bertanggungjawab!!! Hhahaah **matilaaa takde kena mengena!

p/s tu la fasal nama nama glamer kekampungan like hjh esah gelisah and hjh eton melantun nih laku yaamat! sampai lalat busuk pun suka pakai nama tuh!

Lee Novotny said...

Oh by the way nok..ado baca Harian Metro fasal Awie?? Sampai bertakbir tiga kali katanya lepas melangkah kuar mahkamah sbb dapat hak menjaga anak anak dia!! Kalah Tuan Guru Hj Hadi, u!!!!

***matilaaa obor!

Han said...

Haiyoo..very the over kan? Habis perangai budak-budak, want to hit where it hurts, patutnya bersyukur but at the same time, bersimpatilah dgn mak budak-budak tu..

Okaylah..I tukar nama Hjh Sheril Merlis boley? Tak kampung kan?

Lee Novotny said...

hJH Sheril Merlis..ehhh padanlaa dinch dosi dgr namanya skang..merantau ke Twickenham rupanya hik hik hik

lekiu said...

If I am not mistaken, Rosnah was banned because she drew parallel of her marriage with a young man to Nabi Muhammad's marriage to Khadijah.

Odd enough, when men draw parallel of their need to have more than one wife with that of Nabi Muhammad, such statement is deemed acceptable and unoffensive.

Essentially, what society in Malaysia deem acceptable is polygamous marriage, and what is unacceptable is for an elderly women to take a young man as a husband.

Of course kalau setengah org baca, they would say... polygamous marriage is halal although in the Quran, part part yang warn dan kata you men will never be able to be fair is disregarded.

Pasal Awie, I used to like his voice .. these days he just annoys the hell out of me. And was there a need to takbir macam tu kat luar Mahkamah..any man with an ounce of humility wouldn't do that. What did he want to prove ? That God was on his side ? And what would that show to the children ? That their mother is evil, corrupted and cursed by God ?

And this come from a man, who unashamedly, cheated his wife, married another woman behind his wife who bore him children, sacrificed her acting career to become a full time housewife ?

And how was she repaid ? By betrayal...

Of course, Awie apologist would tell you, dalam agama, sah kahwin lebih dari 1...here we go again..well, malas nak cakap panjang... but at least have a decency to tell abt your intention upfront to your wife kan ? To run behind her back, quietly lari and kahwin with another woman...smacks much of cowardice.

Over to you Han... let the bashing begin...worth another entry of Awie bashing.

Montymelly said...

I have told Mr Gig a trillion times that i want to be kept but he said he wants it much more than me. Laa..how now?

Yes, the Awie case is so memualkan...it is as if to show that god is on his side and that it is not wrong to take another wife.

But one thing i don't get it, perhaps LeQ can update me on this..why did the judge grant him the custody of the kids. I thought kalau under age, kids are supposed to be with their mum?

lekiu said...

The law stipulate that a mother retains custody of children under a certain age. However this legal presumption can be rebutted by showing that the mother is unfit.

Correct me if I am wrong, but from the newspaper report it appears that Arni in anger left the the custody of the children to Awie.

She thereafter regained her composure and battled for the right for custody. The order by the Judge is only temporary. The hearing for permanent custody will be sometime in May if I am not mistken.

I read somewhere that she lost the interim custodial battle because she has no permanent address and is unemployed... thus deemed unfit.

I just hope that Arni's lawyers have advised her to get half of Awie's assets !!