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Friday, March 16, 2007

Jangan Tiru Macam Saya

Countless time I have moaned non-stop of how busy I am and how I have been.I travel a lot this week and lucky enough,the jobs now only requires travelling around London.Thanks to public transport, travelling is a lot easier but the only disadvantages in using public transport is that you are at these people mercy.Semuanya atas belah kasihan,ihsan or mood drebar public transport ni.Kalau tak human interventions pun,you are subjected to the public transports rules,regulations and time.
Well,I am not going to tell you stories about my encounter with Public Transport neither nor I want to complaint about them.Compare to Malaysian standard,it is far more better here, and I truly believe that one day Malaysian infrastructure will get better, because they paid so much to deserve that much...or if they decided to choose the working opposition political party that will deliver what they promise boom bang boom bang bila kempen macam nak rak tu. I read the news yesterday about how they critisised Malaysian that owed 20billions to credit card debt and blame it on their spending spree tak sudah and paying the minimum payment. Having unstoppable spending spree tu memang betul, yelah...especially when we have the sort of syndrome of we must have what other people have. What them newspaper don't report is that Malaysian Bank is charging sky high rates and maximum penalty and have no responsibility of their own, as in letting the cardholder to keep spending and spending.You can leave the RM500 debts, struggle to korek,cari duit sana sini to finish off your debts only to find that your credit card company is expecting you to pay triple.This are the probems that our government fail to notice however, mereka ada pulak masa/tenaga/duit nak tolong different country?
Over the last 25 years, thanks to my father,I have a different attitude to things.Contrary to the way our mother (yang sungguh lemah lembut) brought us up.As much as all of us (my adik beradik) were forbidden from being rude to the elders and exhibiting all that indiscipline behaviour, we were always taught to stand up to what we think is right.But sometimes, the mixture of principal and bad behaviour doesn't add up.You can have the principle of fighting for your right but that can only work with certain behaviour. Too rigid and too uptight (like what happened to me lately) can sometimes perceives as being petty.
a) Two days ago, I was waiting for a connecting bus to go to work.I followed my organiser, I left office on time and I plan my movement based on the public transport timetable.I am very certain that I will not be late for my appointment.I was at Twickenham town on time and wait for the next bust.As advertised, the bus should arrive every 12 minutes.As I need to be there by 1pm and it is only going to take 5 minutes to get to my work by that 267 bus (yang ada reputation datang 15 tahun sekali tu) I memang cukup confident that the bus will arrive any minutes.Tunggu punya tunggu,10,12,15,20,30 minutes...bas bangang tu masih tak sampai-sampai.Ada jugak other people yang sama tunggu bus itu yang dah start menyumpah.Dengan perut yang lapar and knapsack yang berat, I dengan bongkaknya terus call Transport For London and start lah complain.Macam-macam aku cakap dekat receptionist tu...punyalah marah I cakap kat they all, you are charging us so much and your driver is taking everything as his whim and fancy,this is not a peak hours and I know there is no traffic problems...blah..blah...and tiba-tiba, bus tu pun muncul and cut off that conversation abruptly.Rasa puas hati sungguh dapat complaint but 5 minutes after that,I start telling myself, apasal lah kau macam ni? Where has all the courteous and patience gone to?
b) Mak Badak upgraded her mobile phone recently.Maybe Tuhan nak tunjuk dek selalunya membuat penayangan tak rasmi sambil berkata-kata bongkak kat kami, mobile phone nya itu terus tak boleh pakai.Mulalah dia resah gelisah.She went to Vodafone and was asked to return the handset to them.There she went and got told off by the people in the local store pasalnya,she had disposed the original packaging.Mak Badak being herself,full with despondency and use back her old mobile. I came back from work yesterday (of course lah after that thing with the London Transport) and was told by Mak Badak nombor 2 of what had happened to Mak Badak. Terus menyirap darah I and I resort to call Vodafone directly.Like London Transport, I stated my rights within my contract and how Vodafone had breached theirs by not giving me a service as advertised and I ended up calling them petty for fusing about the packaging when there is more important thing to worry about especially like pleasing their long term customer!!! I terus cakap, I'm paying my monthly bill out of my bank to you without fail and I'm now without a phone. Terus that Vodafone offer instant replacement (not forgetting Mamat Scottish yang habis ku leter for the whole 20 minutes tu) But the question is, eventhough hati ku puas,but the casualty is I have indirectly upsetting that man whom who knows, already had a messed up life ? Perlukah semua ini? I begin to wonder how the prosecutors and the solicitors sleeps at night...especially when they know they have a better less guilty conscience options?
Another thing about myself that I'm not happy about is my ficklemindedness.I very much like to think that I'm the hippie type (in terms of buat apa saja in an instant tanpa pikir/plan) I was asked to participate in a management-rescue-operation by my boss today.One our client who is a sex offender is causing a mayhem in his community...and the community over where he is residing is threatening to evict him or close the place down altogether.The Big Boss want to sack the current Manager but my boss who is also the boss to that about-to-be-sack Manager, trying to help this Manager to save her job and give her 2 months to improve.My boss hari ni tadi belanja I makan dengan harapan I akan tolong this person.My boss asked if I can postpone my trip back home and promise to speak to HR about carry on my annual leave over to the next financial year.
Did I agree to help? Well, why am I still here then when I'm supposed to be flying out of Heathrow tonight? So, para peminat-peminat yang menantikan kehadiranku, sabarlah ye.Nanti I balik.For time being, listen to this song by, clicking to


Belladonna said...

Haiyoo, getek sungguh lagu enjet semut ittew.. Mati sakit perut aku ketawa :P

Goddess Selene said...

Yang napa tak jadi blk mesia??

Han said...

Bukan tak jadi Makji, postpone aje..tapi after the chat today...tak balik lah kot.Kalau balik pun ala-ala low profile gitu...

Lee Novotny said...

Takut kena serbu peminat peminat kot?? kang terus banyak sepanduk kat airport tuh "We want Makji Esah! We want Makji Esah!"..tu pasal dia nak low profile..ehehehehehh

Han said...

Tu la pasal, Lee.Kang org serbu mintak sign seluar baju dalam, camno?