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Saturday, March 31, 2007

2 Count Of Dismissal

Last Wednesday, I was asked by the big-big boss to 'dismiss' someone...hmmm, kononnya, on the ground of gross misconduct dengan breach of contract. The message came via Miss Nigeria...and Miss Nigeria dengan penuh distress, teruslah telephone I. My alasan was simply, can't do it now, I'm on annual leave.Bosses insisted that I must do it and shouldn't delagate task like this to the assistant.I was so stressful that I asked MB2 to mix my coke with vodka so that I can go to sleep.(Waduhh..mana perginya ciri-ciri keislaman ku?) Whatever people may think and say (not that I bother) my best sleeping aid is alcohol and a this very special massage over my head that only mother,Mak Badak and F know how to do it.

I want to tell you this, as much as I love the control and power in my hand, I really hate to manage people as they all come in various specifications. That includes me. Bad enough that you have to deal with yourself on a regular basis and now, you have 10. As a leader, tak banyak sikit, job will made easier if your orang bawahan likes you. It is hard to be liked because sometimes, you are force to work with someone that is even difficult to like. My previous boss always dubbed my team a regime where how things goes is the way I fancy. He somehow said it was not a bad thing because there is a mixture between care,influence and perfection...
I was summoned to the head office first thing Friday morning. The Bossess as usual detected my weakness and reflect them back to me. It is funny that when we are with the client, our weapon is always a good choice of words and the perfect choice will get you through the horrendous day. However, this seem not to be the case with my Bosses and me, or shall I put it, The Bossess versus The Bodoh Nak Mampus Employee. Big Boss went, you have to dismiss them! I went, pleading for the Bodoh one, she is still on probation...I appreciate the seriousness of the mistake, but is there anyway around it? She is a good Team Member, very qualified. Big Boss went again...what ever that happened shouldn't be happening in the first place...you said she is qualified and experienced, and why is this happening?
To cut the story short, Big Boss leave it for me to decide. But I know, they will be happy if I sack this girl. I summoned her to my office when I arrived at the project. She dah nangis-nangis dah...I was so lemah if orang nangis-nangis ni, in the end, I issued her with the warning, demand that she pay the damage and I decided to have her permanent contract revoke. She should be happy for that, at least she still have a job and if anything, entitle for a reference from me. I was back to my usual self, telling her to start anew and do not repeat the same mistake again. We had cappuccino and gelak-gelak like biasa....something that my boss baru tegur...you really have to start drawing a line between you and them. That is why they can easily manipulate you....(tak terpikir ke dek dia maybe ada orang yang jenis suka kena manipulate?)
I just hope that I don't have to do this again...well, that job is lot easier if I hated that person or if they annoy me big big time. I just wish I have the job that don't involve people that much.
On a sad note, one of my client passed away at 11.30 pm just now. I worked with her couple of years ago and sometimes visits her whenever possible. She recently invited me for her birthday party and I was too busy to attend, only if I knew it was her last...
Her sudden death saddened me although on another hand, she is now in safe hands. I always wonder how will she cope in future. She was a special girl. Lucy Dunleavy, rest in peace.

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