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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just About To...

There is this guy (an actor) in Eastenders (the BBC soap) called Mohammad George. He sapu sampah in that story. He also write stupid poems and wooing wrong women who never fancy him back. In real life, he is just like a man his age with plenty money and popularity. He was captured in one of the local tabloids recently for punching his pregnant girlfriend while highly intoxicated with alcohol. I know for a fact that he is not a Muslim however was named after the famous boxer. Luckily, tak pulak Pak-Pak Haji kat East London nun yang nak bunuh bapak dia for naming him 'Mohammad'.

A British citizen in Sudan recently become the news headlines. Si pompuan tua yang baik hati ni, dah dekat nak pencen pun tapi bersemangat lagi nak gi mengajar bebudak kat Sudan tu cakap orangputih. Makcik ni ada teddy bear and she asked the pupils in her class to name the soft toy. Sorang budak ni cakaplah...Miss, bagilah nama 'Muhammad' sama macam nama saya, Miss. So, satu kelas pun agree lah nak bagi nama Teddy Bear ni 'Muhammad'.

The next, the government of Sudan nak hukum rotan pompuan ni pasal kununnya dia dah menghina Nabi Muhammad, pasal bagi nama patung Teddy Bear tu 'Muhammad'. She was found guilty in court and was sentenced to 15 days inprisonment.

Muhammad, I was told by my father that in bahasa arab, it means 'Yang Terpuji'. Macam dia lah...I think my father is so selfish that he refused to name my 3 brothers 'Muhammad' so that he can have that name to himself. Hahaha..tak kelakar.But after all, Muhammad is a name and our Prophet is named the same by his father, Abdullah.

I can understand if this cikgu deliberately announce kat depan-depan budak-budak Muslim tu, hey you, this Teddy Bear is your Prophet Muhammad. If this must be mistake then the poor teacher should be given some allowances for her 'ignorance' otherwise the Sudanese is over sensitive.

If people are set you to humilliate you, disrespecting your religion or by any mean and carry out threat against yourself, your family and your nation...yes, we must form our stance.I cannot see any evident on that. Not here. What is obvious, after the Muslim attack aginst the kaffir since 9/11 and 7/7, the life of other Muslims was made difficult by these so called 'chosen' Muslim.

The UK was first to help the nation of Darfur when the tragedy strikes. In return, Sudanese wage war against the poor unsuspecting teacher. The 7/7 suicide bomber's family came to UK to seek refuge from their fellow Muslims in Afghanistan. After been given British education, benefit money, free medications and houses, the 4 ungrateful Muslim decided that it is time to strapped themselves with explosives and killed the helpless kaffir.Are they happy now?

What is the aim? A worldwide Muslim nation? In what way are we Muslim threatened? Subconsciously or just terrible paranoia?

Well, I just hate the drama of all this. I just hate the look given by the immigration control when I have to tell them what 'MOHD' stand for. If its not because of other paranoid Muslim, I would have travel happy.

But, before I forget I must submit this. It is a real pleasure to announce, hence to wish 'Happy 35th Birthday' to my dear mate, Kiah Kidman. (Eh..Kiah, aku masih 34, boleh?)

I have been travelling since Tuesday. One day I'm in London and next, I'm at Basingstoke lah, Bournemouth lah and last night, Southampton. The hotel that the company put me in is so kokak that they don't have Wifi access and I have to use the offices I visit internet connection. Most days I only managed to email my boss to update her of my findings (did I tell you why was I sent away?) and bila orang tak nampak, I sneaked into Blogger and check my account. Ternampak jugaklah message-message ngeri orang itu...yang membalas dendam mintak blog di hapdate. Ye lah, update lah ni...

I closed few cases and for now, taking a break from the 'heavy' stuff. Mana yang teruk-teruk telah di refer terus ke psychiatrict unit. There is a time where we have to say, enough with words, you just need a drug to feel better. So off you go. Makan lah ubat and duduk lah diam-diam. I told my boss that I now need to finish off my yearly paperwork and focussing on my unit administration.I haven't done supervision in months and I know that some appraisals is due. Miss Nigeria keep asking me about staff Xmas dinner yang misti di organise sebelum 25th. Last year I took them to Awana in Kensington (ehemmm...my colleagues suka Malay food tau..) and we later ber dancingan kat Boujis (apasal aku tak terserempak dgn Prince William hah?) A year before that, I took them to Melati in Soho and ber clubbing macam nak rak kat Zoo Bar. I told Miss Nigeria, jangan selalu sangat pilih Malaysian Food nanti big boss ingat I yang influenced the decision tapi disebabkan memasing dah diajar minum Teh Tarik oleh ketua nya, dah lah semua pakat nak gi Malaysian Restaurant aje.Macam mana ni?

I was asked to do site inspection at few units. Boss cakap, unit yang ni ada problem macam ni, unit yang tu pulak problem macam ni, so Esah, you pergilah siasat, pastu report kat I apa you observed.I asked Boss, why me? Boss cakap, why not? I selalu cakap dengan my boss yang I ni kenkadang macam takut-takut nak pergi jadi penyiasat ni.

But hey, I am now back in London. I took my own sweet time to update this blog Kiah, pasal nya, aku mau nonton 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' plus, aku perlu berjuang habis-habisan untuk menonggok dalam website Ticketmaster untuk mendapatkan seat concert Spice Girl on 9th January 2008.

So Kiah, as much as I am eager to please, I'm afraid, Mel C have to come first. Rest assured that your birthday present is now on its way kepangkuan perut boyot mu.


Goddess Selene said...

Uols mak ingat cikgu tu dah kuar dr penjara dah. Tapi ada la yg org gila yg sibuk nak bunuh dia. Kesian, sbb tak tau asal usul ape2 terus nak bunuh org kan? Cikgu tu pon satu, ape lagi dok nak mengajar anak org kat Sudan tuh? Cepat2 la balik, kang tak pasal2 kene kipnap & beheaded pulak.. lagi haru ye tak? Macam2 dunia skrg nih!

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

a'ah lah Makji..tadi I nampak kat Evening Standard pun report camtu...tapi ada jugak yg cam cinabeng nak suruh bagi bunuh kan? Apa kata kerajaan UK ni jgn lagi bagi refugee status kat Sudanese..pastu, bila org Sudan datang, pakat bagi soklan-soklan kejam kat airport, best tak cadangan ittew?

Goddess Selene said...

Makji, mak pon setuju.. Yg mcm taik tu, bila dah bagi refugees status dorg jadi gila. Sker jer involve ngan crime etc. Manusia ape kah ittew? Takde pulak org british nak bunuh dorg?