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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lets Be Un Merry, Shall We?

I thought very hard about updating this. I am very busy. So so busy. I was asked to travel on Xmas Eve. I was so lucky that I managed to get the last tube back. The Underground shut at 9.00 pm on Xmas Eve and take operate Lang sung on Xmas day. The usual scapegoat and the ever ‘never mind laa...I’ll do it’ me was running marathon in Terminal 4 and melompat masuk kedalam the Picadilly Line. Nasib baik ramai orang.

I know I have at least 4 or 5 presents under the Xmas fibre optic tahun lepas tree. I noticed that one was offended with my adopted lifestyle and ‘identity’ hence questioning my religious faith. Just because I sent Xmas card, buying Xmas presents and celebrate Xmas.

What can I say? If all these offends you, maka...janganlah masuk page ni lagi. Pergilah masuk blog Sinar Islam ke, where you can find all the fully clad tudungs girl, kissing the hand of their beloved husband looking guilty. The husband of course, muka macam bangga aje. Funnily enough, I kind of celebrate Xmas in Malaysia too, where our parents gave us money to buy presents for our neighbour. The last time I check, we are all still Muslims.

To all the staunch and devout Muslims who easily get offended over the littlest thing the non-Muslims did, Xmas is as the same as all the religious celebrations. I just happened to live in a non-Muslim country and I think, Malaysia (as much as the PAS wants) are not Muslim country too. Yes, we are the majority together with the rest that are minority, we hold the same rights.

I am not easily offended but I honestly cannot understand why people can get upset/annoyed over other peoples choices and start questioning their faith.

But, let me tell you what I like. I like to annoy annoyed people more. Let see what you think of this

I went to Xmas Carol Concert

Of course….I trade presents

I pulled crackers and ate traditional Xmas lunch, minus the binatang, as F, as you may now know is a vegetarian.Makan sayur aje aku…with Holland & Barrats pretend bacons

I finished a bottled of Lambrusco (this is the only wine I can handle…)

So let’s decide what is my identity shall we.

To all my friends, tak kira kat mana pun…especially to the one yang ber party anak beranak on Xmas Eve and the one yang tengah menggasak rumahnya yang berkulat, Merry Xmas.Jomlah kita ambik gambar beramai-ramai berposing Mary and the Baby Jesus pastu upload dalam blog ni, bagi orang tengok, nak tak?


famil said...

I had a christmas dinner and posted it on my blog..

and my! some people do get offended..

like a give a flying fcuk..

suker la bukan makan babi pun...

Anonymous said...

ppl like him/her la yg buat moslem ppl look so shallow. kat france kawan mokhtar selalu terkejut bila i ckp imma moslem cos to them, when u're a moslem, u only stick to ur moslem community like those arabs (tho french pon tak kurang kampungnye :D)

i dunno, dat fella baru kuar from perkampungan PAS kot?


DBI said...

mung marah ker ning esah???

Manal said...

Makji, spill jer la ape2 kacang panggang pon, saya tak kisa.....

Tahun ni kaannnnnnnnnnnnn, i kannnnnnnnn dapat satuuuuuuuuuuu jer xmas kad, dari UK tawwww.....sapa kah pengirim itewwww?????

captainlukman said...

kannnnnnnnn mak gi makan2 je rumah si joanne tuh, bukan dia masak babi pun**ada ke babi kat doha ni??** btw gi makan2 , mengumbirakan kwng2 tak salah kan makji kang.... btw org arabs kat sini lagi lah kalah kan orang KAFIR kalau nak taw....

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Famil...susah kan..nak gi makan Deepavali tak leh..nak konghipakcoi pun tak leh...ada je yang sakit hati

BM, org org camnilah yang membuatkan kita yang suchee ni nampak cam pengebom berani mati kan? Ish..kawe nok maing mercung pung takut

Dok ehh...Doc.Nak buat orang maroh..kawe nak organise Xmas party besar-besarang lah...

Aah...siapak ittew Manal? Ibu Ratu ke, Camilla Parker Bowles?

Haah, kan Lokmang? Tgk ajelah org arab/musling kat Edgware nun..masuk pintu kedai..penuh ayat kursi..tapi, belakang kedai minum todi..boley?

Anonymous said...

celebrating Xmas with them is totally not a wrong act,it sounds fun..what with the presents and carol...however,drinking wine is still a sin..an telling ppl proudly abt u successfuly had finished that Lambrusco really gave a bad impression..and teasing abt that baby jesus thingy is also bad...i dont feel the funny in it as a muslim..cheers