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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday's Conversation Yang Menyakitkan Hati...

During our makan-makan feast...(this one without Sally Mally yang tak makan banyak-tapi-komplen-perut-boncit tu) Kiah and Bella discussed the blogs they frequented, of which I knew nothing about.

I am quite selective..errr..macam bagus je bunyik nya...no, really...I don't have much time on hands to leisurely read. I read people's problem everyday. Apa dibuatnya..siapa diterajangnya...apa yang bermain dalam palahotaknya. Tu yang I baca. Trust me, it is not leisure at all. So when Kiah and Bella gelak-gelak syaitonnn discussing them blogs, aku adalah merasa amat jeles because I am so missing out on good read.

So, what sort of and who's blog do I read then? At the moment, you on my bloglists lah...tu pun you jarang hapdate (hint..hint) When I ada masa sikit, I pi click you all pulak punya blog lists. Ada yang best..ada yang so..so. So so ni bukanlah I nak cakap tak best ye..but, yes..I am so happy that you have had such a fulfilling day...but you masak apa and anak laki you suka makan apa is not something that I will kill to know...hehehe...bongkak tak? But again, that will depend on how you word it. Some writers appears too pompous to me. Dia nak bagitahu you yang dia tu macam ni..macam ni and macam ni...but it all ended up with me saying dalam hati...elehh, ko hengat ko sorang je ke yang etc, etc and etc.

Ada orang tu, masalah donia pun, masalah dia juga. Tu misti buhsan tahap syaitonnn lah tu if we have time to question every little details and reasons.Opinion remains an opinion and have to be respected, thus we shall agree to disagree.But my point is, kadang-kadang yang empunya opinion tu terlupa pulak, manusia ni ada kekurangan.Yes you can wish this...the sun the moon and the starry starry nights...but what people does is something, we sometimes do but yet, able to forgive ourselves for being temporarily stupid.

I was recently introduced to this malay guy. Pandai budak ni Kiah...pandai sekolah ajelah nampak gaya nya. He is training in this hospital I frequented to visit my case.Biasalah budak muda, darah muda dan hingus pun masih hijau githooo....

I listened to him whingheing about a to z, sampai kan filing system spital tu pun nak dikomplen nya. Part tu hampun lah lagi...ye lah, when you moan about something so practical, it shows how you deal with something so petty.Macam ada lah orang ni yang komplen waiter/waitres cafe so and so tak bagus, tak tu tak ini..tapi adakah mereka itu nak cakap dengan baik-baiknya kat mereka yang dikatakan lembab itu? People will treat you the way you want them to treat you.Kalau kau pun macam Raja Mongkut lah sombongnya...maka takutlah adik-adik waiter tu nak jadi friendly.

Selepas dia moan pasal filing system department nya yang katanya sungguh lap kaki tu, dia moan pulak pasal patient-patient yang dia jumpa.Then of course la he lectures me about masalah-masalah sosial orang kat sini..(ohh, you lecture me, ye???) yang dia tak berkenan tu.So selama dia berpok pek tu, habis one slice cake aku.

And he asked, so what do think...do you agree that this is wrong?

I cakap laa...well, there's is nothing to agree and disagree here. First look at what we are suppose to do. We are giving service, so if I were you...professionally, opinion aside. You oppose those who sponging off the government (their government) but you don't work for the treasury.I respect your opinion however, you are not dealing with machine who would likely to follow what you want them to do. These people have their own sets of opinion as well, which of course in this case, didn't matter laa...because it is non of your business.

Pastu si jantan ni Kiah, dengan mega bongkak nya..cakap kat I..and your point is....

I have no point. I am only doing my job here. I have my opinion about them but they're human. They make mistakes, like I would do on my not so best days. Education helps they way of thinking...young man...but that should not affect empathy. Just because you saw lots of druggies and drunkard, does not mean the country system is bad. These people made clear choices, of which..is not a good choices. Malaysia pun ada..teenage pregnancy or any other social issue. You nak salahkan mereka ke? For all you know, they need to make that stupid mistake to learn their lesson.

You may have what you have now, but believe me..we sometimes are no better than them. Bersyukurlah that your parents (if they do) lead you to the right path and influenced your mindset.

Then I pikir balik...nasib baik la dia dapat buat practical kerja kat UK, kalau lah dia kena suruh gi aprika yang AIDS populated tu, sure dia ni tido pun mimpi mengomplen, kan Kiah?

Tadaaa....(hmm, kau tu bila nya nak hupdate? Pi konsert ada lak masa..)

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kakLuna said...

agreed with that 'people need to make studpid mistake to learn their lesson'

i made so many stupid mistakes and i learned a lot. a lot enough to make me thinking more mature.