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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Kiah is ever so generous with information....so now we all know how ancient she is (and me too..dah kau dok name dropping aku aje..punah harapan ku nak moonlighting sebagai teenage girls yang minat Justin Bibot)

I too, like CK, grew up ber chenta-chenta an dengan lagu Air Supply. I too know all Air Supply songs by heart. I saw them in concert once, before I migrate balik ke UK. Masa tu manalah ada lagu caruts maruts macam sekarang ni...innocent love aje.

Takpelah..let Kiah have fun, in less than two weeks she is going to be a year older than me. Kasi chance la...orang tengah buat PHD dah naik serong kepala, so whatever makes her happy.At least bila dia dah habis besok and adding square to her already existing title, she can look back at this, all evidence pointing to how close she was to having psychopathic tendency.

Hari ni juga ialah Hari Raya Korban. Since Monday (since ko tak bertanya kannn, Kiah???) I dah berkorban sedikit unwanted flesh located inside my back passage. Process nya sakit macam celaka.I am solely blaming the Doctor. Ramai betul orang suruh I mengomplen...but, I am in so much pain to do that. But what it is, not the physical pain that is hurting me so much...

Some of you have written to me about how envious you were about me living successfully abroad. If I were you, I may feel the same.Most of my adult life is in UK, habis aje NCUK terus kena hantar datang sini. Tak sempat I nak belajar bersidai kat KLCC. Habis-habis gempak pun masa tu is at that rollerskate place kat Kotaraya tu (jaman batu niiii) or that Asia Jaya. Betul makpak I cakap...bila dah bergaji besok, lepaklah kat mana-mana yang I suka..buat lah apa-apa yang I nak. How all that is ringing true.

Living abroad together with your love ones may have been different. I am always alone here. Some years I was with someone, but you all must know how volatile that life was for me.Apart from winter cold, I jarang sakit. Kalau ada pun..macam sekarang ni..ialah sakit akibat perbuatan sendiri. So adik-adik, silalah minum air bergelen-gelen dan makanlah sayur-sayuran sampai tahik you jadi hijau ye...

We don't get multiple choices in life, sometimes. Kalau kita suka yang ini, kita kena lepas yang itu. It will be better if we know what is in store, but we don't.

We made sacrifices in life...ada yang dapat pahala, ada yang tambah dosa.But we have to do what makes us happy.Happy is now is such a subjective word that we sometimes don't even know what it means anymore.

You're happy that at last, the one person you've been crazy about for the last 16 years reciprocates your feeling. But, it is 16 years too late to start going back to how it was before.

You're happy that the fact that after so many dark days, you're now smiling again..have something to look forward to, have someone to call and have someone telling you that they miss you so much. But that person is not physically with you.

So, the point I want to make to you who thinks living abroad is great, happy dengan winter coat, daun luruh or salji...that everything great comes with a price.

Would you rather...having having pleasure in the eye but when comes to feeling pain, you're all by yourself..nak mengadu nasib dengan yang tersayang pun bakai BBM saja???

Can you stomach..in Raya Haji like this..when you're suppose to be stuffing your face, tak kisah lah makan lemang atas katil pun...being alone and painful in the hospital makeshift, in bend over position..trousers down..with everything sharp and big..buggered down your arse???

Can you bear...your so called best friend...shredding your heart, nevermind bontot you yang sakit tak terperi..tagging you in her FB picture ticket dia nengok Air Supply tu?

Apa motif dia? Nak putus sedara sangat kah????


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Get well soon Makji!

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