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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Orang Tamak Selalu...

Well, people always end that say with 'RUGI'. But today, I discover that the result of being tamak is the opposite.

As a young girl, I am always a fan of Adibah Amin. I must say that I love her English and there was a time when she teach English over the radio program and aku lah yang jadik pendengar setianya. While browsing the net, I come across a very good review of her book 'As I Was Passing' and hatiku meronta-ronta nak memilikinya.According tu si pompuan malas mandi tu, this book was produced ages ago. But maybe we (as in me and this book) didn't get the opportunity to cross each others path. I also come across a good review of 'I Am Muslim' by DZ, an old acquaintance of mine (boleh ke kira claim to fame ni?) Knowing Dina, I am expecting some controversial and acidic touch in her writings and I know that this is a piece that I shouldn't miss.

My friends keep asking me 'You nak apa, you nak apa'...as you all know, I can no longer hope for Raja Nazrin, so kalau mintak nak Raja Nazrin pun dah tak guna. I am so into asam-asam but no, I am not pregnant. Sperm donor takde lah, Kiah. My biskut bantal is long gone dimakan oleh orang yang bila suruh beli angkut bawak balik London taknak, tapi bila nak makan lajuuuuuu aje (siapalah tu ye?) and yes, that is my answer to question 'You nak apa-apa tak from KL'.

I remember asking Belladonna sometime ago, however reading her predicament with her family issues, I kind of get the feeling that she has got loads on her plate and looking for books is something she will not do in a hurry.But my impatientness got the better of me (Bella....so sorry ye, yang) and When PMM (pompuan malas mandi) asked, Eh Esah..ko nak apa, I pun dengan muka tak malunya mintak lah 'Eh..I want asams and that two books'. Tak cukup dengan tu, tunggu-tunggu, after 2 weeks tak nampak bayang, I made a special entry on my blog throwing tantrum, demanding it from PMM after all my hints tak jalan.

Now, the moment I arrived office today, my assistant told me that there was a card left by Royal Mail and Parcel Force on the week I was in Belgium and she has collected it for me. Guess what is in both parcel?

The items that I have requested, one of each and in pairs.

I was gobsmacked (tak lama, because after belek-belek the books, I terus makan the asams and the biscuits) and embarrassed. What kind of a person I am? Tamak? Haloba? Gila?

To both Bella & Kiah, I can't thank you enough. Your parcel really made my day. I woke up late this morning and missed the sahur and I bukak puasa makan biskut aje.Nak pengsan you, puasa sampai 8.30 pm

Speaking of being tamak, as you can literally see, I now ada another pair of As I Was Passing and I Am Muslim. This is a good book and worth reading. I wonder any Melayu in the UK fancy having it? Let me know.Kiah & Bella, now is your time to submit a request.


Goddess Selene said...

Hehheeh.. kan? Org yg tamak selalu.. bagai... oppss matilamak!! Hehehe. Adibah Amin? Mcm pernah dengar jer nama tu. Tapi mak tak ingat la. Bila yg dia dok ajar english through radio tu uols?

elviza said...

Okay, kali ni serious lah sikit because this topic i.e. books is close to my heart.

For me, Adibah Amin defines an era with her column. The two volume of as I was passing is a keepsake.

Kesian kat awak Esah, makan se'kut jer... Kalau awak duduk kat KL nih, saya ambik awak jadi anak angkat. Boleh makan kat rumah saya tiap2 hari.

Jaga diri baik2 yer?

Manal said...

Makji, so orang tamak selalu gang orang tamak ke? hehe....at the end of the day, the tamakness cancels out each other as pentamak2 itew help fulfilling each other's desire...

I saw those books before but shame on me, i havent read any of them except reviews sahaja. Funny though, i remember adibah amin more as Cikgu Bedah in that 80s movie: Adik Manja. Those huge pair of glasses and little selendang around her neck.

Anyways, selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa...

[b]y [y]oung [l]ady said...

bile lg kn nk pow org?
die pn dpt buku la
best kn?

selamat berpuasa

Lee Novotny said...

Adibah Amin, sehengat mak dulu dulu selalu masuk NST kan?? mak pun suka tulisan dia..mmg English power!

Sounds greatlah buku dia..mak nak pinjam baca voley?? **matilaa buat hak milik sendiri pasnih :P

Oii uols..apa 8.30pm?? London 8.30pm kah?? 7.20 lah uols..today pun 7.20pm kat Cambridge ni hah.. mak puna do timetable nyer uols...

Kak Teh said...

hi, came to your blog thru Oods. Yes, am glad that Kak Adib's books were republished. I was there during the launch and it was great meeting up with her again. Its a must have, must read kind of book.

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

orang tamak selalu rugu
macam anjing dgn bayang
ada 'semak' celah kaki
tapi still nak tayang.

What Esah? You don't like my pantun? Sekut ada lagi ke??