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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is This Why We Blog?

It is only yesterday that Arwah Nurin was laid to rest. As I am coming home for Eid, I might give her last home a visit, same time when I visit my other families. Both of my grandparents were buried in the same cemetery.

I followed her news since the day she went missing. Her disappearance resembles Maddie McCann, which was left alone on her own devices but very unfortunate that both girls went missing. While we will or may never know whatever has happened to Maddie, we were all shock to the very core of what become of Nurin.

I am more interested in human behaviour regarding this. Like Maddie's parents, Nurin's parents were subjected to mental torment too, as if their guilt of not being with her is not enough. Some of us just like the little pleasure subjecting grief to others. I'm sure that you will agree that such malice is a childish act, but I believe those that were and still tormenting both parents is not child under 15.

I for once, cannot cope with guilt and that have made me the person I am today, with some traces of vengeance (tak la banyak weiii) but still, masih ada setan dalam badan.I am lucky that no one has ever subjected me to any kind of grief relating to my guilt (maybe because they don't know what it is)

Thanks to Elviza, I manage to get hold of a blog page dedicated to finding Nurin, published by her uncle. I remember one young boy went missing months before and then reunited with his family. I am hoping the same to happen with Nurin, but I doubt that her captors were a kind one like that Myanmar couple. I would imagine Nurin to be talkative and able to express herself better than that boy so that her safe return is going to be easy. But she was met by some scum and the end was Nurin been folded into a bag etcetera...etcetera.

When come to getting information, people like me have to depend on what is reported. I think too many newspapers can be confusing, the journalists have to ask question and what you read is what they understand. We just have to hope that the journalist is a good one that doesn’t report piece of crap.No disrespect to all living journalist, ye?

In many news I read, apart from what printed, I also got to hear the verbal version of the news via kawan-kawan segossipan I from KL. When this Think Tank (TT) man got arrested, something to do with someone got blown up; I was told that the whole thing is a cover up for a leading politician. Until now, I still think that it doesn't make sense.TT man is a wise man (pandai la dari I) and would he allow himself to be a scapegoat? Not with his motor mouth wife is around, kan? So, how is he covering up? But, what is with the police brutality? Is our policeman still a yes man to the big whale? Can't they speak up? Takde whitsleblowing procedure ke like 'Maaf Tuan, si dia ni and si dia ni suruh saya 'ghaibkan' si ini dan si itu, saya rasa ini salah, Tuan'. We don't have to jump down the building if we were asked the same, do we?

When that overseas Malaysian lady got kidnapped, raped, strangled, killed and disposed, my gossip version of news is that the accused was also covering up for someone. Some loan shark got involved.Hmmmm....

Nurin's news. First a body of a young girl was found in the bag. News reported so many things...to the extent of family’s refusal to accept the body and the DNA result of their Nurin. Here I am reading their denial. Once upon a time ago, that young singer was murdered and his family refused to accept his remain although his DNA is conclusive. Another parent’s denial, but who can blame them? Parents know their children best and are within their right to express their opinion. My gossips source also told me this and I know, they are like me, read what printed and have advantage of watching the news. Speaking about parents denial, having batu api taking advantage of the vulnerable parents pun tak guna juga. When the DNA is presented, as a kawan/family/relative, takyah lah gi api-api kan the vulnerable parents tu...Science can be something that is not perfect as the act of god, but science explanation can make sense.

Of course, Nurin's uncle reported the truth; at least I believe what was written, since he is the closest source. Parents did not accept the body was Nurin's when they first view it but did not refuse DNA. In fact, DNA was only done after the view. The family, instead of being the first to know, become like us, have to read and hear the news. As if the torture wasn't enough.

I don't study journalism and I don't know how it works. But, in Malaysia, is there a thing 'we keep' and the thing 'can announce' exist? Is it just money making and politician backing newspapers news that we read daily?

So, if newspaper and TV can't be trusted or withholding the crucial information, what should we read? Haaaa...Mangga and URTV ke?

When I was a lot younger, there was this gossip about a 'King' who hit a caddy on the head. Caddy died and caddy has a brother who serves the army. The brother went amok and terrorised the Chow Kit area. In the readable news, he was then shoved away and declared a mental case. I don't know the truth, but my father was in the military forces and I overheard him talking to his mate about it. It seems like the 'gossip' is true. But I was eavesdropping. I could be hearing something wrong. But I trust my father. Apart from using 'insya allah' as a task avoidance (that I hate), he never lies.

That is why we blog, kan? Apart from blogger who use their page for defamation of another human being, majority of blogger make a good journalist.Walaupun melaporkan umpatan untuk laki sendiri, kan Kiah?


Jen said...

My hearfelt grief goes out to the unfortunate poor little girl Nurin who knows nothing of the vicious world that we live in today.

I hope the culprit will be nabbed soon.

This episode has strengthen my belief that rapists should be punishable by death especially those that involve victimisation of little girls such as this.

That idiot is worse than any beast!

Goodbye Nurin...may your poor soul rest in Perfect peach. You will be remembered forever.


Jen said...

Hi Hjh Esah,

How r u?? Hope this will find you in the best of spirit and in the pink of health.

Now it's: Prayers for Tun.

Tun Dr Mahathir has successfully undergone surgical wound debridement yesterday (Sat) because of wound infection after his second coronary bypass surgery on 4th Sept 2007. Poor Tun.

Here’s his daughter Datuk Paduka Marina’s blog. Her blog has been a well of insight into her father’s recovery. It’s really a great post to let those who Care & Love him to know exactly the health status of our Beloved Tun.

Let’s us all pray that he will get through this well and as speedily as possible.


Berrel of Inverness said...


I'm announcing my return home to help solving this case. Kalau dapat tangkap THE ANIMAL, I wanna be the first to jalankan perintah sula kepadanya. This is sickening.

For meantime, I balik bukak posa kat kampung and I will be in KL too...

Then I will be in KL, I really wish I could help.. but what can I do.. pray I guess. Kalau millions of people doakan.. mesti boleh kan?

Untuk Makaji, Hope you can tingkatkan ibadat sempena bulan yang mulia ni.

And FYI, game kat Edinbrugh tadi, Scotland kena belasah 40-0 by New Zealand. Dah la aku dok atas sekali. dorang pakai lak baju kat serupa. ingat nak pakai baju All Blacks but all the other guys pakai Blue... maka anak melayu ni pun pakai Biru jugakla. Kang tak pasal kena tinggal keta lak.

Anyway Scotland still No.2 in the pool.

Lee Novotny said...

Al Fatihah utk Adik Nurin...my condolences to her family. yes mak pun faham diorang in denial... sbb parents tak pernah nak fikir mereka akan mengebumikan anak mereka sendiri - surpass their children!

Whoever did this should not be let to live... kalau letak dlm jel pun buang duit rakyat jah! Elok dikerat lemang tuh (kalau jantan binatang yg buat lah!).

Oh mak pun teringat prebet **** yg mengamuk tuh..Melayu kan?? asik mengamuuuuk jah... tu fasal omputih pun guna perkataan tuh :P Yg Sultan tu pulak..haiyyoo perangai mengalahkan macam setan! **oopss matila menganyam ketupat!

Goddess Selene said...

Uols, mak blog pasai ape yg terjadi disekitar mak...

Still sedih pasal Arwah Nurin, eh did you hear the news this morning? They found the body of 15yo girl that reported missing 3weeks ago in Hampshire... Almost the same kes as Arwah Nurin... Kejamnye manusia zaman sekarang!

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Thanks Jen...will check out Rantings by MM soon.

BOI, good luck with yr search.Like any other Muslim, my best words for yr advice is 'I'll try' and 'I'll give it a go'.

I assumed that you're talking about Rugby.How on earth they got their score or the ability to endure such pain dilanyak sesuka ati, tak dapek lah Makji nak tolong.I don't watch Rugby...even though I live in Twickenham, camno tu?

Lee...mmg harus dikerat aje.Jel 20,30 tahun pun tak guna, nanti keluar pun buat balik kan? Tua lah cemana pun..by saying this, I ada baca news datuk umur 80tahun buat sumbang mahram.Mampos tak nak kan si tua tu? Ketupat..ketupattt..harossss!!!

Makji Eton, macam tu laa kira nya, pasai tu yg org gemar baca blog ni, dapat baca cerita-cerita yang terjadi disekeliling donia..takdelah nak baca pasal Khairy Jamaluddin aje.

Hampshire? Bila masa tu? Haiyooo...pengetahuan am ku semakin chorot sejak akhir-akhir ni.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi - we live near the cemetery and my atok is also there. The nation has not stopped crying since hearing how this poor poor baby was tortured,the details of how much she has suffered is enough to make ppl cry out for Hudud law. I for one will do my part to ensure we become a caring society and open our eyes a bit anyway- selamat berpuasa di rantau orang.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Thanks, sup!!!
Deii..bila mau update?

Anonymous said...

eh.. good style ))