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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very Bad Thing

I am not sure if what I said to him eventually sunk into his thick scalp, but JT told me he divorced his wife last week. Patutkah aku bergumbira? Mmmmm.

I always have this thing, this funny thing about soon-to-be,about-to-be and already divorced men. You never know which is which.In terms of availability. If I ever meet a man...of course lah kita pompuan takdelah nak tanya, you single ke apa, because, kalau you tak single, why the hell are you chatting me up and giving the impression yang you tu available untuk ku sapu?

A little reminder....my ex was single when we met, he married another woman after that and datang balik kat I...armed with promises and plan to divorce his wife, I threw what I had at that time away for him. Did I get him back? Yes in the end, when he is dead.

I am not sure if JT's news is his hint to cakap kat I dia dah bujang trang-ting-tong so that I should consider going out with him.Maybe when we're still 16, I will jump at that chance, with him looking like Herman Felani and a school fotballer.But at that time, I wasn't even a dot to him.

What bothers me really, is his marriage.Senang betul kan jantan ceraikan bini nya? I asked him, how? Dia kata, dia tulis surat kat his wife and pejabat kadi aje you all. Ni mulalah nak start woman's lib ni, macam tu aje ke? Aren't we supposed to, kalau lah nak bercerai ber break up bagai, bertentang mata, telling each other how we feel and finding a perfect fullstop?

I thought he was delaying her because he was so hard up with his wealth yang seciput tu...okay,okay.He is protecting his estate and truly believed that all is his without any little line of chance that wife should be allowed to claim her share, he fought her for it. Wife quite rightly lah mintak her bahagian, although she didn't contribute but still, kalau hati dah panas kena tinggal tanpa notis, you ought to claim back, how many time you kangkang for him and charge him by hour/day.Kalau hati panas lah...ye tak? (Or is it just me who thought that?)

He has all the proof in the world that wife is not financially viable and that in their marriage, he was the main contributor.His earnings is way to big compare to her and what she earns is probably enough to buy her what she wants.So he paid for everything.Wife cannot contest this. They don't even have a join account together. But I think pejabat kadi or what have you there, never thought that wife didn't asked for all this, let alone consulted and he, consented to pay and provide for everything, in their marriage. Buruk betul siku kau kan?

Knowing that he is winning, he thought he spare their pride by writing her a letter, with a proposition.Macam celaka. He is divorcing her and because he is away damaging his head (this joke already upsets certain people, why? Have you loss your sense of fun?) she can live in his house rent free. And that is her 'saguhati'.

Ptuihhh....ptuihhh..ptuih. When he called me, he was all this cheerful supposedly feeling triumphant that he got what he want and obviously without saying, thinking that his mathematics of settlement was brilliant.

My heart goes to the wife...kena cerai pakai surat aje? Why on earth Tok Kadi allowing this? Men sure have rights...but of course women are entitle to some self-respect. Puaka jantan jaman sekarang, kalau pompuan yang salah..cepattttttttttttttttt aje nak report. But betapa ramai nya yang kena cerai pakai text message and now surat, and was allowed?

I am going through a divorce myself. We got to give reasons...agama aside lah, but 2 people should take responsibility.The judge will decide.Just because your laki tak kesior with you anymore, he can't just get away with text messages...or bagi sebab dalam court 'Saya dah takde hati'. Weih...kita pompuan boleh ke cakap camtu? I'm sure, many out there, hati dah hancur but dek jantan punya kuasa, kena tahan ajelah.

So, when JT told me his news....my response was 'Good for you'. Sibuk tanya sikit-sikit and then, I cakap, okaylah...I nak tido.



Anonymous said...

Oohhh cik esah...kekalkan lah kejelitaan mu, jangan ko layan si JT itew...

Anonymous said...

Hjh, well, that's the law. . .so much for fair treatment of women. Kat negeri kafir yang jahil ni, some states - regardless of what monetary goods you contributed during the marriage, after a certain number of years (10?), you are entitled to half. You may not give money, but how about your time and your life? You are also entitled to alimony - to at least restore your life to what you are accustomed to. Dekat negara kita, once you are divorced, you are on your own. Supposedly your male relatives should take care of you - yeah, right? Give me an instance where a male relative (uncle, brothers) EVER took care of a widowed/divorce female relative. Malaslah den nak cakap.

Anonymous said...

itulah dia jantan2 puaka jaman ini...


captlukman said...

jantan mmg puaka**matilah diri sendiri** Ari tuh tak nak dan dan buang, pasu boleh cam takda apa nak continue cam tuh je
sial kan??????

Anonymous said...

If not mistaken, talak must lafaz in court, if done outside kena fine. sure, talak stil jatuh wherever u say/write it.. pity women, harta sepencarian is always an issue, where men wil alywayyys try their best not to give in. nk bayar nafkah bulan2 $200 pun berkira, u think they willing to part with their (self-claimed) 'hard-earned' reta?

Anonymous said...


true. my ex, sara anak rm200 sebulan, pun dah bertahun tak bayar.

nak mengadu kat mahkamah, berzaman lah baru dapat.