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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Status Update

The biggest bafflement for me about Facebook is the 'status update' element. It seems to exist purely so everyone you know (or tak kenal sangat) can keep up with the minutiae of your life.

I often run out of 'cool' things to say to update people of my status. In fact, I am quite careful with what I write as My Boss in amongst my friends. There's a time bila I taruk 'EFF EVERYBODY', (I was at that time, menyampah gila with people at work), My Boss was the first person to send me a message asking how I was. I pun terpaksalah mengcover line, telling her that I am angry with the train service.I don't know if she really bought that one.

I used to have a friend with bizarre status updates. I had to remove her in the end as I can't cope with my annoyance and embarassment.

From time to time, we tend to see what some people think is 'cool'. It is hard to like the same thing.I prefer the one that I can join along, for fun and giggles. Especially when people kutuk MUFC.Yes, yes, yes. The Arrogance should be banished!!!

However, I come to think if..does anyone really want to know that?Apparently so, as some are busy making threads of comments several times a day and often more.Most of it is just a humour to the updates but sometimes it is shockingly intimate, intriguing and nauseating.

There's also a syndrome of 'Status Update anxiety' where we all trying to outdo each other in posting most intriguing or attention-seeking updates we can think of, or recording every tiny detail of our everyday lives. But why this obsession with letting the world know our every move, mood and thought? What does talking about ourselves in this way actually say about us?

I must be the most boring one.


Manal said...

Kalau dah OTT and memalukan umat, dunno la kan ape hal nak pi bagi tau satu dunia kan? But they are probably suffering from acute attention seeker syndrome la makji.

Rajin plak makji browse status update eh?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Salam Manal,
Rajin tu takdelah..tapi kalau dah terpampang depan mata, sakit gak bijik mata ku ni..hahah

nbns said...


Di sbb kan status hapdet tu seme lah yg wa malas nak masuk buku muka tu...altho i had to admit i used to put cryptic status, so sesapa yg paham aje yg akan care to ask.

But me back to hermit mode. My life as an open book is where it should be. In the past.


Ina said...

Dear Makji,

That's why I wouldn't bother opening an FB account. One of the reasons would be because I know I'll get addicted to it and another because of the 'status update'. It's good to signal to the world that you're alive and well somewhere on God's earth but to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings should not be done there, I think...not among acquaintance definitely!

Sarip Dol said...

Bila lah nak jadi kawan Hajah Esah dalam FB ni.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

N, bukan nama sebener...blog lah...sure open book lah sangat.

Ina, some updates is fun to read, especially if it is an open ended, tapi kalau yang macam cinabeng, tu semua buat semak page orang lain aje.

Eh Cik Sarip, dah ada FB ke? Invite lah saya...