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Monday, March 30, 2009


I was called in for a Crisis Management Meeting.

In my work, kena panggil to masuk into this kind of meeting is not a good thing. Silap-silap, boleh kena disciplinary.

Couple of days ago, pukul 2 pagi, I received phone call from this lady who works as a full-time carer to one of my client yang

a) Bipolar MD
b) Moderate Learning Disability
c) Speech Impediment

Some people are just unlucky kan? Kesian. This man is my age, his case was allocated to me 2 years ago. I knew him when he was in the prison. Dah lah seperti list diatas, perangai macam aprit lak tu. But England are too kind...and for that, he was release into special unit, kiranya border criminal intent lah...something like 'he didn't know what he was doing...he doesn't have that capacity to see the gravity of his action'. All that SHIT!

But still, I am trained not to discriminate (but I can mengumpat hal dia dalam blog ni)

2 days ago, he was caught 'whisking his eggs' in the lounge, at the unit where he is currently residing.He was alone, hos other flatmates dah tido, and apparently he was doing it while watching some documentary about Forensic Science.

Although setelah ku suggest berkali-kali supaya staff to control what's on telly in their communal area, I was often hit back with 'you can't control what they want to watch, it is their right'.

Ni lah susah bila dah le tak pandai, tapi nak berlagak pandai...and of course, kulit I tak putih, so apa saja suggestion yang keluar dari mulutku yang mungil dan berkulit ular-sawa-tak-matang ni, tak akan didengarnya dek orang putih Chav-enistic ni.

I dah hantar report siang-siang kat they all, yes..we shouldn't infringe his viewing rights...nak tengok hardcore porn..tengoklah.Tapi, tengoklah dalam bilik sendiri. Comunal area, although that is your house, you're sharing it with other that have equal rights. I dah bagitahu, jangan bagi dia tengok cerita yang macam ni, yang macam ni...this will trigger his dragon. This guy is into Sado-Masochism, so apa aje yang berunsur syaitan, hubungan luar tabii or kekejaman seksual luar tabii...can exhilarate him.

The carer called me. Nak telepon police katanya. Dah pukul 2 pagi and I separa tido, I cakap, suruh dia naik masuk bilik lah. I will come and see him tomorrow...

The next day, I gi jumpa Mamat ni. Like always, he suffers from selective memory loss. Mati-mati tak ngaku dia dah mengoncang telurnya. I told him...masturbation is okay, but doing it in public is not appropriate. You can be arrested for it.

I decided not to take it any further than that. With his speech problem, maka info pun sebanyak taik ayam aje. I really don't like discussing this, let alone probing further into details...I've done it once and I told my Boss when I submitted my report, that I felt like writing a porn novel.

Tup-tup, carer tu buat komplen against I. Ni kes tak puas hati lah...konon-konon nya, trauma lah dia because of that incident. She feel that this man should be punish, arrested and jailed for aggresive behaviour.

Apparently, the head in my workplace no.2 agree with her. Tu lah yang aku kena summoned masuk miting tu.

I was critisised for being very lenient and given my capacity and duty of care, I should have taken appropriate action, like segregating this man.

I told them how I feel. They said..okay, BUT next time, please be more careful. I could have cost further damage. Damage, if you ask means...that action could lead to potential sexual assault etc, etc. (Jauh sungguh kan pemikiran diorang)

I left the building dengan sakit hati yang amat sangat. I told my colleague that I think the carer, who reported me was a bit over the top. Macamlah orang tu nak rog dia..tak selera kot, dah kau pun size beruang, orang gila pun tak nak.

I think I was right. He was only masturbating. Yes, in the communal area, but he thought he was alone.He wasn't doing anything wrong.Just because he has some seedy history, salah sikit aje nak kena tangkap.He has learning difficulties, so tak kan tahunya dia perasaan kemalu-maluan itu. Yang dia tahu, bila nafsu dah bergelora, maka pisangku perlu diberi perhatian yang sewajarnya.Itu dulu, rasa malu (pikir) kemudian. Isn't that what people tend to do nowadays? Kalau tak, tak kan adanya kes-kes tangkap basah ni...

Forgive me.For being human...and sporting. Kah Kah Kah...


Mint said...

hehehe..sambil tersipu-sipu....kemaluan...memang you are very human and sporting...sukaaa...

Manal said...

Chavvvv-enistic!!! hahaha....Is he wearing any sports brand like adidas/nike/diadora jumpers n those stuff too?

Tengok Forensic Science pon dah kedaung???? Harosss la lpas nih he has u in his mind plak di kala2 itewwww???? naudzubillah!

captlukman said...

Amboi masturbation is okay kan??? **ops*** hahahaha bagitaw nti penat, tak boleh kocak byk sgt** matilahaku**

mamaman said...

adoi la makji, mati akak gelak kau punya posting kali ni.... hahahaha

:) said...

hehehehe... there was one scene in this movie i just saw "Jane Austin's Book Club" the part where Ellegra told her gf about an incident she had in high school...