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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Somebody famous was in town recently. This famous man, came to London with the Raja Permaisuri Agung, who was officiating tah apa pameran kat Knightsbridge nun.

Because he lost his mobile, he is unable to give me enough notice to come and see him. By the time he managed to tracked me down, I already had made many,many plan.

This famous friend of mine, boleh tahan demanding nya. I had to rearrange my schedule to fit his. Both me and MB. MB has more reasonable working pattern, so she can ciow anytime from work. Her only problem was her bad sense of direction including malas nak drive masuk Central London, so although she could have meet this famous friend of ours without me, she insisted that I asked for time off work.

March is a bad month to 'main main' work. Plenty people took annual leave and the opis is constantly short staff. Patient will not care if kita tak cukup staff ke,apa ke...yang tahu nya, when they want something, they must get.So, so demandking. Tu orang gila...yang takde sense of negiotiation.Kalau pun they all buat demand cam nak gila, they still can't see the difference, they still cannot comprehend the meaning of being reasonable.I'm sure they sometimes do, but they don't care.

MB nak sangat jumpa this famous man bukannya apa...kedatangan this person diiringi oleh 2 carton Marlboro Lights.Kalau I tak cukup tido pun, she will not kisah...I will never win against her rokok.So much of a friendship kan?

I managed to leave work early, but Boss cakap, don't switch off your phone, just in case something urgent.One of my colleague peri maternity leave, so her patient is now mine for the next 6 months, so sekarang I ada 30 orang, 5 paranoid schidzophrenia, 2 personality disorder/autistic spectrum, 2 Brain Injury, 13 Moderate learning disability and 8 Bipolar/Unipolar MD with high dependency on drugs. Enough to make me have a breakdown myself. 4 of them lives in Croydon, 5 lives in Kensington, 5 in Twickenham, 4 lives in Guildford, 2 lives in Haverhill, 6 lives in Redhill and 4 lives in Harlesden. I have to see all 30 in one week, so 30 bahagi 5...berapa hari sorang tu?

Everyday I curse this pregnant colleague of mine, why do you have to beranak? How selfish! This is not the line of work para-para Mummy Poko wannabe should choose. I was so irrational. Looking after the welfare of 30 difficult people is not easy.I sometimes wonder why was I doing it the first place. Money shit, people shit.

So, heavily sedated with that evil thought, I took the evening off telling myself I need a break. From Croydon, I rushed to Twickenham to meet MB yang dah siap mandi and berwangi-wangi. I asked her, do I have time to mandi, because I really need to mandi...I smell like a hospital (ni bukan bau disinfectant or anything cleaning chemical alike ye, ni bau puaka gondang yang terlekat kat badan you)

MB cakap takyah lah, you look okay lagipun, we dah lambat, we need to see him at 6pm, ni dah pukul 5. (Ye lah I look okay, mentang-mentang you dah chantekkk). Funny though, aku nak mandi dikata takde masa dah lambat, tapi dia boleh hisap rokok and minum kopi without the care of the London traffic.

This famous guy dalam banyak-banyak Hotel, dia boleh duduk kat Corus Hotel yang postcode nya very the confusing ittew.Berpusing-pusing gak nak cari, Sat Nav saying this but road diversion saying that.Oh for fuck sake, berenti ajelah depan hotel tu. While we were looking for the hotel, this guy keep calling, mana you all ni...cepat lah show dah nak start. I said to MB, show apa kejadah lak ni, I thought kita nak gi makan nasik?

We spent 20 minutes gak convincing him not to go to MSD, because the last time we went there the nasik was cold and this famous guy, known for his sharp tongue...(and there you think mine was the sharpest?) tanpa bantuan loudspeaker, terus pi cakap kat the owner (or the man who runs it) apa ni, nasik sejuk...masak semalam ke? We told him, takpe, we will bawak you makan tempat lain, nasik sure tak sejuk.

Tup-tup, within minutes, he come up with another plan. We ended up watching West End show. He brought with him this lady, who used to be a journalist, who moans all the way..sejuk lah, driver kat sini too polite for my liking lah...

(Shut up lah..you ugly)

We ended up makan pukul 11 malam, kat rumah this diplomat, yang TV nya sebesar Kodak Billboard ittew. She was so down to earth, compare to that ex journalist. The ex journalist ber brok-brek-brok-brek, komplen tu komplen ni, and I said to her that her points and view is so valid she should consider writing a blog macam Raja Petir tu. The diplomat look at me and laugh.

Not only that her view on Malaysia and the politician annoys me, she keep pinching my meehon, macamlah aku nak share dengan dia. Tadi bila order, cakap tak nak makan...bila kita order, you pau I punya lak. Kiah...since when kita ni share our food kan?

In the end, I balik rumah pukul 2 pagi...for what supposed to be a 2 hours outing.

This morning, I left home at 5 am...and I'm still at work reading BNF book.

I will soon have a breakdown.

The point I also like to raise here is

a) Who is the designer for Raja Permaisuri Agung outfit? Alamak......takde orang ke perasan betapa tak seswai nya baju tu untuk Tuanku. You should just stick to kebaya or anything that Ruler's wife would wear conventionally. (Cakap macam ni, adakah I akan masuk ISA?)

b) Malaysian visiting abroad...aren't you suppose to be more postive about the country...bertambah sakit hati I you mengata Pak Mentua I tak jadi tu...haruslah kau nanti tak merasa makan deghoyan kat Bukit Chandan ittew

c) Just because it was officiated by the Queen (bukan Mak Ratu Sandrigham tu) and Al Fayed, does Malaysian Crafts have to be THAT expensive, when you know the quality akin to pasar payang brand, that Capt Lukman can export (or seludup via check in bag yang gabak tu) and promote with 70% off the price? Frankly speaking, Armani & Unknown Alan Yong Tau Foo, similar quality, similar price....I'm sure we will choose Armani.Hands down.

Isn't it about time the hire the proper marketing people to market Malaysia?


:) said...

I still dont understand how girls can do that tido pukul 2 bangun keje pukul 5...

Manal said...

Kang jadi mcm bernard chandran kan??? letak harga ala2, and u r still not totally well-known, pastu bungkus balik msia. Pricing doesnt have to add that Harrods value too? Might as well jual kat top shop or something, as those exotic batik and what have them. And label them "Malaysia batik", malaysia leather, rotan akar kayu segala, etc. Have some gallery around notting hill area (so u dont have to keep trying so hard to get that SW7 postcode or something) and have a permanent gallery boutique there. And post those crafty thingies on Weekender mags. They shud also consider the Art Gallery down Picadilly. If they wanna win the rich arab gulf lot, then harrods is the place to be seen. But if they wanna make it trendy and fresh, where londoners would frequent to, then harrods aint ur one-stop centre. Even better, launch it at British Museum or at V&A if they soo much into the Knightsbridge scene.

I rather see Malaysia Truly Asia on cabs and buses and perhaps gracing the walls on the underground station.

Anyways, kalau MB kata u look okay, okay la tuh! Compliment apa.

Manal said...

Teringat some cabs carrying Malaysia Truly Asia graffitti on london roads....

Anonymous said...

salam mak ji.... ni nak tanya sket, tak ada nampak ker bakal 1st lady kita tu.. dlm paper tunjuk dia pun ada escort Permaisuri Agong? bosan tau...

Anonymous said...

mak aji, berapa pound depa letak harga barang keraf tangan di herot itu?
mahal sangat ke?
i setuju dengan mak aji dari beli buatan tempatan yang mahal di herot baik i beli armani yang lebih terkenal dak gitu?
dak pon import je la dari sedara mara, suruh depa post guna parcel lagi murah.
pastu mak ji bukak kedai hat sebelah herot, pasti laku sebab makji jual lagi murah padahal bende tu sama jah.

captlukman said...

Kannnnnnnnnnnn sapa tuh nak jual mahal2??? elooooo??? sini kirim ke pok mang, murohhhhhhhh sokmo...huahahahahaha:))

Diva PariTs said...

bukan ke jovian yg mendesign bajunyer permaisuri ittew..

i hate whiners too. sikit2 sudahlah, baru dtg sehari 2 dah complain sejuk2 bagai. eiiiiiiiiii kosser lah!