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Friday, March 20, 2009

High Rise

I was asked by Boss to attend business meeting today.Hiksss!

My work comprise in two divisions...the commercial side and the professional side. My Boss the Cik Puan Besar, is in the commercial side and I am doing both. With very little money. The commercial part takes me to places like Broadmoor and Harperbury (high profile secure unit) telling the Top Bosses like the Adult Services Director what we do, what we offer etc,etc.

The professional side of it...habis segala-mala masalah kainseluar dalam orang menjadi agenda pengumpatan and inducing more headache for me. See, not interesting at all.

I don't like business meetings. Pasalnya, takleh pakai jeans and trainers. Ye lah...having to berjalan sana-sini, kan ke senang pakai trainers aje? Senang nak kejar bas, senang nak lari kalau kena kejar anjing (isk..tipu lah...kat sini mana ada anjing garang) So for this meeting, I had to google the council offices to check out the big shot profile, to see how he/she look like...omputih ke, Asian ke...gagak ke. Looking up, this group of people we are about to meet tersangatlah glam nya, with one of them selalu jugak keluar TV.

So...kena jugaklah dress to kill ni. (Going for a kill ke? Tatau lah...) Last December, I bought this boots yang boleh tahan jugaklah mahal nya, for me to attend that office party. This boots came with maybe 1 or 1 and half inch of heel that supposed to be manageable for me.MB psycho me into buying the one with heels, ladylike katanya. My rationale is always, I'm already 5'9. I'm not going to intimidate anyone shorter than I am. The last time I wear a heel is like eons ago. I don't like it then and I don't like it now. With SIA and the hotel is different thing altogether. You got paid to wear nice things, plus you constantly on the grooming officer's case. Syukur sangatlah most of the time, aku duduk aje.So that was it. I was in that boots with heel for less than 5 hours.

So I took the boot out again. I remind myself that I have got to brave 10 stops of Underground, if lucky the station might have escalator and not staircase yang berbau kencing tu.Walk here and there. Mau melecet kaki.

I start wearing heels when I was very young...19 I think, and my first heels was from Americaya, Subang Parade. My wannabe image consultant cousin at that time were so generous with tips, she was so good at it...she wore stilettos and boleh lari 100metres lak tu without jatuh terkangkang! This cousin of mine cakap...you should start with flats and bit by bit, work out the kitten heels.They don't have to be vertiginuous,just not trainers.Anything but trainers.

I am very practical. I always think that trainers is very trendy.You can always tell which one is more noticeable...Nike Air or kasut tumit tinggi Chim Cham Pong. Nike Air, always.Expensive trainers is a wardrobe staples.Pojiah Latip wore Aerobics Reebok and in 1988, that is the coolest thing on earth.

When I first came to UK, my collection expands. From Reebok, I now have Adidas, Converse...and few more Nike's.If my house terbakar, I would have sacrificed photos and priceless heirlooms and rescue my trainers.

The nagging problem with all this was, it was a nigh-on impossible to look super-sexy in trainer (tell you, as you get older...reality starts kicking in) It was a fact; pompuan looked hot in high heels. I often saw them girls in heels looking all elagance, long legs and kick-ass attitude. I so wish I was all that. But alas, my fear of kaki melecet,kaki tersadung and terpeleot or panicking at the sight of uneven pavements kept me resolutely loyal to my trainers.

So this business meeting, sitting eye to eye with someone famous suddenly tick and brought sudden surge of femininity, saw me tracing the step of my only boots.

Was it worth it? Walking from Holborn to Bloomsbury is like thousand miles and the boots is like made of nails.Of course they look good, I feel slightly taller and thinner and hell of a lot more sophisticated than usual, tapi sakitnya?

I don't know what sadistic impulse made me think that I should look elegant for this matsalleh yang tak mandi pagi.

It was a waste of time. I usually managed all that within 45 minutes. But because of gatal sangat nak put on that Jennifer Aniston image, I had to cut down my sleeping hours, I had to walk slower than usual (believe me, jalan terkedek can really depressed you) and sakit badan satu hari.

There's always this thing about being extra vain and conscious as you get older, but inducing pain can always not be part of it. I have passed that stage of wanting to look good. What you feel inside is more important....ye lah. Magazines tunjuk gambar supermodel size zero, proportionally size breast hari-hari can easily scrapped your inner strength.

We cannot win.


captlukman said...

Nak i jadi Grooming OCIFFER tak???? Mrasa!!!

p/s: Aku punya verangan dah pack sgala tok nenek dress nak kuar ni kene tukar plak.Gerams!!!

:) said...

I hate size zero...

Anonymous said...

Americaya-opposite Antenna? .....mengimbau kenangan lalu...kau banyak stok lama lah Esah... sukeeee