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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Untuk Tatapan Hjh Leemah

Mak datukk...ada ke orang nak makan kat kedai ni?
Ferry to Gozo Island,Malta
Mediterranean Sea from the Catamaran
Island of Malta from the Catamaran


Manal said...

Malam tadi i mimpi i had a house facing a beautiful big lake and was courted by some colin firth looking english fella...And in that dream, it was mostly in english...Btw, i am not besotted with colin firth, but something tells me that its getting so BLOODy hard to be a malay man wife material.
Anyway, those blue sea scenery just reminded me of my dream last nite.

Makji....boring OK my dating life here in msia.....!!!

Lee Novotny said...

ye lah, ye lah, timokasihlah semek sebab published these photos..Malta is in our plan too tapi sampai skang ad-dinch pun! ye lah, uols..jauh bebenor kaedahnya hoh... dahlah maybe sone mona ad-dinch pun kat sittew **ops!!!!

Valetta nampak chanteque sekals..uols sempat turun tak???