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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Blog?

Mutalib (tak tau lah if this is his nama sebenar) has likened my blog to RPK.In term of popularity, if I understand him correctly.

If I also remember correctly, he is the same person who persistently torturing me, when I had that accident with Baby Sam.Ahh..cerita sudah lama.Sam turned 2 yesterday.He was singing happy birthday to himself non-stop when I saw him.To my delight, he has successfully managed to pronounced my name correctly.Ah...really amazing anak yahudi yang comel tu.

RPK.I read his blog sometimes.I am not his biggest fan, infact, I don't think I like him at all.I really have instant disliking to NATO type of people.But NATO type of person seems to gather massive follower.Biasalah...kan ke manusia ni gemar menda-menda superlative ni. No Action,Talk Only.I met him in person some long yeas ago at a wedding in Istana Perlis,KL.My best friend was married to his cousin.He is what he is in writing.Quite brass to my liking.

He is now in jail, if I'm not mistaken.Awaiting trial or for whatever reason.He wrote something quite provocative.He must have a good resource for that.

Nevertheless, Malaysian needs someone like him.Someone who can really stand out to point and verbalise all wrongdoings.But I think, Malaysia needs some action.Berating non-stop dalam blog takdelah gunanya.It is quite unfortunate that Malaysian Government practise 'selective freedom of speech'.They let Khairy Jamaluddin lambasting all the oppostion right up centre but people like RPK, get his point and frustration across through his blog.

We are indeed quite similar in objectives.Expressing ketidakpuasan hati.Berkoyan-koyan and sampai sakit tangan I menaip.Marah dengan orang tu, marah dengan orang ni.I labelled my blog as a cheap humour yet another container to offload my stress.I have a very stressful job and I am constantly not happy.

I don't take pleasure mengumpat dalam blog.I still live within the society yang masih lagi 'kena cakap berpada-pada'.Because of certain behaviour restrictions in my real life, maka this page is dedicated to people yang tak dapat ku maki direct to the his/her face.That will ultimately made me talam 2 muka.Lantak lah...mangkuk bertingkat pun tak pe.

RPK is way above my league.He has great insight and passion.I just don't share his interest and I think,I don't like to be asociated with his musings.RPK is like many other disgruntled anti goverment supporters.He called names and derogate them.Just because they have different views.

It is like, ppl hates Tun M, and called him Mahazalim.I still can't understand why, but there's really no need for name calling.Lainlah I yang sah sah jahat ni.

If you want to enjoy cheap humour, read on. This is certainly not the best blog after RPK. I think the BEST is the one that is link to mine.That worth reading daily.

Sekian for today.



Anonymous said...

blog RPK? hmmmm buek poning palo den yo baco blog dio...hehee..


Anonymous said...

Mak Jie...
i likes to read your blog as it is.. tak yah ler involve sngt2 ngan politik2 ni kannn...

RPK write serious gossip... but yours: hilarious!!!


mutalib said...

hihihik.... wow.. cant believe iv ebeen mentioned by hjh esah, in her blog some more, and without being bitched about.. mekaseh mekaseh... which makes me wonder though, does JT or kakketiakkatak read ur blog? maybe not, or else they would definitely hv know lah kot kan? and it would have come out thru hjh esah's writings... but i wonder if it would happen one day, waaa... tu baru intresting development bukankaaa???..

enihau, mekaseh kerna mengappreshiiiit ur readers.. RPK sure jarang buat camni kat readers beliau.. and it has never been my intention to equate ur content to RPK's (urs is sooooo very personal, which anybody whose got a personaliti can relate to, kira sumerang lah), but i was just trying to make it a point that you do have a following, similar to PRK la kot... not in numbers but in terms of loyal readers.. and baidewei, this is ur most politically inclined writing to date.. (tak tau la kot kot ada termiss.. kita pun ada real life, asyik dok baca blog org saja mana nak larat).. teruskan menulis dgn penuh hasad dan tohmah, terutama kalo pasal awwwwwiii (tarok sabdu atas huruf 'w').. too bad awi dah insaf.. ermmm.. i dah baca blog lelain yg hjh esah kata sronok utk dibaca tu.. of course la kita enjoy baca blog orang dari blog kita sendiri.. sama mcm i baca blog u.. tapikaaan, diorang tak sekesat hjh esah, so i tak brapa minat..