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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sewel Lagi...

My weekend categorised into 3 splits happenings. While they maintained 'happenings' as in things that literally happened in that 2 days, if I may answer few confusions/questions from my far right shout box.

Husz, happy belated birthday? Not until January dear...and since we are talking about birthdays, January will mark that I am going to be as same age as Kiah. Now you know that Kiah is slightly older than me. So Kiah, toksah nak berangan ye...(haippp..dimanakah sifat sensitivity ku ini) But Husz, I will take this as an early birthday wish.Fenksss (Thanks in cockney accent)

To Yatie, blog gambar anak beranak pun takde hal...bagilah kitorang tengok.Manalah tahu, laki you hensem ke...waduhhhhh!!!

Siti Azrai, since you have been here, I'm sure that you are aware of the immigration formality thus I am not a qualified person to dispense advise. I have had few of my applications in the past turned down and that maybe made me understand how the HO people work and how to speculate decision.But please, other than what you already know from reading, fire away the questions.

The One With Tertinggal Mobile Phone (Happenings 1)

My boss, my partner is so convinced that the work stress had taken its toll on me.I was advised to take on another leave just to chill but being a denial that I am, I just passed this work hiccups as one of my occupational hazards.Bongkak betul.Although the sign is so clear...one being I tertinggal my mobile phone kat office untuk kesejuta kalinya. I was so excited making plans with MB nak jumpa Hjh Leemah (yang current statusnya menjanda until Friday) and suddenly remember that yesterday was her 1st Wedding anniversary. Dalam pada membuat plan, I left out one most important person in my plan, yakni Hjh Leemah sendiri. I did not confirm where and when to meet, but expect everyone to turned up happily on Sunday at where they were supposed to turn up.I had to rush back to office on Sunday morning just for that bloody Sony Ericsson. The first person I call was MB and of course, MB terpaksa scrap plannya dgn I, takut orang putih tu kecik ati and without MB, camanalah I nak beronggeng jemput Hjh Leemah. We had to devised.Sorry lah ye, Hjh LeemahRam.

The One With Being A Weekend Vegetarian (Happenings 2)

My beloved F, is a Vegetarian. A staunch vegetarian. When we first met and the first 2 years together, me eating meat is a no no in the house.I had to clean my mouth and make sure there is no traces of animal in me before I gi jumpa dia.Macam sial kan? I did made an effort to be one, mana tak nya, hari-hari kena brainwash...everytime I speak about buying fish and chips or KFC, F will then lecture me on things like, kalau I makan drumstick, F will them visualise any legless chicken walking around poorly sebab aku dah makan kaki nya, boleh tak macam tu? Or an entrapped chicken that can't make an escape for freedom sebab kepak nya dah dibaham oleh aku yang kunun nya tak ber peri kemanusiaan ni. Weihhh......tak banyak sikit, terkeluar lah jugak that image of wingless and legless chicken dalam kepala hotak I. I started eating salad and some pretend meat and this effort lasted only for 2 weeks and there I was, scoffing Big Mac again. Mampos lah!!! Disebabkan I ni boleh tahan jugak keras kepala nya, F can't do much but to lift the ban on animal eating from me. Only I have to eat it in the kitchen. Takpelah kan...

Anyway, last Saturday, I was out to do food shopping (by myself since kaki si tua tu sakit) and while combing through the freezers, I realised that I was so deprived of many nice things to eat and of course, they are animal for goodness sake! I become angry, sensorang. Most of the time when I am with F, I only eat vegetarian food, kerana chenta lah katakan....(chenta hapa benda ni, sekarang ungkit balik?) Sekarang ni M&S, Morrisons la, Waitrose la semua tunjuk grilled Turkey in their Xmas ads and for sure anything like that, will not be on our table during Xmas dinner. I came home home after shopping looking stressed, according to F. It is not until last night yang I bagitau dia that I feel that I was made to feel deprived from things that I want. Why can't I bring back KFC and why do we had to be in a separate room bila I nak makan ayam and why fish and chips is still banned from the house. Of course this gave F confirmation that I am indeed depressed pasalnya sebelum ni tak komplen pun. Banyaklah cantik...just because we speak out when we not normally do, kita ada mental instability ke? Sedap kan..orang putih ni buat conclusion?

The One With Midlife Crisis (Happenings 3)

Orang kata, orang pompuan takde midlife crisis. Well, I really beg to differ. Sesiapa pun boleh ada crisis kalau dia nak. Okay..I may resign to the fact that lately ni I felt quite mentally challenge. What you do expect, I never laugh so much in my life when I was attending our KLCC summit (as Kiah beautifully put it) we sat in that restaurant sampai kena halau, we eat, we drink, we gossip. I realised that is what I missed. A banter with a friendly and familiar faces...none of us was intoxicated and the only thing that was stopping us is that we realised that among us, 2 dah berlaki. I had so much fun In Dublin...and now in London, I just feel so crap. MB dah selalu tak jumpa and JT pulak...hishhhhh!!!! Sakitnya jiwa!

With F, my weekend is exclusive (unless kalau aku auta dia kata kena kerja, tapi lepas pergi Dublin la..pergi Birthday party kat Cambridge la...) Nak angkat telephone pun takut. I'm not sure what it is. It is only fair that your partner want only you after a weeklong of busy working pattern yang kenkadang tak jumpa langsung.I can understand that and I am happy to submit to this commitment demand. Macam motormouth, I told F about how I feel.Nak bergaduh sangatlah kan...

I suddenly feel that my life is so boring while orang lain buat tu buat ni, here I am feeling so recluse. When I was younger girls my age were trying out Marlboro & Salem Lights, ber experiment dengan pakwe (siapa budak TKC tu?) keluar clubbing and what not, I was at home being this nice docile girl with less demand to my parents. I feel so trapped. I even scared to cut my hair very,very short and highlight gila babi without thinking that father might mati sakit jantung menengok anak nya yang sorang ni. I asked F if I can do that and selamba aje dia cakap, keep it dark, I like it dark. But what about what I like?

F summarised this conversation into 'you are not ready for commitment, you hate being with me, you want to have fun with your friends and not me' and anything sewaktu dengannya.

I don't know what to think.


Lee Novotny said...

Aiyoyooooooo mak aihhh.. masalahnya relationship inniew adalah give and take..bukannya take jah (like uols ni hah..take je apa yg dia cakap..jgn makan kak Yam lah...perlu ker brainwash uols cenggitu sekali...). Tiadakah dia ketahui bahawasanya F lah yang tak ready untuk relationship - like Kak Celine Dion said in her previous song "Love Doesn't Ask Why".

Who is she to kongkong uols from buat itu ini..of course, being in a relationship, yes, haruslah kan taklah sebebas dulu tapi this is horrible.

I did have a horrible feeling that u didn't pick up my call simply bcoz uols taknak si F buruk sangka..haiyyoo for heaven sake...next time, mak nak jumpa dia lah nyah..mak nak tunjuk yang mak nih cik gayah...ishh takkan mak nak sambar uols lak!

I pity you but at the same time, I do think you probably still need each other emotionally..havings aid that, being with friends are very very important too..

F needs to know that....

Goddess Selene said...

Hola Makji Esah, haiyoooo tak boleh makan Kak Yam sbb nnt Kak Yam takde kaki nak jalan canne tu? Hiks.. Mak ingat lagi yg uols cite dulu pasal tu. Ehh skrg nie kan ada immitation meat made from veggies. Mak pernah makan kat vegetarian restaurant kat KL dulu, dorg siap buat ayam & ikan dari tofu, sedap taw!

Lepas nie uols kene buka new KFC tapi all made from tofu, senang lepas nie nak makan KFC kan? Hiks!

P/S: Bila nak mai sini lagi Makji? :P

Anonymous said...

ni i nak menyampuk sikit boleh? ;) i think i setuju dgn pendapat cik lee kita - to be committed to each other is about accepting each other the way we are, mesti ada give and take, tak boleh le nak one sided je relationship ni kan, kang tak pasal2 rumahtangga berantakan gitu ;) lagi satu, dlm relationship ni kalau boleh biarlah ada istilah 'kawan dia kawanku jua, kawanku kawan dia jua'..eh esah, sorry ye, i bukan nak ajar you nak buat apa, ni pendapat ikhlas i je...by the way, my MP address is: http://yatiebutler.multiply.com/
dalam MP i ni hanya gambar2 kita org anak beranak je, jangan le pulak boring tengok muka kita orang ye :)


Cik Kiah Kidman said...

You miss me that much huh?? (talking smugly)

Aina said...

Asalamualaikum Makji,

Sorry laa I dah termiss few of ur story. Errr....nak tanya sikit, JT tu siapa? Justin Timberlake kah? Fuhh dahsyat yer Makji....