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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Malaysia Week In London (The Launching Night)

I was at Chancery Lane Renaissance Hotel last night, pasal the Tourism Malaysia is launching the 'Malaysia Week'.I felt so out of place, pasalnya...ramai betul pompuan-pompuan yang datang berbaju kurung. I got this text from my friend yang jadi emcee malam tu 'hoi..pakai lawa-lawa, ada DPM'. So, for someone who only wears formal bila ada meeting dengan boss or any other professional (yang selalunya tak professional langsung) the responsibility of dressing up is a bit much for me. But demi nak jaga hati kawan and also nak nampak glamour, I pun ber dressed up malam tadi. But dressing up, or shall I say, the pain of having to dress responsibly, is not as easy as you people may think.

For someone with low self-esteem cam I ni, the world will always choose to go against you bila you try to nak nampak lawa sikit.It is probably got to do with the anxiety, while trying so hard to live up to people expectation (and ours too), we can easily be the victim of our own judgment.

For a start, bila blow rambut...the hair didn't turn out to be the way you want it. Sampai nak terbalik lah lengan dok blow sana-sini.Is 'blow' job ever this difficult? Or is it meant to be the work for the expert? So, case satu, rambut tak jadi. Then, sambung lagi pakai hair straightener...nak nampak cam rambut Elle McPherson lah konon. Tak jugak jadi-jadi.And you wish that if only you were a man..and botak kan rambut pun orang tak kisah or masa nilah (dengan nawaitu yang tak betul) rasa nak pakai tudung. But I remembered this girl from school yang selalu ponteng sekolah sebab tudung 'tak jadi'. Siapakah orang itu ye?

Secondly, you can't decide on what to wear. As a colour coordination freak, benda I pakai yang orang tak nampak pun kena coordinate dengan yang pakai orang nampak.Gilo tu.After 1/2 hour of matching this with that, (and I'm still not happy) I decided to wear a working suit that I only wear once in a blue moon. That is it lah..takyah sesusah nak match-match colour because the top and the bottom, compliment each other. Again, the world is against me. The blazer boleh ghaib!!!! Menjerit-jerit I satu rumah sampai MB (ni lagi puaka...asal ada function...terus shopping baju baru...so, dia jarang ada masalah) pun tolong carikan. I have a feeling I left it at work...the last time I wore it.Not wanting to waste more time (as if I have any) In the end, I surrendered to the first one that I have chosen the day before (tu lah gatal...buang masa aje kan?)

Deciding on what colour of eye liner,blusher or lipgloss is another hassle. In fact, I don't know why I am looking for all this trouble, macamlah tetamu jemputannya Brad Pitt.I think the decision of what colour to apply is easy as I am not the sort of person who like to stare at my own face. So, I just rembat apa yang reasonable and that is it...bye bye mirror.

The agony of living with another female while bersiap-siap ni is that it is always a bad time to ask for help and opinion, because they are under the same pressure as you. If they say yes...that thing this thing look okay on you...don't bank on it. They maybe say that to get you off their back, because they are so busy make up'ing themselves and honestly, they don't give a shit if you look like drag queen (haiyoo...maaflah ye...)

In the end, all 3 of us left the flat at 5.30pm, drove to the nearest tube station and get a underground from there.Nasib baik satu train aje, takyah tukar-tukar.Sometime before 7pm, we arrived at Holborn yang escalator nya (2 tingkat lak tu) sungguh boleh membunuh tu.Habislah sesiapa yang gayat cam I ni.Merasa berdiri in the middle and tak pandang-pandang belakang. We walked into the hotel and I thought I saw some familiar faces.Sungguh grand hotel ni..make me wonder, banyak betul duit government Malaysia.I'm sure it is nothing but thinking of all bills need to be paid in pound sterling yang kali 7 tu, the bill can pay off a Proton Perdana kan?

I saw this familar looking man...with suit and songkok.I try to remember where I remember him from...and when I am 2 metre before him, I recognised who he is.Jins Shamsuddin.I pun (dah dia pandang kat I..maybe try to work out whether aku ni melayu ke or gagak mana tah) teruslah bagi salam...terkujat kot dia.

There was so many (soooo many) malay in their baju kurung and suit.But somehow, bukan nak kata the kerajaan man never quite clever to compliment their suit with what to wear inside.How can you ever wear a black trouser, with a dark green blazer and midly green shirt?What is it with the red neck tie? Mak datuk...aku ni...but not all lah yang badly dressed.I have a feeling that they are somehow the sort of person who never have to wear smartly to work.Dalam hati, I must compliment their effort (walaupun kot pinjam lah agaknya) I used to watch my father dressing up (of course baju dia mahal-mahal and cantik-cantik....tapi, bukannya dia yang cuci gosok bagai) and that influenced the way I look on what men dress their body with.

Overall, the functions was okay...apart from food yang seciput and maha tak sedap.Datin Munah and hubby was there (pasal tu kot, dalam pinggan ada nasik dua sudu, penuh dengan daun serai sampai bersemak tekak I) Ada goody bag berisi kain batik and CD, John Prescott yang sakit (dek makan banyak sangat) telah menghantar Jack Straw sebagai wakil.You should hear them talk (these politician) deliriously aware yang orang-orang ni lapar, gi lah cakap banyak-banyak.Speaking of UK is always regard Malaysia as our friend (ptuihhh...immigration officer macam jahanam)

Ada jugak sora-sora sumbang orang-orang melayu kerajaan yang duduk kat table behind me, when Jack Straw bagi salam, terus pulak comment, eh..kita tak boleh jawab salam dia...wehh...when are we going to learn that Assalamulaikum is 'Peace Upon You'. Tak kisah lah sesiapa wish pun.Ngang sungguh.

Another distinguisher yang duduk sebelah meja I is Chef Wan yang sepanjang masa berpokpekpokpek tu.I am appeal to mengumpat on what he wears last night.Seluar sendat yang menampak sesuatu yang tembam and skin fit lagi.Dressing nya is so the only person in the village githoo!!!! ( But this ppl always tak ngaku kan...eh apa plak saya ******, saya kan dah pernah kahwin pastu saya kan ada anak?) Haiyoo...aren't men have sperms that enabled babies to be made? Tak kisah lah apa orientation pun. Denial syndrome sungguh!!!

I took some photos tapi dek Renaissance kedekut duit letrik, lampu pun dim-dim aje so, tak lah nampak, but I will try to publish them tomorrow when I'm at home.

By the way, I thank you for your comments on Nicholas Davis. The thing is, he is not dead and I need to point this out as some of you offered your condolences.He is still fighting the cancer aggresively and I hope to visit him once I got his home address.Ooh...macam Jude Law ye, Kiah? Well, he is good looking but aku takdelah pulak menelek mukanya camtu sekali all the time we worked together.


Lee Novotny said...

U ols dinch tanya ke Jins Shamsudiin tuh "Mana JIn Afrit??" Boleyy??? Hahahahha... how I wish I could be there that night! Would have been a gr8 event! Ehh u ols, jumpa kat London Covent garden this Saturday nak?

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Ko ni rajin gak pergi function2 malasia ni ye? Akan terserlah jiwa patriotik mu jika mu kurang ngumpat sikit. But seriously, was Chef Wan loud? Mulut dan dressingnya sekali. Btw Esah, RN dah kawin and now ni Pak Lah pun nak kawin dah...ko ni bila lagi agaknya? (my bro's still single uol, nak tak??)

Belladonna said...

Oops.. Aku baca balik "Nick Davis IS only 33" --> IS lah..not 'was'. Sorry, buta betul aku ni.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Kiah...tak habis-habis ko nak lachorrr kan aku ye? Takpe..nanti ku pulang...ko introduce lah yek...btw, abang ko hensem ke? Adakah dia kuat kentut cam kau jugak?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Bella...you should have gone to specsavers....hehehehe

Lee, harus lah uols...nanti i introduce you dgn kawan i yg jadik emcee tu.Past, kita makanlah popiah basah okay?

:: samasam :: said...

jins samsudin muda2 sgt tasty uolssssss.. merembesss

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Esah, kalo aku jelita, abg aku pun mestilah set set ayu jugak kan? Mesti taste u pasai dia pun kuat kentut gak.

DBI said...

so akhirnya u dapat makan popia basah n lemang cef wan... ehh masakan chef wan ke sapa tu ke tidak..?

Rockafella Gurl said...

wahhh meriahnya! dpt jmp jugeks ler si Madhadir Lokman skali ek? gebus-gebus uols..