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Saturday, June 23, 2007


1. Mrs. Evelyn R Wilson (84 years, Worthing East Sussex)
After a week long illness, she sadly passed away in early morning of June the 13th, leaving behind all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.Her funeral will be on 2nd July, 2007. She will be sadly missed.

2. Nicholas G. Davis (33 years, Godalming, Surrey)
After a long battle with cancer, my dear friend Nicholas has succumbed to his illness and passed away at the weekend last week, before I get the chance to visit him. I was gutted hearing the news of his death, because in one of his last email to me, he reported positively and invited me to visit him. I was making plan and it was halted due to Mrs Wilson's death, but have it written in my mind that after Mrs Wilson's funeral, I will then visit Nicholas. After all, Frankie needed me. On the other hand, I wasn't feeling as bad as I had said my goodbye to him in my first email (at time I thought he was dead) and I said to myself, I must at least make it to his funeral. I later found out that his funeral will also be on the 2nd July and obviously, I will have to miss it.

That is that. The end of Nicholas Davis, my boss and a dear friend. There are now 3 young children left fatherless, with the eldest only being 5 years old. Personally, I never knew anyone with cancer. My late brother's leukemia was diagnosed at the very final stage of his life and thankfully, he didn't have to go through the difficult bit of the illness and died handsomely. Nicholas has beaten cancer once. The girlfriend stood by him during the fight. When he was given the all clear, he took her to New York and proposed. But his cancer came back in remission after few years. I knew he fought the illness, however aggresive it was. But he has always been very postive and strong. I can only imagine his pain but he cleverly conceal his ordeal in a very convincing email. I was saddened by his death, but no amount of sadness can overcome the grief of his own family. I'm glad I told him what I thought of him. Now when I come to think about it, maybe, we are not meant to see each other. We keep missing each other path and now, even when his life has ended, I am still unable to see him in different circumstances. If may share with you his last words to me via email, and to those who suffer or caring for anyone who suffer this deadly illness, that at no time we should give up on our life. Things may get difficult but until it ends, we just have to cherish and value what is left.


From: "NICHOLAS DAVIS" mailto:XXXXXXX@btopenworld.com%3E
Subject: Re: helloDate: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 17:14:11 +0100 (BST)

Hello HanXXXX

Thank you very much for your kind e-mail message i was extremely touch by it.

sorry have have not been able to listen to you telephone message as i don't get good signal at home i have not be able to retire the message.

Hope that you are well and the TRP is treating you well

How are you , are you still living in the same place.

Since last last Aug i have been having treatment for my cancer, and because it became aggressive and started to spreed i was admitted into Hospital for Aug and the whole of Oct. The treatment was OK, and the side effects were not too bad.

I finish my treatment in early Jan of this year, and kept on working in between treatments. However two weeks after the treatment had finish my right side of my face and body and legs started to go numb and tingly. Unfortunately the cancer had advance even further, and spreed into my central nervous system and brain. I was admitted back into hospital at the beginning of Feb and was told that i only has a matter of weeks/months to live.However i and my wife refused to give up the fight. So rather that going onto palliative care, even tho we knew that carrying on with treatment, the risk of side effects, was a great risk, i carried on with very high intensive treatment. So i was in hospital from the beginning of Feb to mid April. The good news is i am now back at home, but due to the bad side effects of treatment i have currently lost the use of my legs and am in a wheel chair. However my legs are getting a little stronger each day, and rather than weeks, but months i should be able to walk again, but not sure at this stage how much full use of my legs i Will get back. Further treatment has been put on hold at the moment as the are no new signs of any cancer cells. If i carried on more treatment this would cause complete lost of my legs. Hopefully over the next weeks/months while i recover from all the heavy treatment and side effects, that the cancer will not progress any further, then i will be able to have stem cell treatment and more chemo with lower risks. However if the cancer does progress over the next few weeks/months, then Claire and i have already made the choice to carry on with treatment knowing that this would leave me with out the use of my legs, but at least i would still be living. Too much to live for and nothing to die for. I'm very determine and will fight all the way. However i have made the decision that if any further treatment would cause permanent brain damage that would not leave me as the same person, that i would choose to go onto palliative care. But hopefully i won't ever have to make that decision.

In the last three weeks my health did take a turn for the worst, but feeling better this week and i will kept on fighting despite the odds.

However enough about me, let me know how you are and how everything is going. I would be interested know, and by all means your welcome to come and visit me at my home anytime.

If you see the two John's please say hello to them for me, and send my regards to them for me.

Take care, hear from you soon



3. Thierry Henry (Arsenal Captain)
After weeks of speculation, this va va voom man decided to leave Arsenal for Barcelona. Ciss, jahanam betul. Thierry said 'It's now or never for me - sadly it has to be 'Now'. Obviously, his exit will be a big big loss to Arsenal, and for me. Ni lah susahnya, kalau motivation tengok bola is truly nak tengok jantan sebenarnya.Nobody will ever think that he will be leaving, as he has always vow not to leave Arsenal. But, as a player, Thierry is very loyal to Arsene Wenger and as Arsene Wenger pun sendiri tak tau whether or not he will be staying, Thierry has to decide for himself. Sad,sad, sad.


Lee Novotny said...

Let's hope one day Scientists will find the cure for cancer. Avang's mom died of cancer too (6 years ago) ....very very sad indeed.

My heart goes to all family involve.

p/s dulu mak dengar dengar by 2050, cancer can be cured..entah betui entah idak!

Belladonna said...

Sorry to hear about news 1 & 2. May they rest in peace.

News 3, aku tatawlah. Geng Arsenal ko kat sini frust nonggeng

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Hai Esah,
I never know what to say when there is death. Nicholas was a fighter till the end. If it was me, being the scaredy cat person that i am, i'd probably just embrace it kut..like i do with being chubby, not having enough money ke, etc. Anyway, tak tau lah kan, when death is looking at you..
I have this paranoia about cancer..i have 2 aunts, 4 cousins and nephew sedara who have all died of uterine, ovarian, liver, pancreatic and colorectal cancer both from paternal and maternal sides of the family. If manalah tau i were unlucky enough, i just hope i have family an dfriends around me.

Goddess Selene said...

Sorry to hear bad news... *nangis..

:: samasam :: said...

sabarlah noks! *matilah ringkasssss