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Monday, June 11, 2007

When The Mess Is Swelling...

I moaned on my previous post how the wireless router is playing up, (not really playing up on its own but with help from human intervention) I fixed it.It works for a bit.Then I went away from home again.My work has tripled overnight and mother in law is not well (but, I don't know how is that affecting me as takde pulak aku kena kerah menjaga dia ke hapa) I have friends visiting from Malaysia yang kalau tak dijumpa, akan dikutuk and now, I have met so many friends that I don't even know they exist yang akan datang ni, mesti diajak datang rumah. Tak ajak kang kata sombong.I was so wrong that I thought I can resume my kera sumbang ness here.I managed for 6 years. The first 2 years, I kawan all the malays with hope that if anything happens, there's always a friendly face.But in the end, I would rather kawan you all yang jauh di Malaysia nun. (Untuk pengetahuan, ni tak termasuk orang Dublin & Cambridge ye..Makji sayang you all)

I have taken few things for granted lately, like making that phone call to our ISP to come and repair that haram jadah things, but because of we keep getting this free wireless signal from orang sebelah menyebelah, calling our legitimate ISP is not something that need to be done in a hurry (for me lah..dah orang lain pandai pakai, tatau repair kan?)

Having meeting friends made me rethink my decision about moving out (yang betul nya having spending more time with F...) Although I am not 100% percent malay, I do feel the need to ajak kengkawan datang lepak kat rumah or sedara mara (as in my adik beradik) datang tidur semalam dua. I told F about a possibility of my kawan will datang lepak rumah kita (if we do live together) and the feedback yang aku dapat, macam celaka!!! Ada ke disuruhnya aku jumpa kawan tu kat luar rumah? This is the thing....I don't have many friends and if I do invite them around, that must mean something.And I don't invite many people.

This morning, as usual, I melompat atas MB, bermain himpit-himpit, asking her to get off the bed so that we can chat in the lounge. I told her about my worries. I live alone (if I'm not alone pun) and it is so important that I have securities within me...dulu bolehlah...kecik hati dengan Paroi Jaya, lari rumah Taman Tun.I need to have a place that I know no one can kacau. People say that we have to think positive...jangan pikir yang buruk-buruk.But if you see the buruk-buruk from the beginning, wouldn't it good to be prepared?

Last few weeks, I think I was so prepared to leave.I am in two minds now. I worked anti social hours and as much as I want to compromise with my partner, I have to say that work got to come first. I am being practical.I have been repressed long enough to allow same attitude being thrown at me again.I just remembered that living with people (or under their control) is something that I haven't done for a very,very long time.

And now, I can only access internet from work.How sick is that? I have now bring a pile of bills that need to be paid via online banking using office internet.People at home moaned as if aku lah ISP dalam rumah tu.Bila internet nak baik ni ye? Bla bla bla...

I will need to talk to you again.Maybe, as usual, I am just being over dramatic.
P/s Congrats to Nadine Kimie, from both me and MB, kerana baru aje berbapak tirikan PM. Hehehehe....


Lee Novotny said...

Cian u ols..tak habis habis dgn anti-social working hours and anti-social si F ittew! Haiyyoooo I do hope u r doing the right thing if u ols nak duk dgn dia..sanggup ke duk dibawah totalitarian rule camtu??? **ya hamponnn!

By the way, sapokah orang Cambridge ittew??????

LadyKuWeen said...

Well, makji Esah, hidup ni mesti nak happy...Nak kena pikir bebetul tu, kang problem lain lak mai...lagi fenin!

Good Luck, Mak Aji Esah...hehehe!