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Friday, December 31, 2010

One For The Year End

Salam semuah...I sudah pulang. Dari pulau dan juga dari majlis kebumi orang Yahudi yang telah ditutup mesin nya malam Xmas eve itu. And I'm glad I have now said goodbye to him properly, walaupun ku sepatah haram taktahu bahasa Hebrew yang dibaca-baca dek Pak Janggut dan Sideburn panjang tu.

You also might have notice a request from a certain Anon....for her masalah. And I have also published her rather 'frantic' comments asking me to retract her message to me. First, you tak minta pun comment you tu diprivate kan. I know some of you communicated with me and has politely asked for your message to be unpublished. If you asked, of course I honour your request.

Can I also say that I don't do private message? I have written about it before. I feel comfortable to share with you all, then together we can learn. I bukan kemut nasihat or opinion, tapi I tak kenal you and nasihat-nasihat or opinion yang kita bagi kat orang in general or in private tak semestinya seswai or berguna untuk orang itu. So, saya adalah mengambil jalan selamat. You must also know that if you ask opinion or advice from me in my professional capacity, we don't give 'advice'. Giving advice can also be seen as telling you what to do. Do we really take kindly to people telling us what to do? Hardly ever.

Having read your 'issue' yang lebih kurang serupa juga dengan issue semasa I...may I also point out your strength, that maybe useful for you as a thinking tool.

Cik Anon yang dikasihi, contoh pertama yang you dah nampak sekarang ialah, orang tak semestinya akan ikut permintaan you. You asked me not to published your comments. Hmm...did you get what you want? Why? Because I choose not to.

May I analyse your character from the comments you wrote me? I think you are a strong-minded person and maybe most times would prefer to get things done your way FIRST, have your own peace of mind FIRST and maybe some other things FIRST before you can start focussing on others. I also need to say that this is all NOT a bad things. Sometimes this is how it is, how we function as a person. Hati dan perasaan kita yang kena clear dulu baru kita boleh buat benda lain. Idok lah I nak kata you selfish ye...maybe, self-centred sikit laa...

You know what you want from him, hence you are the one who seems to make all the moves. Dia tak tepon, you lah yang kena tepon kan? Since you yang berkawan dengan dia..tak kisah la, jarak dekat ke, jarak jauh ke..(you both were nearer before he flew off, kan?) I'm sure you can see or feel if there's any strength in the friendship.

Well, he says he likes you. Maybe he does. Maybe he is doing things his way. Maybe..or I think now quite obviously, because he just moved, he has other priorities. Macam orang pindah rumah lah...kita kenalah kemas rumah kita dulu sebelum berkenen-kenen dengan orang rumah no. 47 tu kan, Sally?

You obviously 'want' him. That you know for sure. You are very aware of what you're doing. But not his. I am not incline to take the excuse pemalu on his part. He is not young and it is not like he has energy to try different chat up lines to every different girls every minutes. If he is serious, you would have known it. Kan I kata, you sangat aware.Some people are not born with ability to express themselves clearly but there's a little or not more, indication of their true feelings. Busy lah cemana pun...

On the other hand, sit back and have a wonder, if you may have been a bit pushy.One of my reasons to published your comments is for you to see how 'frantic' you can get when you're uncertain. Men panic easily although they have openly announce how good they are dealing with crisis. Ye la...suruh la diorang tu jaga nursery.

It seems to me, that you don't know this guy well enough to excuse his absences. So, I will leave the ball back in your court.

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I think I love you la Makji. Ekselen sangat nasehat. Tetiba panas pulak muka terkene tempias post nih.

Thank U.

I am not gay.And I am not miss anon yang dikasihi.

x MP

Manal said...

Haaa! Good answer/respond to her aunt agony query, makji. Men in general believe and has been taught to believe as if la kan in their genes ke ape ke to be the one who decide whether he wants this gal or not. Women plak granted with shrewdness and eclectic taste but at the same time can be so needy. Bertepuk sebelah tangan apa guna.

Senang cakap la, bulat2 bridget jones, because she remained true to herself, mark darcy still go for her and tu pon not without all those bumps and hiccups in between. Have some little dignity and pride la. Of course kita dah try showing him that we kinda like him and all, but after a while, kalau kita jer yang make effort or tak pun, tiba2 dia senyap terus then kumpulkan tenaga, w/pon sedih mcm i had today, the end of the 3 yrs relationship, I dah redha dan bersyukur.

How about rebranding herself, get fit and move on? U never know sooner or later she will meet the guy who has been wondering all his life apsal laa tak dpt2 awek lagik ni and apsal la slalu kena dump?

Anonymous said...

Anon tu Ms ker Mr? takut2 je jantan menyamar pompuan.

*Anon gak nih.*

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

To Anons...mekasihh...haiyo, next time, bagi lah nama..Cik XYZ pun takpe...ramai tau yg nama Anon kat sini..

cik said...

apsal suka anon-anon ni. kalau bubuh nama cik bedah pun macam la org kenal pun kan hehe