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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Okay. I thought I respond to this email sent by this cuteguy. Nak mintak nasihat katanya. I always thought that when you're blessed with good looks, you will have tonnes of peminats at your feet. So cuteguy....sorry I am not able to write to you privately but read on. I'm sure ramai jugak jejaka-jejaka cute macam you ada masalah jugak.

So cuteguy kata, he has been quite unlucky in love. How many times, tak lah pulak you disclosed. But I think if you have had so many unfruitful encounter, let's just start re assessing you than submitting to the unkind universe have been to you. It takes you and the other person. There's always two decision in a break up. It is either orang tak suka you or you tak suka orang tu. Tak kisahlah mana-mana but one of yours make the relationship ends.

I ni tidaklah expert bab chenta-chenta ni. I don't get to 'experience' with many people pun...maklum lah, tak lawa.

So you kata your relationship ended recently, with the love of your live.And you want to know the effective way to move on. Didn't you know that already after many,many break ups? Hehehe...I bet this must have hurt you the most that you needed help to get him out of your system yeah?

I think, I think...lah, the strength of same sex relationship is about how committed you are to each other. What else can keep you together? I suppose, most heterosexual relationship saves itself dengan adanya anak-anak untuk dipikir masa depannya and the fact that most couples malas nak start afresh. Unless laki/bini masing-masing you tu memang dah patut dicampak laut, kalau boleh tahan..tahanlah kannn? Chenta 35% and sustainability factor hidup bersama with high amount of tolerant, 65%...and only death will part you two.

So if your break up affects you, I am guessing that your love is at its height...but orang tu tak reciprocate. And I do admire the fact that you intend to move on positively and not wasting time moping and bitching about him. Bitterness is bad for mental health, I tell you.

So, in the spirit of pulling yourself together....why don't you

Reassess how you look at people and how you look at life in general. I'm thinking more of...yelah, bila benda yang kita nak tak dapat, bila kita kena dump etc etc, best is always look at what may have we done wrong. Are we too demanding? Are we too petty? Can we not let go of the smallest thing that didn't even matter to us? Is the argument in your previous relationship is your healthiest way of ironing out your burning issue together or is it just you simply trying to prove a point? Iyalah..kadang2 kita ni selalu bertengkar pasal ketakpuasan hati kita...but dalam satu satu hubungan tu, kita sorang je ke yang tak puas hati nya? New relationship is often use as a practise for one not to repeat their past mistakes that drove previous partners away. But being extra too cautious pun tak guna juga...because at the expense of being too careful, you might lose sight of your real self. Kalau you tu bangsa selfish tak hengat and you fortunate enough to realised it, then your next step is to try to be more considerate and thoughtful. Mind you, old habit die hard...but love make you do all sorts of thing....termasuklah mengubah perangai puaka yang sedia ada.

2nd ly,hold no grudge. Somebody told me, hadek-hadek diva ni kenkadang, when they hold a grudge, there is no forgetting it. Someone could have rampas boipren you...or tayang his new Armani at you 5 donkey years ago is forever blacklisted dan tajuk utama process menganyam ketupat.If you get dump or if your partner can't make his mind (or his other mind) up whether he wants you or his imagination boifren, don't waste your breath launching bithchy tirades that eventually will make you look like the hard up one. So what if that rice queen is better 'make up' than you? Take it all in...and breathe out. You will feel lot better.

Lastly, since most of your relationship is cyber based to begin with, trying going cold turkey and swap all that for all real conversation. All those social networking site is indeed a great ways to feel like we have a social life without ever have to leave home.Face to face conversation is better and the person you're talking to can see the real you. Stop hiding behind the ubiquitous and try the more genuine things...for a change.

But I can be completely wrong...hmm, you should have gone to a gay man blog instead. They might give you useful tips.


Manal said...

mebbe lukmang or MakjiLEEmah would know how to deal with this CuteGuy? Usually orang perasan cute ni sbb dia tak ade sgt pon kelebeyhan dia. Asal hampir2 serupa Aizat (former chubby now one of the top malay singers after losing those chunks) terpaksa la claim cute.Tu jer la the closest to a compliment ppl can give.

aking said...

kannnnnnnnn cik manal, tp ambe ni less expriance skit nak di banding dgn Mak LEEmah....yg tu wajibal runnah kalau nak tanya.

Manal said...

lama dah tak nampak mak LEEmah kat sini...