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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Note To Self

There's plenty of TV ads that tells you to cherish your parents...while they're still alive. Some so graphically moving membuatkan anak derhaka macam I ni rasa nak mintak hampun sambil nangis time-time tu jugak...

Often the ads director portrayed parents as god who we shall not fault, disobey etc etc...

More than often they forget that parents and their children are human with feelings where at times, relationship can be as difficult as masalah dunia-dunia ke 1,2 and 3.

Fortunately, I don't (think I) have difficult relationship with my parents.I think we are just like normal middle class family who live and work, love and hate and let live.

I see and hear and I know quite handsful of people with very complicated relationship their parents. While we think telling people what they should do is a right thing to do, I somehow feel that letting people think what is best for them to do what feels right to them is more appropriate.

I think people practically don't like to be told things they already know.

What we have to realise is that as we grow older...we see, think and feel things differently. You even grow to be a different person your parents hardly know or just the same old you your parents never notice all the time you were with them.

As much as sedapnya mulut kita nak mengata orang yang kononnya tak respect makbapaknya masa they all tu masih hidup, let's allow how the person must feel themselves.

As a person, we are allowed to feel angry, to feel mistreated and to feel whatever feelings we are feelings. and this has nothing to do with being disrespectful.

Sekian....yours passive aggresive.


Anonymous said...

salam hajah.. i totally agree with u on this.. me too have been stamped as direspectful just because i (now) have my own feeling s and opinions.. i think my parents have (at last) noticed that i have brain and could not acceot that.. :(


Gayah Gebu said...

hear hear!!

*angkat gelas champagne isi cincau*

As said...

Setuju! Dan tak semestinya Ibu Bapa sentiasa betul :D

ell_jay said...

my mom once told me.. some of those yg kena tinggal dek anak2 kat rumah orang tua tu adalah consequences dari sikap mereka sendiri ketika membesarkan anak2 mereka..

contohnye.. apabila anak2 mendapat duit raya.. duit raya itu telah digunakan sesuki hati mereka instead of di bank in ke akaun anak2 itu..

aking said...

hubungan saya dgn parents ok je, cuma aku je yg selalu rasa tak disayangi...camana tuh??tp duk jauh ni,terasa cam tanggang jgk lah sebab liat nak balik**larikkkkkkk**