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Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Rocked My World

Michael Jackson passed away 2 days ago. It was such an exhausting day that day...one of my friend's dad passed away, Farrah Fawcett pun meninggal...and later that night, at 10pm London time..flashing news about MJ.

It was so very, very, very sad. I have worry of my own on that same day...but less greater compare to the loss of those who lost their love one that day.

Because surat khabar dah berlambak gila cerita pasal MJ, so takdelah kerja I nak berpokpek kat sini hal dia. But MJ was so big in my generation. Walaupun Pakcik tu suka main monyet, suka buat benda tak berpekdah dengan duit dia and segala-mala kelakuan yang pelik-pelik tu, I cannot deny his huge existence in my life.

One person who really gila kat Michael Jackson is my ex boipren. Together with him, we went to Brussels and Berlin to see Michael Jackson. In KL..walaupun masa tu dia laki orang..we went to see MJ for 3 consecutive days.What I never tell you that he can muscle all MJ dance routine..and I used to enjoy watching him..(masa-masa berchenta muda remaja ni)

When I heard about MJ's concert in London, I told my partner yang I nak gi tengok (ni sebelum berperang lah ni..) and dengan gigih nya I dok menonggok online waited all that hours trying to buy the ticket. We bought two in the end. But secretly, I'm sad...I have never tengok concert MJ dengan orang lain. It was my and my ex boipren thing. Something that we do together.Apart from tengok MUFC.

Michael Jackson may probably did something horrible when he is still alive. Michael Jakson may look naive to some, but he was the obvious control freak and manipulator.For that, you have got to blame his father. But there's going to be..always be..something that you love about him.

When we were dating and so,so,so much in love...my ex boipren like to do the Moonwalk routine, all that Michael ever did, he would copy. I thought, one of the reason why I love him besides dia pemain bola..is that he can sing and dance.

Sebagaimana pandainya Pakcik tu ber Moonwalk, macam tu lah laju nya he moon walked his way away from me. Like Michael Jackson, he did something really horrible to be...tagging me along all that 10 years...and marry someone else..broke my heart, again and again and again.

But there's always going to be something that I love about him.Because he was the only man that rocked my world.



Anonymous said...

ayat u pada baris terakhir tu..soo sweet..


Manal said...

Makji, macam mana la u can ever forget this fella kan? he was the Man in your life and its so hard to find anyone who can outdo him now is it? Hurting aside, he left such a massive impact that i plak mcm trying to imagine ur wonderful times with him. (PS: kurus ke dia sampai boleh meliuk-lentuk doing MJ dance routine?)

Err...i penah mimpi jadi fiance MJ masa i darjah 3. Something which i will never forget even it was just a dream and dah jadi blur2. And then MJ kept changing his physique beginning BAD period and I hanya minat2 biasa jer. Mcm2 tawwww2 jer dah lost woman-to-man radar kat dia, nak2 plak his sexual orientations were still a mystery w/pon penah kawen dgn lisa marie presley. Poor fella. I still menitis air mata reading about him.

As said...

ouch ! i think i can never 100% get over my ex too.