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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too Ugly

Or is it too vain to function? I don't have a lot of sympathy for the body dysmorphia people- it's kind of how I feel about anorexics or alcoholics, it's not a disease, it's just being neurotic x 1000 or it's a choice they've made.

You read about how some people (termasuk lah aku ni) eesh..I dah gemuk la...or ada ajelah part badan yang tak memenuhi citarasa. Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung lah kan? Bukannya kau lahir ada body deformation pun...tak! Sendiri makan nasik lemak bertambah tak hengat, pastu mulalah komplen...mak ai, manalah perginya body wash board, body Jessica Alba aku tu.

Obviously, I'm a bit harsh. But to be housebound because you think you're ugly just seems ridiculous. Walk down the street! Everyone's ugly. People are disgusting! There are some monsters out there, and they don't give a shit, bless them. Tak mandi sebulan tapi maintain macho naik bas. I rarely see anyone I think is the slightest bit good-looking (well, jantan anyway). I'll see a fanciable man once in a blue moon somewhere, but on the whole, people ming. Even celebrities who we are supposed to revere and admire are hideous. I'm sick of being told about so and so's beauty when they are just an over-paid, over-dressed, airbrushed dog. Kate Moss, who is apparently very popular with the braindead, for example, is the ropiest thing I've ever seen. I don't give a shit if she's a supermodel or half my weight: she's a hag. Don't tell me otherwise, advertising men. I won't be fooled.Anyway.

Even iklan slimming pill pun bubuh gambar pompuan size 0. Apa kejadahnya? It is more believable if you put Syanie.

I read in this blog that this girl said she spent seven hours looking in the mirror. Rendah diri lah, tak chantekkk katanya. I think dia chantekkk...(tapi chantekkk lagi Fiona Shanana) So she blog about it. What? You blog about it? Tak ke patut kau gi masuk gym? Why would you spend seven hours looking at something horrible? (Kata you lah) That's masochism. Katanya, pergi jumpa counsellor.

Sepatutnya, tok sah lah start comparing yourself to people who had a figure you could only dream of if you wasn't so addicted to hydrogenated fat. However her constant blubbing about how ugly she was just made me want to slap her. She said her eyes were different sizes and she looked like a man. It's just embarrassing that someone so good looking would be so screwed up. In fact it was offensive. People would kill to look like her. How dare she be so ungrateful! If I was her mum, I'd disown her. All I could think all the way through this show was the regrets they will have when they are older. As you get older, you just get uglier. Fatter, wrinkly.

Ish...ada gak yang jantan-jantan pun...promote tak chantekkk (since when ni kau kesah kau chantekk ke tidak) kata debab pastu hari-hari cakap makan haribo. Sajalah...nak suruh orang notice lah...orang tak chantekk tak ambik gambar diri sendiri ye tak?

One day..when they're slightly older, they'll look back at what they have written about them and think 'what a moron I was.' And if they don't? Well they are still morons. What a waste of a life. It's not an illness. Put some make up on, and go and blarrrrdy live.


As said...

Kebetulan tgh makan McNugget pukul 3 pagi! haha. Tp saya tetap cantik. Kalau berisi sikit kita cakap la kita voluptuous or setidaknya full figure :P

Manal said...

No wonder that program: "Biggest Loser" is very popular. I pon tgh pasang misi nak jadi biggest loser but at my own pace and my own capacity la.

Usually ppl become insecure sbb suka sgt compare2 dgn orang lain and bila diri tu takdak bopren/gopren mula la terasa mungkin karena aku ni GumuK? Yg terlalu kurus pon susah hati. Tu tak plak mengira perasaan org yg kurang sempurna kan?

And to those yg diet melampau taknak makan itu ini, korang ingat la baik2, mati dah tak merasa, how? Moderate lifestyle la woi, although haku ni kan risau gak la sikit2 tgk cellulite on me body hehe....But that was because of my own doing kan? like u so aptly said.

Iron Butterfly said...

yeah i pon nyampah with beautiful people yg tak tau bersyukur and have distorted definition of being beautiful nih. mehla url dier bleh i tgk sungguh ke tak dier chun or tak chun.

takpon she's one of those yg need constant validation. saje cakap dier huduh sebab nak dengar orang cakap dier chomel. i know a lot of people like that kakji. i'm sure u've met plenty too.

captlukman said...

Someppl just need attention sbb dah takda org nak bagi attention kot, mrasalah putih melepak kan??

eh ni pasal aku suggest mu potong rambut ge tine tuh ke?? sentap!!!tinge mak berseding uols**. IF yes, sorry lah makji

capt yg berambut jarang leningggg**NANGESSSSS!!**

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Oi Evita Peroni, sejok bilo lah mung jadik sensitips ni?