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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


People like Kiah only know how to komplen and send text messages from KL demanding that I hupdate...but her blog dah berbulu sampai semak...and I'm not allowed to say anything.Pfftttt!!!!

Last Sunday when I was in Paris and missed my train, was worldwide Father's Day. Sebagai anak yang tidak mithali lagi tanggang, I did not called my father to wish him HFD. Nope. Instead, I posted a card 6 days earlier with GBP in it. I did not chose any lovey dovey ayahanda ku yang ingati blablabla like that. I opted for something more dry, like gambar monyet...with a naughty caption..suggesting that I'm the monyet and some of my (monyet) skills are inherited from him. I hope father will see the funny side of it. If not, maka akan adalah petir sabung menyabung and I akan jatuh tergolek bila mengejar bus 52 kat Ladbroke Grove tu.

When I was younger, I was extremely close to him.Within reason, I'll get what I want. But father is very,very strict and for that I'm blessed with a wonderful survival skills. It is not easy living here (and anywhere) alone. My father, although born and bred in Kuale Sayong...ate!!! taught us to be upfront and expressive like anak omputih however that rules only applies outside the house lah...meaning, we can only be upfront with others but with him, if you dare to back chat, pray that he will spare you his Sultan Johor's penampar.

Something happened between him and mother, he's decision at that time turned us away from him, but mother has always been fair to us and to him, and however much he has upset mother, we still love and respect him as our father.No question asked.

My father has not been his usual strong self for a while and he often talk about about passing. We think he wants it badly.Sometime, I got angry when I look back at what I have missed, the preferred opportunity that I had to let go because of him.But we have been trained not to question but to count our blessing.

I work with difficult people and sometimes difficult people have difficult parents. Difficult parents are understatement lah...kebanyakan nya. I know some who got raped, molested and abused by their father. I know some who got neglected, disown and many,many bad thing done to them by their father.Learning this, I realised that I am way much better.

Things are hard, but my father has always have best interest and good faith at heart. Morefully, I still have him around to love and to look up to.

My heart goes to those who lost their father and can only remeber them on Father's Day.

To my father, Happy Father's Day and get well soon.


JDK92 said...

This is the first year I didnt celebrate Father's Day..I lost himon first Ramadhan last year...treasure himwhile you can...miss my abah!!!

Anonymous said...

zaman kecik2 dulu saya tak ambik pusing langsung pasal father's day ni. tapi bila dah kawin, adalah perkara wajib utk saya bersama2 bapa saya meraikan nya.

btw,saya dah lama mengikuti blog hjh esah jolie ni. interesting. saya suka baca.

~sri queen

mekyam said...

hjh esah,

saya kenen ke mari dari blog tattlerama.

rasanya saya dah pernah baca komen hjh esah kat blog piah zadora yg skrg dah pupus tu. maaf kalau salah org!

ne'ermind, just want to say yours is one of the best father's day tribute i've come across. funny but quite touching. tapi taklah sentimental sampai sakit gigi.

nanti saya singgah lagi, ya!