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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hari Ini Dan Kak Eton

Today is the 3rd day. Finally I ate something 'proper' for buka puasa. I am at work and will be until tomorrow evening.

On my 2nd day (yours 3rd) I sahur with an apple and then berbuka with just keropok. Why apple? I was in a deep sleep and by the time my mobile alarm woke me up, I only had like 5 minutes before the sahur ends.What can I do with 5 minutes? Nothing much. I remember that my colleague left me an apple (we always share fruits, me and him) and dalam separuh tiduran (I am sure I am way pask imsak) I finished the apple and continue sleeping.

Of course during the course of berpuasa, your mind is playing trick. You can feel sakit perut like nak mati and feel that you cannot wait for another minute.Come 7.48 pm yesterday, I drank a mug of coffee and already, my tummy is filled.To 'buat syarat', I makan lah keropok udang yang my opis mate bought for me the day before.

I stayed at MB last night and unfortunately, MB still takleh puasa. Honestly, I tak percaya but I'm not that notorious to check her spentot to see if she is really menstruating.I have done enough...I show her up as the malas puasa one, pun tak jalan.I guess it is just hard when you are a chain smoker.Biarlah...I must tell you, MB is the nicest soul and I hope, she will gain her pahala puasa in a different way. In the past, although dia selalu puasa yang yok (as in buat-buat muka lapar depan I, tapi kat opis isap rokok) she is the first to make sure I am fed sahur and buka.I pray Allah, MB dapat pahala berganda memasak untuk orang puasa.Aminnnn.

Last night MB asked I nak makan apa...but I was just to sleepy to be planning a menu. I slept til about 4.30 am, way past imsak...but I quickly buat kopi and makan apple.If I don't, I might get too weak to work.

I travelled to Barts Hospital for a strategy meeting and on my way back to opis, I stopped at this local chippie and tapaued Fish & Chips. So, hari ni tadi, buka puasa, I makan fish and chips.

I can't wait to go home to eat nasik panas with taugeh masak kicap. See...I am a low maintenance child.

I read about Kak Eton Sameon yesterday.This may sound horrible..(nak nak bulan puasa ni) but I don't think she ever recover from her accidental defect.The interview sort of give away her current mental capacity.I remember when the accident just happened and this nasty Cikgu Sejarah in my school remarked 'Kita mintak-mintak lah dia sempat bertaubat ye...'. If only I say it like it is that time, I sure cakap balik kat Cikgu tu..apalah cikgu ni...Cikgu sendiri dah tobat ke? Oh Kak Eton.What loud and clear is that, she is now a charity case.She probably wish that she went with the son as well.But all she want is to continue living like us do and doing what she can and does best...singing.If she is in UK, she will be well looked after and she don't need to go around telling that she needed help.If I have her address, I'll send her some duit raya.

Kesian Kak Eton. All TV and Radio stations, maybe should, dalam seminggu sekali play her songs and award her with royalty.Boleh jugak tolong dia sara hidup.Cukup-cukup lah cerita pasal sumpah liwat,Permatang Pauh, sumpah tak kenal Altantuya and all that unnecessary nonsense.

Selamat Berpuasa.


Lee Novotny said...

lerr memati mak hengat fasal uols ngan Eton Melanton ittew hiks!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahhaaa...betul tu makji, kat malaya sekarang keje org politik asik le nak suruh org sumpah sana sini...yg liat nak bersumpah pun ada gak...macam2 kat malaya sekarang, buek poning palo den yo baco..

semoga your friend MB dibukak kan hatinya utk berpuasa jugak :)


Anonymous said...


I felt sad too reading about Zaiton Sameon. I really pity her. I think she should have some royalty income especially now when a lot of her songs are available in karaoke. I remember one of her song was even made into theme song for my previous company Team Building (Largest Malaysian Conglomerate).

Kampung dio pun dokek bonar dongan kampung eden kek Chongkau.



Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Lee..uols ni bulan2 posa asyik ingat menda lain aje..nape?

Yatie..ontah eh..bosumpah-bosumpah...sekor-sekor lak bosumpah.Apo kebaikan eh kek kito ni pun tak tau lah..buek nyonang ati dio yo...

Wah..did yr company pay her duit royalty? Wonder what song was that? Kabut Serangkai Mawar kah?
Siann deh..omak abah dah takdo, adik beradik lain susah yo.Raso nak nolong, tapi acik jauh amek-amek...

captlukman said...

kejuk sapa kita!!! ingak mokji etong kat hull nung, sib baik kak eton, siang ke ia.

ermmmm kita nok tunggu gok air tangan MB kalu ke londong, ke guane mokji?

Lee Novotny said...

Ishhh ingak amende nyer..ingak kang awok dok makang bukok posa ngang Etong Melangtong nuh...apa?? ingat kita spekurama uols berlessirinasss ngan Etong melangtong kah??? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tabbaik tawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...


Lagunya ialah Menaruh Harapan.Now widely available in most karaoke outlets in KL but I don't think she is getting any royalties.Probably only the composer gets the royalty.