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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Am I...

This was paparazzied by Makji Eton...Takde kena mengena dgn I....and I tak bersalahhhhh

a) Masih Dengan Orang Ini

Almost 6 years now.This coming 22nd July is the first wedding anniversary. 3 weeks ago and yesterday, I thought we both are at our happiest.Maybe I have changed for the better, like...becoming more thoughtful,softened and considerate.Or so I thought.But I think I have been.But...I still hope things will work out for us.I was told that what I thought is all 'it's in my head'.What was it? I suppose I should share a bit...I'm moving in with this person permanently...something that I decided that I wholeheartedly want to do after a while.We began prettifying the flat for a bit.Moving the furniture around.My partner know that I am a bit of a freak.I am so pedantic about every little things around me.A typical Capricorn can't easily comprehend the work of art.People like me only understand the obvious kind of arts. Not the unusual one or shall I call it sampah sarap.I did a lot of soul-searching.I must appreciate others 'sampah sarap' because they appreciate my traits.The vile one that is.I must say I am not entirely happy with my new living condition...but, love is sacrifice.I have sacrificed for someone for standing by him for 10years, only to be cheated through and through...and now, when I finally able to accept another person into my life, if getting through hurdles is what it takes, this is what I am going to do.Ceh...macam mangsa domestic violence aje kan?

I am currently having a hard days at work.Thank god Miss Nigeria returns and I am able to break off from the work pressure.But something bad happened.I decided to cool off for a bit with hope to ease off my lower back pain (stress lah ni or PMT?) and planned to spend a week undisturbed with my partner.The air around us was just bad and arguments erupt.I feel like I was not welcome and never going to be (something that I always feel) I was called 'inconsiderate' and the lot.In the end, I just repacked my bag and leave. 'Call me when you're ready for me'. Bongkak nya...

b) The Evil From Beneath

Days get better by second (on the opposite) I hate this part of my job, where I have to manage people.There's a good one, there was a bad one...little that I know that the worst one is about to emerge from the sewage tank.My boss drop me off to the nearest town where I live after our meeting today.In the car, she keep telling me that it's okay...don't worry, I know how you feel.

Here's the gist.Although I am a good disciplinarian, my heart tissues are so soft that I can forgive everyone.This particular person....1st, I caught her sleeping on the job.Opening the front door in her skimpy nighties when she was suppose to be up and about.It is a sackable offence to be sleeping on the job, especially in what we do.But, after suspension and supervision, I decided to forgave her and give her another go.She is a foreigner struggling.I identify with that part of her predicament.The bosses recommended to sack her.I convinced them (and myself) that this is a one off. 2nd, a letter came in the post not very long after the first offence.It was addressed to some employment agency but was returned due to wrong address, but at the back, there was this small note from Royal Mail that it must be return to the sender, of which was us (the organisation) I opened it. I was shocked to see that this person has forged my signature in a reference letter for her that supposedly to have been provided by me.I asked her again and again..why did she do it and did she know what is she letting herself into? Instead of sacking her, I asked her to resign voluntarily and consider the matter closed.My intention was pure.She made a mistake with us (and me) but I shouldn't ruined her future by tarnishing her exployment record with forgery/criminal charge.I thought she was sorry...I let her continue working until her visa expires.But things gets more dodgy each days.She misplaced some money that belongs to a patient.She claimed that her passport is lost when I began my inquiry check.Although I believed her, this time, I reported this 2 things to my boss.Just in case.I think, I can deal with disciplinary issues but when comes to security, the bosses need to know.

I discovered something awful happened at work and relates closely to this person.I asked Miss Nigeria to handle the case.I was told today that she made an allegations against me,something related to missing items and how she allegedly was 'asked' to do it by me.According to Miss Nigeria, she went around telling my other staff,convincing them that I am in the wrong.Behind my back (not following complaint procedure) she contacted all the bosses she know to report my 'ill conduct at work'. All the way from Kingston to Twickenham today, the only thing my boss could mutter apart from 'it's okay...I know how you feel' is 'this is the person that you bent backward to help, and this is what you get'.

After so many things that happened, am I that bangang not to learn my lesson?


Lee Novotny said...

Ohhh makji..what are u doing to yourself?????? wake up and smell the coffee please!!!!

The latter woman is definitely naik atas kepala uols dos nih since uols dinch buat apa apa tindakan.. bukan makin respect pada uols, tapi makin berani pulak membitching uols belakang belakang... **matilaa Nicky & Charley!

And as for F, the saga continues noh??? Kesian uols..I hope u can work things out.. sbb obviously you both can't live without each other!

Belladonna said...

Ko bukannya bangang, but naturally baik hati and always have good faith in others. Maybe its time for you to berhati kering sikit towards people who always use and abuse you. Kesian ko nok kena pijak kepala..

Rockafella Gurl said...

wahh! 6 years? urmm... sama la cam aku nok.. dh 6 tahun dh pon.. tp dr cite uols xde la plak aku rasa uol ni cam domestic violence.. ko ni Han..

biasak la beb, stress kat ofis kn.. tp bila ada evil from beneath tu kira serious gak ek? brsabar jer la nok.. ppl learn from mistake, tp tak paham gak tatau la nk kata ape.. take care =)

dian said...

saya capricorn jugak .
+ sambil angkat tangan kanan+

Manal said...

(1) And u still rock! woman, i admire ur guts

(2) Solat hajat 7 hari 7 malam baru tau kat minah tak sadar diri tu...Somehow, i rather be less popular than be the target of malicious scandals/acts. I think she has tonnes of issues.