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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Age Kids

Is it just us or is it them that are turning into a fragile generation that can't be hit with a match stick? I'm talking about the school kids nowadays.When I was in a primary school, I remember my class teacher pinching my stomach skin blue simply because I can't memorised sifir 3. This same teacher push my head and my forehead hit the black board when I can't solve 7x6. The art teacher made me stand on my chair the whole 40 minutes lesson because I have forgot the drawing paper. I never once told my parents, because I know if I did, I will get the same thing done to me and maybe this time, doubled.

My younger sister became an English teacher and currently (in her words) are teaching the like of anak-anak pontianak in secondary school in Shah Alam. She told me that once, the female pupils made a pass on her husband when he came round to pick her up and the same silly girls blatantly told her without ounce of shame that 'Cikgu, suami cikgu hensem lah...saya rasa nak one night stand lah'. Haiyooo...I don't know how my sister took it (because when she told me that, it was around talking about what students nowadays are like) but I can imagine how embarassed she was to hear that coming from budak hingusan like that. She told me how stressful it was and how she can no longer educate them morally as she fear she might become the brunt of their anger and what worst, their parents might retaliate.

There was a news about how unhappy parents were with the way their children is being disciplined.On another matter, I can't help to think that maybe the 'discipline' bit was taken on a bit emotionally by the unhappy teacher,who no longer teach because they love to teach. Hish...betul ni, ada case macam ni terjadi.

A school teacher wrote to me recently, telling me that he can no longer enjoy teaching because the school where he works has turned into a playground hell with plenty of anak setan in making.I don't usually give advise (because that is not what we do!!!) but in our exchange emails, I did try and point out things that are blurry to him, until he finally realised that it wasn't the student that is making him angry, his anger is just because he felt stuck with nowehere to go and had to stay in his job for security reason. I believe that many of us choose to stay put in our job simply because we can bear thinking into getting ourselves into another hassle, or too comfortable in our current setting or simply, do not know what else to do. Things made worst if we already have commitments.

I pointed out to my sister (when I spoke to her last) that I cannot believe that she loves what she is doing.And now with children and mortgage, she may think that she have no other choice but to keep teaching.She has always made it very clear why she had to go into teaching only to realised in the end that her heart does not lies in it.

When we look back, in the olden days, people who become cikgu's had the ambition embedded in them since zaman they all main masak-masak...awak nak jadik apa..kami nak jadik cikgu tawww..., and this cikgu wannabe, from darjah satu til masuk Maktab Perguruan, the only thing that comes out from their mouth is 'nak jadik cikgu..nak jadik cikgu'.

In my years of studying, some of my friends just have to opt to teachings, simply because there's nothing else that they can do.Furthermore, teaching profession is so secure with pencen and all that with no possibility of redundancy, so...to them, this is it..my new future and hello to the next 30 years of unhappiness.Of course this is unethical, but when you are a beggar, can you afford to window shops? I guess to justify what was thought unethical is by doing what you paid to do wholeheartedly.Emotion aside, you are there to educate.This is very obvious than before, where when my cikgu cubit me, I always knew that the cikgu meant well (except for some cikgu yang memang puaka)

With many attempt of discipline goes wrong, I honestly feel that parents should stop taking things too personal and the disciplinarian to stop being emotional and highly irrational when disciplining.

Speaking about taking things personally, I met this person who spent large amount in Malaysia doing recruitment consultation. She shared with me her experience dealing with Malays and other race, and how she find Malays too sensitive over little critisism, however constructive it was.I cannot agree more.I have people coming to me and Liza for help. What this people don't realise is that the best help must come from within, because there is only so much that we can assist.Most of them expect everything to be done for them in an instant. I can't help to point out what is wrong what I think they should do, hence telling them that certain negative attitude need to be dropped.But the only thing that we heard echoed from afar is how we refused to help, how we 'tak nak tolong kawan dalam kesusahan' and macam-macam.

I'm quite fortunate that I need less help than other people but by saying that, I'm not at all suggesting that I'm so great that my feet don't touch the ground.I'm usually very specific about asking for help and I usually know to what extent can I expect help from others. Being in a land far away from home, people like me usually have to depend on gut instinct and have to quickly adapt to the right attitude in order to survive.That means that you got to have a brain on your feet!!!

Life is probably not easy for now but believe me, it is you who knows what you really want and at this tight time where you may find yourselves unable to think, all advise from friends who cares really come in handy.Just listen and think.

What you musn't do is to think negative on what been said.I think that is probably why I was misunderstood.Maybe we just live in a different world, kan?

Tapi, apakah kena mengena semua ini dengan cerita budak sekolah hypersensitive, cikgu tension or orang melayu sensitive? Let's check apa yang aku makan hari ni....3 botol 500ml Diet Coke, M&S microwavable hotplate meals and 3 mugs of black coffee. All in one day. Patutlah kepala stoing kan?

Selamat memberi kucing makan ye, puan puan....


Lee Novotny said...

Inniewlah masalahnya perangai orang Melayu sesetengahnya..dahlah bodoh...sombong pulak tuh!

Kecik kecik tanak mampos.. dah besar menyusahkan orang! Tak tahu malu pulak tuh!!! **oopss matiker mak???

Goddess Selene said...

Ermmm, mak pon terfikir2 jugak pasal budak2 zaman2 dulu2 ngan budak2 zaman skrg nie. Lain sgt uols. Patot la ramai setan kat skolah skrg nih! Yela dah tak boleh kene tegur.. Nnt kene tegur, terus kene saman kan? Kozer!!

Mak pon agree dgn "most help comes from within" sbb org lain boleh bagi u idea how to solve the problem and that is u who goin to handle it. So the choice is on ur hand.. bukan la kalau mintak tolong tu, kawan2 kene solve probem kan? Yg penting tu kene sedar dgn situation tu and take it step by step..

Typhoon Sue said...

teringat i kpd cikgu sopiah dan cincin zamrudnya yg bertaraf antarabangsa. one 'kelekuk' and u go biol for 10 minutes. Never told my mom about that. but then again, my mom probably would add another kelekuk to that for not answering the teacher's question correctly.

that punishment that was meted out in a boarding school in sabah or sarawak recently, ie: the dip-them-in-the-fish-pond thingy, back in my days, for that particular offence, they just made use queue up and pass it from one person to another. with 200 students, seniors and juniors cursing you for that, i'm sure the perp would be embarassed to act so foolishly again.

but yeah, kids these days are so bold you just wanna smack them with a broom

stephen said...

I think mmg kebanyakan yg stuju lah ngan perangai hantu budak2 sekarang, The parents r over protecting them, like what we've experienced with my youngest sis, selalu di kacau dek sekor setan jantan kat sekolahnya, selalu ejek2, dipanggilnya sombong lah, and it come to a point he called her a prostitute. So my sis pun dah hilang kesabarannya n told him to shut up or else she will ask my younger brother to beat him up. Hah, the next day, the emak kepada anak setan tu datang ke rumah weols, siap nak ber”bincang” ngan our mum, wah, wah, wah, anak jantan apa tu, kat sekolah perangai cam setan, kena ugut sikit jer dah sembunyi bawah ketiak ibu, cis buat malu jer. I bet the next time kalau dia kena tangkap merogol, sure mak dia will accuse the girl yg seduced him..., dulu masa kecik2, i think i kena rotan cikgu tak sampai 5 kali pun frm the sekolah rendah sampai sekolah tinggi, budak baik mah..heheh... tapi cikgu2 dulu kat sekolah i pun sekadar rotan2 jer, or denda berdiri kat luar kelas, melutut, diri atas kerusi/meja, lambat kasi balik, tu jer. But sampai high school jer, bermulalah kisah cikgu2 puaka....hehehe.. kitak buat lah entri pasal cikgu2 puaka nie, sure banyak kisah2 “menarik” ..hehehe......

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Bebudak sekarang Lee, nak tegur lebey-lebey, kang lari dari rumah pulak...mcm I dulu, ada gak rasa nak lari dari rumah bila kena marah, but bila pikir, eh..nanti cemana aku nak makan, terus cancel.

Sandy Sue, kenalah tukar nama sekolah kepada Sekolah Kebangsaan Anak Setan kan?

Sue, that Cikgu Cincin Zamrud of yours really makes me laugh...plus the effort of yours to write the post in bahasa.Are you the cincin ddnt cause a permanent biol?

Steve, kenak sidaknya kedak ya? Nang cilaka besar kan? Mak kitak sik madah dgn mak sidak ya yang anak nya berolah gilak? Kalau adik kamek kena kaco dgn sidaknya, kamek bobbit loda nya, biar nya matikkk!!!