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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life is great, for some...

The Macam Bagus Couple Jordan & Peter

Recently, sekeluarga Beckham ni decided to quit Europe and move across Atlantic and will join the rest of the American A-listers.The send off was great and from what was shown at our local TV malam tadi Manal oiii...the Beckham was received well, in fact, more than well by the Americans. Hish...bertambah sakit lah hati mana-mana WAG (wives and girlfriends) yang kurang gemar dengan si Victoria itu.Kita yang tak WAG ni pun...(especially Jordan yang bukan setakat tetek aje besar, dengki pun besar) cemburu kat si Posh ni.

I ni bukanlah expert sangat nak analyse football, but I wonder why USA? David Beckham is way too rich to accept the American's millions and to compete against the kaki bangku.Have we heard of any famous footballer from USA? I'm thinking that this is no longer football pride, where a player will play because he genuinely into football one and money two (macam abang I si Theirry Henry tu) Who can you play against in USA? That is a footballer talking...but,kalau dah makin tua and will retire in 3 to 4 years more, as a player or a worker, you just have to be where the money is.And for that, good for David Beckham lah, to play with any TomDickandHarry and triumph in the USA. Victoria pulak, pasni, bolehlah bukak kilang balik.Tak guna nya dok gi bagi interview kat sana-sini...'Oh, me and David are hoping for a baby girl'.Jangan dok hoping aje...start lah humping kan? But sebelum memakai uniform tu, silalah habiskan 'SpiceGirl Reunion Tour' dulu yek!!!!

There is another news about 2 young gilrls from Islington yang sekarang ni tengah berfeeling Paris Hilton kat overcrowded jail in Ghana, pasal terkantoi bawak laptop full of cocaine.If convicted, maka duduk dalam jail for the next 10 years lah jawabnya.From what I saw last night, this 2 girls claimed that they have been tipah tertipu oleh tah sapa-sapa yang suruh them angkut bag to Ghana.Dalam pada kononnya kena tipah tertipu tu, this 2 young lady also men'tipahtertipu'kan their parents, making them believing into their daughter pergi school trip kat France.Tahu-tahu kena tangkap kat Ghana.

If I am allowed a professional and personal opinion,it will have to be this :-
In my work,I need to look at things at the different angle.For instant, when discussing monster kids.Thank god I'm not attached with Children Services but I do take up a juvenile case and believe you me, if I'm asked what do I think of them personally, suffice to say that natural born bastard does exist.Tapi, we (the professional lah kunun) have to exhaust all the reason behind that monsterous behaviour...and from there,you can see that dalam 100% perangai anak setan berbelang tu, there is a little child trapped, not knowing what is right and wrong, regardless the environment they were brought up.It is just mental defect, of which one will not mengaku and need to blame others.

Parents, if not in pair is a person, with their own kind of behaviour to bring up another person, who is born with his/her own behaviour pattern.There is a case where parents are like god on earth lah baiknya but the anak turn out to be Puaka Tebing Biru.Like my parents, they both baik-baik...but me, so Puaka kan? But it is common that society will turn to parents to justify what they have produced and for the children (being a human yang commonly, tak suka nak mengaku kesilapan) to shift the blame to.Poor parents!!!

When my eldest brother was having a massive behavioural problems, our relatives blames my mother for being so soft on him.But they failed to notice that he, at that sensitive age, needs a father yang masa tu, berterbangan serata alam for work.I learned from what I do now that good discipline is not everything, it may help to create a child personality but seriously, not everything.We develop our personality at young age, we learn through a reflection to what we see and hear and when the brain is mature enough to process its own thing, a person basically function based on what their brain tell them to do.This is why we can no longer blame others...

There was a time that I thought I suffer from manic depression (haiyooo..berkurangan lah kawan ku pasni...larikkk...larikkk you all) I have highs and lows.I experienced manic moments...where I am so upbeat and tiba-tiba, I can suddenly become mentally and physically depressed and switch into lembu debab mode and bertukar menjadik manusia yang malas mandi and tidur sepanjang hari serta makan berkoyan-koyan.

Reality is, I am a human who would normally experience those mood swings, and mood swings is a common effect of a mental breakdown where semua manusia bahkan kucing, anjing and katak puru kodok pun ada, a mental problem that is.Mental health is like a bodily health where, bila-bila masa boleh relapse and cause hazards.This is no longer parents fault.If they are at fault, that is their own mental problems that for some weird reason, affecting the anak badly.

This 2 Islington girls came from a good family background (lah kononnya) that you would least expect that they need to deal drugs to make ends meet.In their defence, they told the Ghanaian authority that they do not know what they are carrying.Lembu shit!!! You're paid £3k each, flight and hotel paid.Although yang tukang suruh bawak tu takdelah terang-terang cakap, Adik boleh tak songlapkan cocaine untuk Abang (as I would imagine) they must have the slightest idea that the trafficking is dodgy.They're 16 years old, not 6.At 16, although they understand literally what charges will be impose on them should they tertangkap, emotionally, as a 16 years old kid, the imagination of what could happen to them,tak lah tersampai di akal yang cetek tu.

So, here it is, in the case of juvenile convict...where semua orang komplain, budak setan, kenapa tak bunuh aje kecik-kecik...we must allow their immature comprehension of life where the reality is, nak muntah mendengarnya. Remember James Bulger? Google him.

Imagine this, 17 years old boy, threatened to rape a teaching assistant but, was pardoned with excuse he doesn't know what he was saying.Of course he is aware of his intention, he knows sex...but what he don't know is the hideous bit of sex attack against the innocent.And we (the professionals) paid to provide that excuse when really, aku nak bakar aje konek budak tu!!!!



Goddess Selene said...

Kozer taw, Beckham sebuk pindah US. Bukan dari dulu lagi ker dah sibuk2 nak pindah2 tuh? Mak tak sker Victoria tu, muka dia fake sgt taw! Abes tu bila la dorg nak buat Spice Girl tour tuh?

Miss Coco nak pegi tgk concert tu ngan uols ker?

Manal said...


Posh made it on Jay Leno....and she even gave an LA Galaxy jersey with Leno's name printed on it to Leno on the show. She's really aiming big in LA eh...rasa2nya makcik rebecca "loose" tu nak pi jejak kasih becks tak?

DEpa ingat ade new computer game ka hapa dalam laptop tu? Ala2 nak jadi jutawan skim cepat kaya la kan? Gullible ke ape budak2 nih?

Eh kita suka lagu "design for life" by manic street preachers. Welish (welsh) band tu.

Kalau dah bakar konek dia boleh jadi sausage roll ka?

Posh tunggu emma baby spice branak dulu kot baru dia nak mula project. Kang tak dpt la dia nak strut around Rodeo Drive shopping new designer wardrobe in LA.

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Macam ada org ni anti-konek je??!

Esah, apa cite dgn si Jordan (yg bertetek fake) and Peter (yg ber ab fake ittew) these days?? She had a child previously dgn footballer ka???

Berrel of Inverness said...


He he he... pening baca nih. Nampak sgt aku ni hulu kat area ni.

Satu cerita pun takde ring my bell...err wer is my bell???

Today bukak posa kat Nelayan Titiwangsa... Utk semua warga Melayu di UK... selamat buka posa