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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tough Love...Love, Tough!!!

Somebody close to me bebaru ni mengalami krisis rumahtangga yang meletop cam nak rak, hampir kepada nak terjadinya percerai-beraian (apa jadik dengan A1 B.Malaysia SPM ku itu?) Somehow I thought, when people get into maturity, there will be no more hanky panky and will look at their relationship in a more solid way.Too much things is at stake.I, for one, can't even think of starting anew, let alone, adjusting into another person's life.If the current one can last, let it last.I'm too old for another hassle.Seriously, too old!!!

But unfortunately, we can't control other people's feelings and behaviour. When I was working in a hotel, numerous time I encounter this wealthy pakcik checking in with a young lass you can even call your cucu. This same pakcik I saw while buying lemang sebenar (need to mention the word 'sebenar') kat pasar malam TTDI along with his tudung wife carrying bags of barang dapur. Worst of all, this pakcik is my father's neighbour and mesjid mate. At time, I was so ringan mulut nak bagitau my father what this pakcik up to, but, knowing my father never berminat nak bergossip-gossipan, telling him that scandalous things will only be the effort of mengabihkan boreh.

The pakcik gatal secret rendezvous takde kena mengena with this post (although, I can start anytime to mengata him...siap kau Pakcik!!!) I just thought of him, identifying his infidelity to my friend secret indiscretion. My friend ni, nak kata ada mid life crisis, tak jugak because, ever since I kenal dia, dia memang flirtatious gila. I never know anyone with so many marriage proposal and so many spare parts, as in jantan-jantan yang ever ready untuk di telephone dan diajak keluar. So commitment-phobic that she remain single until last year. I was so happy that she finally found her soulmate but knowing her, I still feel the little tinge that old habit die hard.

Alkisahnya, dia tertangkap. Ghope-ghopenya, dalam pada blissfully married tu, masih ada lagi skandal-skandal tak habis. I'm not at all suggesting my friend is a slut or a nympho thus tidak ada langsung perkara-perkara yang menconteng permanent marker pen ke muka ever berlaku antara dia dan secret admirer dia, but, there is a type of people who enjoy endless compliment and up for some danger challenges.She is one of them.Her flirtatious behavior selalunya menguntungkan, like before, we never pay for our meals as all this jejantan gatal was ever so keen to flash out their cash and here, we get away with few doors to knock for help. Life was easier with her good pr skiils.

I wish not to go into details of what she's done, but enough to break the heart of her love one who is also a good friend of mine. But I guess, in the end, love, undoubtedly is blind, conquers everything and they're now in good term. While what was done is good enough reason for a dry cut, the hurtful one decided to forgive (not sure if dia akan forget) and start picking up where things was left.

I would kill to know why some of us are ever so happy to be a sucker for punishment...me in count. I know my heart was broken into smallest pieces and those small pieces got thrown straight to my face, yet, I gave in to love (konon nya) forgive and forget. I know I shouldn't but when emotion runs high (like water in the river Thames now ni) the person you love seems to be the only mankind that exist.

Kudos to those heartbreaker and got away with it, and best of luck to those with the heart of gold, who is willing to forgive, forget and start anew.For someone who had been on that boat before, I certainly understand why such decision were made. It is just love, and nothing at all.

(Nama mangsa terpaksa dirahsiakan kerana dia sangat popular, boleh tak?)

P/s I do, appreciate your concern regarding Baby Sam, his Lala and the big fall. After reading your comments, aku dengan rasa penuh guilty conscience, terus menelepon mummy nya, asking how is he after that fall.Dengan selamba dia cakap, well, Babies do fall!!! Don't worry. Of course he is fine. I guess, I just have to wait for the day the solicitor letter to arrive, Sam suing me for negligence, 19 years to come.Hehehehe....


Goddess Selene said...

Ermm.. ape la gadoh2 nie? Kalau nak berscandal pon pepandai la sorok2 kan. Kalau tak pandai sorok tak usah berscandal kan? *matiker mak beri nasihat inniew? Hiks

Rockafella Gurl said...

hammbooooi gatai naa pakcik ittew! i think some men do hv scandal beb.. tp agak2 la kan nk brscandal tu. xkoser ah dgr cite org tuek miang keladi ni.

p/s: abis la ko Hjh, if btul si Sam dh besaw sok mmg betul dia nk sue hang! haa camno tu?

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Sapakah kawan mu ittew? Share the goss la..

Belladonna said...

Aku ke yang fofuler ittew? Hahahaha. Seriously, i dont have any idea of who that person is but I hope both of them are okay. Biasalah gaduh-gaduh ni. Kalau tak gaduh tu, tu kira pelik bin ajaib :)

Esah, Happy 1st Anniversary (aku nampak Makji Eton punya message kat chatbox). Semoga diberkati and bahagai selalu :)

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Hhehe...kan Hjh Eton kan?

Yanz, masih berlambak ke org2 tua gatal kat KL ?

Kiah..u and your penchant for gossips heh?

Bella, tks...bukan aku or dirimu yg fofuler itte.

LadyKuWeen said...

A'aahlaaa...sapa kah kawan mu ittew? Nak gak tau...