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Monday, May 31, 2010


I was shadowing a patient out in the community today. Apart from having Unipolar disorder, this guy also has M&S and mobilise by wheelchair.

The conversation....

UP Man - I have been wanting to ask (referring to my wedding band) you're married?

Me - Yes.

UP Man - You don't look it.

Me - And how do I look. Can you tell me how married person suppose to look like.

UP Man - I don't know, but I don't think you look married.

Me - Now that's very interesting. I don't usually like to discuss my personal life, but today I'll make an exception.

UP Man - Why wearing the ring?

Me - Because technically I still am married and another silly reason is that it cost so much to be abandoned in my jewellery box.

UP Man - I don't understand the term 'technically'.

Me - Well, when laws and papers still rules, I'm afraid you are going to hear a lot of that.

UP Man - So, you are technically married and practically not?

Me - That's right.

UP Man - You prefer the latter?

Me - Not really.

UP Man - Describe.

Me - I wish someone had told me that loving other people is a gamble. You may gain love or worst, enemy. I think I may create an enemy for myself, just because the gamble I took didn't paid off well.

UP Man - Okay..talk to me like I am stupid...

Me - You met someone, you fell in love. You like them..love them for a while until the person made it impossible for you to feel the same anymore. So, you had to break it. In my case, I had to break the marriage. That can cause heartbreak for some.

UP Man - But people change. What is the surprise in that?

Me - Well, if I am married to a BMW and after few years fancy a Renault, that's a different story altogether.

UP Man - So you changed your mind ?

Me - I don't know. Relationship with another thing that is capable of changing is very complex. You can end up disliking them completely or die unhappy. I don't like both, but relationship is a battlefield.

UP Man - That's a poo. Why bother in the first place?

Me - We always have the urge to hurt ourselves....but like I said, with another person is always a gamble. We don't know what we going to get, how we going to end up.

Dan bus pun sampai.


Manal said...

What was he before he sought the treatment? A loser? someone who has lived bitter all his life? a wet blanket? elok2 makji jaga dia, dia lak yang jadi inspector sahab kisahnya...

At least u r honest....

Anonymous said...

Haven't anybody ever told u that life is like a box of chocolate? Go get 1 box of the best kind and chow down...heheh...

cik said...

saya suka la UP Man nih :P

tireless mom said...

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