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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Notes

You are about to separate, breaking up or worst filing for a divorce. Not good. Especially when the reason you marry and become together is to be forever. But, you can't help it if things that you had hoped would change but it didn't.

When you were courting, you know somehow that you are not entirely happy. With that person...with the situation. But you have invested so much time and love...and at one stage you feel that you can live and you can't function alone. You needed to be together. Together, you will solve everything. Together..what feels wrong can eventually be right. Will it?

What made the person change? What made the situation change? Why are they not the same person we know, or has it always been like it that we are too in love to take notice? Or...we fell in love for a wrong reason? That we were so fed up being alone or we were hoping to leave and discard bad memories behind?

When things reached to crunch, we are forced to make decision. We gave the person everything...we are hoping that the person will be with us in this together, and become the dependable one. The reason why we are together because we don't want to be alone.

We are tired of working things out. We are tired of hoping that things will change. The person will apologise endlessly and promise things will get better.

You made your decision...and like always, the irony is...the real regret only emerged after ties is severed.

I am sorry...but I have tried. I have loved you so, so much. We never wanted to change and unconsciously, we have stop trying. Apology will not warrant a better relationship. It just hides away problems temporarily.

There will always be something that I love about you, but I am sorry that is all it is ever going to be.


Manal said...

waaaa....warkah centa episode :divorce

Makji, may u be fine and may u 2 dissolve things amicably.

PS: ade dpt harta sepencarian kah? alimony and what nots?

nbns said...


Kalo wa kopipes je notes ni boleh dak...????