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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Memorable Revenge

After they closed down Oriental City, we (as in me an the MB's) ran out of place to eat nasik lemak and the lot.The last time I ate karipap was during the Malaysia Fest and that is so karipap perasa jahanam.Tak sedap..cis...is cost 50pence satu and it taste like feet.Cis..cis...cissss!!!!

One of my client told me about a place called 'Makan-Makan' in Twickenham...by the Richmond Road border.I went passed and what I saw is a small takeaway like cafe with a mixture of Chinese-Malaysian food served.Hmmm,to tell you the truth...I tak rajin sangat dengan mixture Chinese and Malay ni, because it is more likely to taste Chinese rather than Malay...ohh, you know what I mean. Ni takde sentimen tak boleh makan apa orang cina masak or what orang Melayu masak...I boleh makan sapa-sapa aje yang masak.

I stayed at MB's last Friday and both of us decided to eat out as MB takde mood nak masak (ni kes orang putih tu tinggal periuk mangkuk tak basuh kat dapur la ni) and I dah mega kelaparan dihari-hari hujan tu.

So, off we went and we ordered Curry Laksa & Mee Hon Goreng to eat it. MB being the peramah one, mulalah start berborak dengan amoi tu that she forgot the most important thing to tell the waitress (we only do this when we are ordering the Chinese). They served the food yang sungguh lah menggiurkan and seperti biasa, MB will kacau my Curry Laksa and habiskan dekat separuh King Prawn I.Cisss...lagi!!!

When MB was tweaking her vermicelli, she thought she saw some weird kind of diced meat and dengan serta mertanya we both know that it is babi. I cakap dengan MB, kenapa pulak you boleh lupa nak pesan kat amoi tu jangan taruk babi? Because it was clearly our mistake, I cakap dengan MB, asingkan ajelah benda tu...just eat the chicken.See, I know it sound gross, but the reality is, yes..it is pig.it was a mistake and what can you do about it?

But the amoi was very thoughtful.She assumed that MB is not muslim (dah dia pi kompang kat orang tu dia from East Malaysia) and cepat-cepat offer to cook her another one without the babi.

I can imagine a lot of thought provoking remark if we are in any Melayu populated area who will not dare to be even an inch close to daging babi.The fact is that, we thought, if we were to refused it, then it will be offensive.The last thing you want to be is offensive and offending people.

I worked in a hotel long enough to know that the offender will be serve with revenge.In any other customer oriented industries too. Cold-heartedly.I'm the type who will simpan dalam hati and bye-bye baby.It is an unfortunate fact of life but customer can really get under our kin.During my waitressing days, the complaint about service and food I can deal with but when they cross the line, like when their dissatisfaction evolves into personal attacks, one can be sorely tempted by thoughts of revenge.

I got a big dirty confession to make.Long time ago, the management team at this hotel I was working, had to take turn being on Duty.I was on Duty that night.On my usual day, I was overseeing the daily sales and operation and I often come across this not so young looking man(but he is 5 years younger than me) always checking in with his companion (I doubt she is the wife) He is so berlagak...always ask for P&C, do not disturb and all that pretentious demand as if he is paying for the Presidential Suite. With all his demand, he never once tipped the checking in staff.One day I was checking him in, I asked for ID and politely asked him to fill in the registration card. Nak tau apa katanya? Do I have to? I will settle my bill when I check out...look at the address in my IC, I live in a prestigious area (see...he has Bukit Tunku as his address) and gave me all this big fuss. I was made to feel I was very little but hey, he is a paying customer.I was offended but that time, my pride was swallowable.

On the night that I was on Duty, I ran through the guest list. I saw his name and his cheeky little message 'Private & Confidential'. I called the concierge boy..'Eh Dik...nak duit pocket tak?' I was on my mission to serve him my revenge.

I asked this concierge boy to call his room (we actually gave him abour an hour or so..kasilah can abang mengongket dulu) and pretend that the JAIS is doing their random check. We told him that JAIS want to do their round and we had to assit them.We also cakaplah...tapikan Bang, kalau abang tak nak kena kacau, bagilah the officer minum kopi. Suffice to say, the concierge boy and me got $100 each. Kitoranglah yang menjadik JAIS pemakan rasuahnya....

Wah....abang punyalah gabrah...he escaped through fire escape stairs and meninggal kan his companion terkontang kanting githooo...I offered him our back door escape route.His companion paid the 'duit kopi' and checked out with dignity, as if nothing happened.

Nowadays, I have to be careful. Most people have grow up and don't do spiteful things anymore but they maybe thinking of other type of sadistic revenge.

I sure know a few tips. Hehheee.....(gelak jahat)


Cik Kiah Kidman said...

I shudder to think how you know what feet taste like..

Manal said...

BETUL KE oriental city dah takdak lagi??? dah musnah ke that place or only the malaysian ones yg dah takde?

Terpaksa la rely on whatever yg ada. Not that i am craving for msian food pon sana but sometimes getting a good teh tarik lpas makan nasi ayam at Nahar wud make our day la dulu2.....

Have u tried Misato (wardour st, leic sq) and Tuk Tuk (charing cross road)?

captainlukman said...

Oriental City takda dah ke, tak dpt lah kita nak makan kueh teow lagi.....

hahaha i guess makji, its not only you who swallowed your dignity when it comes to work with this shit cust, facing org kaya babi hanjengs yg 'im not gonna take off if you dont give me business class seat' just because his economy seat saperated with his 'shamuta'(Bitch in arabic) .... boleh?

Mrasalah if u give me triple fuss like a hell......i guess i need to do my most GREAT confession ever in my career now.....but lets keep it 1st.

Anonymous said...

makji, lain kali mintaklah tips banyak2...lepas tu kata kat dia 'ha baru padan muka kau tu!' dah buat maksiat ada hati pulak nak marah2 orang..address bukit tunku kunun, entah2 drebar je hahahaa...


Typhoon Sue said...

I don't dare to annoy or be berlagak to anyone serving me food until I have finished eating. It's bad enough that waiters always leave their thumbprints all over my plates and glasses without any provocation. I don't want to give them reason to serve me their spit as extra condiments on my noodles! Eeeeeiiiiii!!!!

OOD said...

oi pegawai JAIS oi, tell us, dia datang lagi tak lepas tu?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Kiah...you should know...you should!!!

Dah takdak la Manal...Ruth Kelly dah tutup..nak buat project perumahan katanya...

Lokmanggg...cefatt confess....sure juice and coffee ada ditambah perisa lain noh?

Sue...ya betollll!!!!

Ood...tungguuuu..part 2